Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 138

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Chapter 138

Suddenly, another voice appeared, “Ye Yitong, since I was the one who caught her, let’s split the loot!”

Ye Yitong was startled, turning to find a boy in black robes standing behind her. A trace of light flickered past her eyes, “Tian Weiming.”

Tian Weiming didn’t pay much attention to Ye Yitong and instead turned to look at Baili Hongzhuang. The corners of his mouth rose into an evil smile.

“I didn’t expect you’d dare to start a fight with Chen Wangfei, ah!”

Ye Yitong ignored Tian Weiming’s ridicule.

“I promise you will get a slice of the pie.”

Tian Weiming’s smile deepened, “You sure talk fast! Let’s split it half and half.”

“No problem!” Ye Yitong agreed, straightforward.

Baili Hongzhuang crossed her arms in front of her chest, sneering as she watched.

“I’ll give you guys a chance. If you get out of my sight right now, I’ll forgive you!”

Baili Hongzhuang’s voice was cold, her beautiful face full of killing intent.

The two were already talking about how to divide the loot, not putting her in their eyes at all.

Trying to rob her, it could only be said that they had some terrible luck.

Since they were acting so arrogant, she didn’t mind letting them see the knowledge and experience that came with true arrogance!

Hearing her words, Tian Weiming and Ye Yitong were momentarily startled before bursting into loud laughter.

“What did I just hear? Trash dared to threaten us?”

Tian Weiming laughed incredulously. This was the biggest joke he had ever heard.

“Just kill her to avoid any more trouble!” Ye Yitong said coldly.

Right now, there was always a chance for someone to come. Rather than wasting time, it’d be much better to just directly kill her!

Tian Weiming nodded in agreement, “Will you do it, or should I?”

“I’ll go!” Ye Yitong raised her eyebrow, smiling.

“Master, these two fellows are just too hateful!” Little Black already couldn’t watch, wishing that he could just go and deal with Ye Yitong and Tian Weiming right then and there.

Baili Hongzhuang was still smiling, but her eyes were cold like a glacier. “Since you guys didn’t treasure that chance, I can only let you two enter heaven!”

The next moment, Baili Hongzhuang raised her hand and waggled her finger, “Come!”


Ye Yitong’s face turned ugly. A waste dared to tell her to come, what a joke!

Her mind stirred, qi immediately surging through her body. Her strength was undoubtedly mysterious earth late stage cultivation.
“Accept death!”

Ye Yitong’s figure suddenly moved, waving her long sword. She directly attacked Baili Hongzhuang’s vital organs, with the intent to kill her!

Baili Hongzhuang narrowed her eyes. This Ye Yitong was truly very impulsive.

Before, there was never a conflict between her and Ye Yitong, and now, she wanted to kill her! Ye Yitong’s heart was truly vicious!

In the split second as Ye Yitong charged, Baili Hongzhuang also disappeared!

“Shadowless kill!”

Only a silver light could be seen, piercing into the vast sky. Baili Hongzhuang’s figure disappeared, no longer standing where she was before.

‘Shadowless kill’ can kill people without a trace, and its speed couldn’t be judged.

When she just began to train in her past life, this was the skill she relied on most to kill people. Although now she was in a different body, she was still skilled as before!

Tian Weiming watched lazily. He didn’t care about Baili Hongzhuang, he only thought of it as reaping benefits in passing.

This kind of trash, he had no interest at all!

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