Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 223

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Chapter 223

That was 5000 gold coins!

Nevermind breaking such a little thing, even if the whole lobby was destroyed, it’d be okay!

Xia Zhiqing followed after Baili Hongzhuang who was walking to the second floor. “Miss, wait!”

Baili Hongzhuang turned her head and looked at Xia Zhiqing, “Is something the matter?”

The reason why Xia Zhiqing had helped just now was that of a personal grudge, so she didn’t really care about her.

Xia Zhiqing exposed a bright and beautiful smile, “Hi, I’m called Xia Zhiqing. What can I call you, my friend?”

Looking into Xia Zhiqing’s sincere eyes, Baili Hongzhuang nodded her head slightly, “Baili Hongzhuang.”

“I’m very happy to meet you!” Xia Zhiqing smiled brilliantly, “The way you handle things is truly to my liking. Let’s get along in the future!”

Hearing her words, Baili Hongzhaung’s lips also widened into a smile. This Xia Zhiqing’s strength was quite something but lacked thought and depth.

However, Xia Zhiqing was also to her liking!


Seeing Baili Hongzhuang agree, Xia Zhiqing smile grew even happier. But then, her smile suddenly dropped, “These days, Azure Water City’s inns are incredibly busy. I was a step too late, and now all the rooms are full.”

“I and some other cultivators are going to go rest under a tree. I’ll try to find you on the assessment day!”

Upon hearing this, Baili Hongzhuang spoke up, “Since it’s like this, it’d be better to live with me. Although the room isn’t very big, it’s still better than sitting under a tree.”

Dai Zhiqing’s eyes lit up, immediately waving her hands as she replied, “No, no, that’ll bother you too much. It doesn’t matter to me. Anyways my skin is thick, so I’m not worried!”

Baili Hongzhuang’s smile slowly got bigger. With Xia Zhiqing’s voluptuous figure, who knew how much trouble she’ll get from the other cultivators. Living outside would be quite troublesome for her.

“Since you’re a friend, it’s naturally not a bother. Living together, it is!”

Between her previous life and this life, she had met a lot of people. She could see through Xia Zhiqing’s true nature right away, so she wasn’t at all worried that Xia Zhiqing had any other intentions.

“Then I’ll be troubling you.” Xia Zhiqing said gratefully.

Baili Hongzhuang waved her hand, “Not at all.”

The two went into the room. Xia Zhiqing’s personality was very lively, and asked Baili Hongzhuang if she wanted to walk around the city with her.

But Baili Hongzhuang wasn’t interested. For the past few days, she was constantly on the move. Right now, she only wanted to cultivate peacefully in the room.

Xia Zhiqing didn’t force her and left to explore the city alone.

After waiting for Xia Zhiqing to leave, Little Black and Little White’s enlargened bodies sat in front of Baili Hongzhuang.

“Master, we don’t know this Xia Zhiqing. Isn’t it dangerous to live with her like this?” Little White asked.

Baili Hongzhaung slowly shook her head, “Xia Zhiqing is just an inexperinced young girl. Her character is very pure, so you don’t have to worry.”

Little Black and Little White looked at each other. Since Master said so, they could only listen.

Perhaps after passing into the General’s Household which was filled with endless plots and conspiracies, her thinking had become even more complicated.

She even forgot that now they were only 15, 16-year-old youngsters. There was no lack of pure people. Continuing to use that kind of complicated thinking would only increase her worries.

So that was why she wanted to be friends with Xia Zhiqing. Having such a sincere and true friend, she didn’t need to overly think about so many complicated things.

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