Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 243

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Chapter 224

Everyone sighed as their thoughts curiously wandered to Baili Hongzhuang. With such good looks and amazing strength, how couldn’t she attract attention?

After what had happened, nobody else dared to disturb Baili Hongzhuang.

She smoothly registered as a mercenary and left the trade union.

Seeing the yellow mercenary medal in her hands, Baili Hongzhuang’s lips curled into a faint smile.

She was looking forward to this new mercenary life.

After she was finished her business, she didn’t directly leave but instead stayed in the city to buy some stuff she might need for the missions.

Living in the mountains was far different from living at home, it was a place where anything could happen. She needed to take the initiative to buy some things and prepare for a possible period of want or need.

From Dongfang Yu’s words, she knew that they’d start very soon.

Fighting demonic beasts was the fastest way to improve their strength!

After Baili Hongzhuang returned to her room, she began to concoct some pills. Who knew what could happen during the mercenary missions, it was better to be prepared.

The most important pill was the Returning Qi Pill. At their current strength, the amount of spirit power in their dantian was too small.

If they ran into a dangerous situation and all the spirit power in their dantian was already exhausted, they would quickly fall into extremely dangerous circumstances.

Returning Qi Pills were Azure Water City’s best selling pill, but its price was rather expensive. Most cultivators had no way to afford it.

These were first rate pills but for Baili Hongzhuang, a pill master, it wasn’t that hard for her to refine them.

Right now, she was already a second-grade pill master. There was still a gap between becoming a third-grade pill master, so making more immortality pills was very beneficial for her.

Baili Hongzhuang removed all possible distractions and focused single-heartedly on refining the pills.

Cocoting immortality pills was a very delicate thing. It needed you to centralize your spirit power and pay careful attention to every tiny change to the ingredients. IF there was the slightest problem, it would fail.

The room was extremely quiet. Apart from the occasional crackling of the furnace from the pill ingredients, there was nothing else.

Baili Hongzhuang’s eyes were serious as she poured her spirit power into the furnace, tightly watching over everything that happened inside.

Time slowly passed by. A ‘bang!’ sound could be heard as Baili Hongzhuang opened the pill furnace. Inside, a perfectly round, plump pill could be seen.

The beautiful and secluded, fascinating pill fragrance pervaded the air. Just smelling it was already enough to sense the abundant spirit power inside.

Baili Hongzhunag directly loaded the pill into the porcelain bottle and took out another batch of ingredients before once again beginning to refine them……

The next day, Xia Zhiqing came to look for Baili Hongzhuang. When she saw Baili Hongzhuang concocting the pills, her smooth and round, adorable face was astonished, “Hongzhuang, you can even refine pills?”

Baili Hongzhuang nodded faintly, “A bit.”

“Really awesome!”

Xia Zhiqing’s heart sighed. The conditions to becoming a pill master were very strict, something ordinary people were simply incapable of accomplishing. This was also why pill masters were looked so highly upon.

Baili Hongzhuang was already so strong, and on top of that, she was actually also a pill master. It really made her shocked, ah.

But since Baili Hongzhuang had such high achievements with her cultivation, her pill refining skills probably weren’t that good.

After all, a person’s energy was limited, and could only empathize one field.

“Oh, that’s right, Azure Water City has a pill master guild. If you want to turn into a first-grade pill master, you can go take the pill master examination there.” Xia Zhiqing smiled.

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