Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 229

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Chapter 229

“Here is our residence, where special enrollment students live.” Dongfang Yu pointed at a red building and smiled.

Baili Hongzhuang looked at the red construction. From its appearance alone, it seemed somewhat more gorgeous than the ordinary students’ residences. Every student’s room also seemed very big.

“There aren’t a lot of students in the special enrollment devision, so we all live in this building. If you need any help, you can just directly go to the third floor to find me. My name should be on my door. Gong Shaoqing also lives on the third floor” Dongfang Yu said smilingly.

“Thank you, senior.”

A brilliant smile as bright as a star lit across Baili Hongzhuang’s grateful face as she gave him her heartfelt thanks.

Dongfang Yu’s tour was very thorough and complete, saving her a lot of trouble.

Baili Hongzhuang’s room was on the second floor. Just as she anticipated, the special enrollment student’s rooms were very cozy and snug. It could be said they were even luxurious.

Above the door to her room, hung an awe-inspiringly white wooden board, with 4 characters engraved on it – Baili Hongzhuang.

In the huge room, everything she needed was already prepared. It seemed that somebody had specially cleaned and readied the room for her before she came.

“Before a new student checks in, everything in the room is exchanged so it’s brand new. If you don’t like it, you can change it yourself.” Dongfang Yu smiled.

A smile burst forth on Baili Hongzhuang’s face, “There’s no need, this room is already arranged very well.”

It was already far better than what she expected. For her, who was very used to living in the mountain ranges, the room already made her very pleased.

“You’re satisfied.”

He looked at the happy smile revealed on Baili Hongzhuang’s face. Her refined and touchingly delicate face instantly blossomed with unlimited splendor, a rare and beautiful sight that could not be seen anywhere else. Dongfang Yu could only stare at her foolishly.

Although he had seen Baili Hongzhuang smile before, it was only a polite smile. It was impossible to compare it to the smile he saw now.

He had seen many beauties, and he was also very well acquainted with the number one beauty of Azure Water School. But now, he didn’t think any woman could compare to Baili Hongzhaung’s looks.

At this moment, a bright and simple, kind voice suddenly sounded.
“Senior Dongfang.”

Dongfang Yu was startled before turning to look at the speaker, “Bai Junyu.”

Baili Hongzhuang turned and saw a man dressed in yellow robes walking out from one of the rooms. On the door hung an impressive white wooden board, three large characters engraved on it.

The man was tall and his appearance was delicate and pretty, outstandingly handsome. The corner of his mouth curved to form a bright and sunny smile, his grin easily exposing his flawlessly white teeth.

Only a glance and Baili Hongzhaung could instantly tell that this man’s mentality was simple and pure, filled with laughter and sunshine.

“Bai Junyu, this girl is the other special enrollment student, Baili Hongzhaung.” Dongfang Yu introduced her before turning to look at Baili Hongzhuang, “Miss Baili……”

Baili Hongzhaung nodded gently, “I know.”

Bai Junyu looked at her and for a split second, his face went stiff.

He really didn’t expect the other special enrollment student to be such a beauty! This was really good luck!

“Hi, I am Bai Junyu. It’s very nice to meet you, I hope we can get along in the future.” Bai Junyi smiled brilliantly, his teeth white enough to reflect light.

“Baili Hongzhaung, very nice to meet you too.”

“In a while, the new student examinations will be conducted. I’m going to go watch, are you interested in joining me?” Bai Junyu was clearly done with his room, “If you’re interested, how about we watch together?”

“Sure, I’m also ready to watch.”

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