Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 186

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Chapter 186

The auction’s price had already gone far above their limit. Even on the journey of cultivation, it was impossible without enough money.

“40,000 gold coins!”

The price was called very quickly. In such a short time, Mysterious Star Sword had already gone above the 50,000 mark!

After 50,000 gold coins, not many cultivators would continue to bid.

“51,000 gold coins!”

Shao Zifan began to bid. He knew that if he quoted a price at the beginning, it’d be impossible to get the sword. It would be better to bid after there were less competitors.

Dai Zhiman was somewhat bored as she sat in the first class seats. But when she saw Baili Hongzhuang’s auction box make a bid, her eyes suddenly turned bright.

A sinister smile made its way onto her face. “I’ll let you pay part of the price, daring to offend me!”

“52,000 gold coins!”

Dai Zhiman’s voice echoed in the auction hall.

Hearing this voice, Baili Hongzhuang narrowed her eyes. Dai Zhiman fights with a whip, not a sword. Clearly, she was doing this on purpose!

“53,000 gold coins!” Shao Zifan shouted again.

“54,000 gold coins!” Dai Zhiman immediately yelled afterward.

No matter what price Shao Zifan called, Dai Zhiman would always quote the price added with another thousand gold coins.

Even though she and Shao Zifan had never been in confict, since he was in Baili Hongzhuang’s group, he was also a target!

Seeing Dai Zhiman so relentless, Shao Zifan started to get a bit angry.

The other competitors had long given up. If it wasn’t for Dai Zhiman, the Mysterious Star Sword would’ve long been his!

“60,000 gold coins!” Shao Zifan added on 5000 gold coins at once. His irritation was clear to see.

Seeing Shao Zifan get angry, Dai Zhiman’s smile widened, “61,000 gold coins!”

Everybody watched as Dai Zhiman and Shao Zifan competed. Dai Zhiman was clearly raising the price on purpose.

Dai Zhirong and Baili Hongzhuang’s earlier fight was so eyecatching that it was impossible for nobody there to know.

But Dai Zhiman’s hateful way of raising the price like that was just truly too disgusting. The one thing everybody hated most when bidding in an auction, was meeting a person like that.

The money would be wasted for no good reason. And it wasn’t even any of their money being extorted!

It was truly too dirty!

Su Jin was also paying attention to the little bidding war. As the auctioneer, it was his job to get the product’s value up as high as possible.

So, the scene in front of him was very much to his liking.

No matter whose hand the Mysterious Star Sword fell into, they would still make a huge profit!

“70,000 gold coins!” Shao Zifan bidded again, gnashing his teeth in frustration and anger.

“71,000 gold coins!”

Dai Zhiman still smiled, but her heart was a little suprised. It was already amazing that the sword could go above 50,000 gold coins, but he continued to bid even as she kept raising the price. From this, it was obvious that Shao Zifan liked the sword very much.

When Shao Zifan heard Dai Zhiman call out 71,000 gold coins, his whole body fell soft.

Today he had only come with 70,000 gold coins. He had thought that was all he needed to find a good weapon, but he hadn’t expected Dai Zhiman to wreck everything.

“Not bidding?” Baili Hongzhuang asked.

Shao Zifan shook his head helplessly, “I don’t have enough……”

Zhao Yunxi’s face was red with anger, “This Dai Zhiman is truly too much! Shameless!”

No gentleman would take away another’s beloved. Dai Zhiman was simply too despicable.

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