Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 236

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Chapter 236

Liu Qinyue’s voice was gentle and soft as she smiled sweetly, cordially taking care of Baili Hongzhuang and Xia Zhiqing’s needs.

Baili Hongzhuang waved her hand and replied, “These foods and drinks are already very rich, there’s no need to trouble you all.”

“Baili Hongzhuang, I hope you won’t take to heart Gong Shaoqing and I’s misunderstanding earlier.”

Dongfang Yu’s face was a bit teasing as he spoke. Looking back at it now, that situation really was ridiculous.

Baili Hongzhuang naturally understood what Dongfang Yu meant and also laughed, “I understand, I’m afraid with Senior Dongfang’s charm, it happens pretty often. I don’t mind.”

Hearing Dongfang Yu and Baili Hongzhuang’s conversation, Liu Qinyue couldn’t help but be a little curious, “What happened earlier?”

Seeing how curious Liu Qinyue looked, Dongfang Yu smiled and explained what happened earlier. Liu Qinyue and Xia Zhiqing couldn’t help but laugh loudly.

“Haha, with our Hongzhuang’s beauty there’s would never be a need to follow you guys like that.” Xia Zhiqing looked at Baili Hongzhaung laughingly.

Dongfang Yu nodded slightly. Baili Hongzhaung’s looks were so outstanding to the point that the number of pursuers she attracted couldn’t be small.

Before he had already told Gong Shaoqing, but he hadn’t believed it. For the first time, Gong Shaoqing’s judgment was finally wrong.

Gong Shaoqing’s face was cold, “Stupid woman, it’s not strange for me to think that.”

Baili Hongzhuang narrowed her eyes when she heard Gong Shaoqing speak. She knew running into this guy would spoil her appetite.

“Oy, you idiot, why are you always calling me stupid!”

Baili Hongzhuang raised her brows, casting a sidelong glance at Gong Shaoqing. The first time they talked, he had also called her ‘stupid woman’.

She, Baili Hongzhuang had lived for a long time. People have scolded her as useless, others have called her ruthless, but no one had ever called her stupid.

“Who did you call an idiot?” Gong Shaoqing shot back coldly, a layer of ice seemingly appearing on his originally cold face.

Liu Qinyue and Dongfang Yu were both surprised. They hadn’t expected for their nice chat about what had happened on that day to suddenly change into this. Gong Shaoqing was angry.

But Baili Hongzhuang actually didn’t care and answered, “Apart from you, who else here is an idiot?”

“Bang!” Gong Shaoqing banged the table as he stood up, “Stupid woman, you dare to call me an idiot?”

Baili Hongzhuang also got up, not to be outdone. “You called me stupid, so why can’t I call you an idiot?”

“Do you know that you’re the first person to ever call me an idiot.” Gong Shaoqing’s eyes flickered coldly, his voice like ice.

“You’re also the first one to call me stupid!”

“We’re all friends, so let’s speak nicely. There’s no need to get angry over such a small matter.”

Dongfang Yu immediately stood and tried to smooth things over but in his heart, he was shocked at Baili Hongzhuang’s actions.

He didn’t expect that Baili Hongzhuang would dare to face such a cold and unfeeling person like Gong Shaoqing.

Young cultivators all possessed some degree of arrogance, but in Azure Water School, he was afraid that apart from Baili Hongzhuang, nobody else dared to challenge Gong Shaoqing.

Gong Shaoqing looked coldly at Baili Hongzhuang and she glared back. Although the two didn’t continue to bicker, their attitudes already made everything clear.

Xia Zhiqing was silent. She didn’t understand what happened for the situation to turn like this.

The two of them should be considered enemies, right? But looking at this situation, she felt that that wasn’t the case.

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