Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 194

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Chapter 194

“Baili Hongzhuang, you’re going too far!” Dai Zhiman’s voice was furious. This was the first time she ever hated somebody this much in her whole life. Tomorrow, she must kill Baili Hongzhuang!

Baili Hongzhuang raised an eyebrow and smiled enchantingly, “What do you mean? I was just copying you. Weren’t you completely unashamed of doing it earlier?”

Hearing her words, Dai Zhiman’s face turned extremely stiff. She actually couldn’t answer Baili Hongzhuang’s words!”

“200,000 gold coins!”


Everyone watched, surprised. Earlier they had thought that Dai Zhiman had already gone too far, but they didn’t expect for Baili Hongzhuang to actually bid even more relentlessly.

That single gold coin was driving Dai Zhiman crazy!

“250,000 gold coins!”


Dai Zhiman’s voice was already very hectic, but Baili Hongzhuang’s voice remained calm and steady.

In fact, she didn’t need to worry at all. Since the bone cleansing pill was her own item, it didn’t matter what price she put, since it’d still be her’s in the end.

Plus, Tianxiang didn’t even charge her the processing fee.

She refused to sell the bone cleansing pill to Dai Zhiman!

“300,000 gold coins!”

Baili Hongzhuang made Dai Zhiman go mad. She didn’t believe that Baili Hongzhuang would dare to raise the price any higher!

“Ss!” Everyone sucked in a cold breath. The price was truly too crazy.

300,000 gold coins for a single bone cleansing pill was the same as the two earlier bone cleansing pills combined!


Seeing Baili Hongzhuang bid again, everyone was stunned. Baili Hongzhuang was truly too fierce!

Hearing the price, Dai Zhiman stared up, her whole body falling limp.

“Zhiman, stop. Baili Hongzhuang bidded for the bone cleansing pill. This price is already very high for her!” Liujing Kun consoled her.

Dai Zhiman faintly nodded her head. That was her only comfort.

She didn’t dare to continue to bid. The price had long gone past her limit. If she bidded again and Baili Hongzhuang chose to relinquish it, she’d be completely finished.

“Congratulations to Chen Wangfei for winning the third bone cleansing pill!”
Su Jun rapped the hammer, declaring the results of the auction.

The bone cleansing pill was brought to Baili Hongzhuang. Shao Zifan and Zhao Yunxi looked at the pill and couldn’t help but feel a little bit envious.

This was a pill that cultivators yearned for even in their dreams.

They didn’t bid because they were clear that they didn’t have the financial ability to buy it.

Seeing the two’s eyes, Baili Hongzhuang took out a white porcelain bottle from the space pouch and handed it to the two. “These two bone cleansing pills are my gift to you two.”

Hearing her words, Shao Zifan and Zhao Yunxi were both startled. Watching Baili Hongzhuang’s smile, they didn’t recover for a long time.

“A gift for us?” Zhao Yunxi muttered, in a daze.

Baili Hongzhuang nodded, “Right a gift for you two.”

Although she refined 5 bone cleansing pills. 2 were to be sold at the auction, 2 was for Shao Zifan and Zhao Yunxi, and the last one was for herself.

After Shao Zifan finally reacted, he hurriedly refused: “This is too precious, I can’t accept it.”

What a joke, a bone cleansing pill was just sold for 200,000 gold coins ah!

Zhao Yunxi’s eyes flashed with pleasant surprise, but when she saw Shao Zifan, she also immediately refused.

“Zifan’s right, this is too precious. We can’t accept it.”

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