Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 196

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Chapter 196

The VIP card wasn’t light. If you possessed it, the processing fees and commission would be cut down a lot. It was a good item, indeed.

“Then many thanks, Shopkeeper Su.”

After Baili Hongzhuang left, Su Hongyuan asked, “Why did you decide to give her a VIP card?”

Although they wanted to form a good relationship with the pill master behind Baili Hongzhuang, it wasn’t enough to warrant a VIP card.

Su Xingchun smiled wisely, “That young woman isn’t ordinary. In the future, her accomplishments will definitely be shocking. Her expertise in medicine alone is enough to deserve a VIP card.”

Although there were only a few highly skilled pill masters in Shengxuan Continent, it wasn’t like there was none at all.

On the other hand, there were very few doctors that could compare to Baili Hongzhuang.

Just by this one point, Baili Hongzhuang already wasn’t simple!

Su Hongyuan slightly nodded, “I also admire that girl. I really wonder how far she’ll grow in the future.”

Baili Hongzhuang returned to the Chen Palace. Meanwhile, news of Baili Hongzhuang and Dai Zhiman’s life and death battle was spreading all over the Imperial City.

“Chen Wangfei and Miss Dai are going to have a life and death duel?”

“Miss Dai’s already been cultivating in Azure Water School for a year. I heard that she already reached the intermediate stage of Mysterious Eon, which is one stage higher than Chen Wangfei ah!”
“Chen Wangfei initiated the duel? Isn’t that like courting death?”

“I heard that Miss Dai’s words were too excessive, so Chen Wangfei challenged her to a battle.”

“So reckless ah…….”

Almost nobody supported Baili Hongzhuang’s duel with Dai Zhiman. The gap in strength was simply too big.

As everyone knows, challenging someone whose a stage ahead of you was never a simple matter. Almost no cultivators could achieve this.

Baili Hongzhuang didn’t care what other people thought, returning to her room to cultivate after eating her evening meal.

Looking at the bone cleansing pill in her hands, Baili Hongzhuang didn’t hesitate to swallow it.

The earlier you consumed the pill in cultivation, the better its effects would be. The bone cleansing pill not only raised affinity towards spirit power, but also improved cultivation speed.

But when cultivators in the Houtian Boundary broke through to the Xiantian Boundary, they would also have to go through a soul cleansing.

A soul cleansing’s results were similar, but far better than a bone cleansing pill’s. It would discharge all impurities in the body and the ordinary, mundane figure would be changed into an immortal’s. Their cultivation speed would drastically improve.

That was why the early stages of cultivation were so slow.

Little Black and Little White guarded outside the door as Baili Hongzhuang took the pill.

Taking it was extremely painful. The longer you preserved, the more impurities would be discharged, the better the effect.

Very quickly, Baili Hongzhuang sensed waves of pain attacking her as if ants were gnawing on every inch of her body. Her arteries and veins stung in torturous agony.

Her beautiful face quickly turned pale, her body curling into fetal position. Pea sized beads of sweat dripped down her forehead as she bit her lips, enduring the violent pain and not releasing a sound.

Time seemed to pass by very slowly. Blue veins protruded from Baili Hongzhuang’s hands as she fisted them in pain.

“The feeling is truly terrible, even if I’m experiencing this again after rebirth!” Baili Hongzhuang said, speechless.

She had also taken the bone cleansing pill in her past life. Now taking it again, the sensation was truly unforgettable.

Little Black and Little White stared at Baili Hongzhuang, their eyes full of admiration.

They knew how painful it was to take the bone cleansing pill. Many cultivators were unable to endure it for long, and in turn, were unable to fully reap the benefits of the pill.

Baili Hongzhuang not only endured it but also didn’t even make a single sound of pain.

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