Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 2 Chapter 17

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The Hero and the Reunion (part 3)

After that, it was a solemn battle.

Each unit faced death.

Andobar and Bubarack were protected by the commander in order to guarantee that attacks on Scampelier would wound her.

That was true dispair.

But no one ran, and no one retreated.

Because we were the elites. We were mankind’s strongest team.

If we fell back here, then who would protect our homeland?

Muse raised his sword to the sky and muttered:

“Cough. If I had known this earlier, when I left home I would’ve hugged my daughter more.”

“Don’t talk. I didn’t say goodbye to my mother. She believes that I will come home.”

Next to him, the brown-haired Bond hugged his chest as he spoke self-deprecatingly.

On his side were very many silver daggers.

Then the two looked at each other and smiled, then followed the stream of people forward.

Muse was cut in two at the waist, guts spilling out. Bond’s feet were chopped off. He struggled to grab onto Scampelier’s right leg, but in an instant, he was warped into rotten meat.

The second before, still lively and full of light. The next, split into pieces everywhere.

Scampelier wielded the butcher’s cleaver freely[1] like a dance.

Even so, the crowd still unceasingly poured forth.

“Don’t look down on us you bastard!”

“My life is nothing!!”

“I’m gonna kill you ya bastard demon!!!”

“We do this for Sheng Qiao Yi, for peace on Middle Earth.”

“Ladies and gentleman, let us raise the banner of justice!”

Death, death, death.

Death without any suspense.

The level of fighting was not even close.

“Dammit, you monster…….”

A white haired veteran warrior that had fallen to the ground forced himself to lift his sword.

Scampelier’s sharp high heel immediately pierced through his skull.

The number of sacrifices had already reached 100 for this battle when finally, there was a chance.

Scampelier had been injured.

Though she looked like she was very unwilling, a seventeen, eighteen year old young hero used their life as a price to scar her arm.

The blood of a demon was also red.

At that moment, I was thinking that.

The four of us, me, Shen Zhen, Luciewayan, and Zhi Bu, were Commander Baliat’s personal team and we needed to act at the very end.

In other words, we were the final trump card. Without Baliat’s order, we could not participate in the battle.

So I could only watch as my former companions met with death.

The number of wounds on Scampelier gradually increased, as did the morale of the First Division of the Expedition Regiment.

“We can finally see victory!!”

“All the sacrifices were worth it!!”

“Protect the country and bring peace!!”

“The blood that we have spent will be engraved in history!!”

“Don’t be afraid ahhhhhhh!!!!”

“Expel them all, face victory!!!”

All of the impassioned voices echoed unendingly.

That kind of attack was no different than suicide.

Laying down one’s life to create a wound, but only making a scratch not even one millimeter.

The next second, you wouldn’t even know that you died.

Only knowing, at that moment, you were burning.

Inherit the will of justice and carry it out to the end!!


Scampelier’s abundant strength gradually lessened.

“All forces attack at once!!”

Baliat’s aging voice sounded like a bell.

I have no desire to recall the scene that occurred next.

The remaining people on the battlefield was not even fifty. Almost every person was wounded, almost every person was bleeding.

All of them held no light in their eyes.

Their hatred for the demons, their resentment at their homeland being ruined and their pain from the murder of their comrades were all warped together and turned them into a war machine.

That state was what we called “heartless.”

I often entered that heartless state.

So I knew that in that kind of situation, that all people could do was destroy.

I clenched my hand into a fist. Shen Zhen straightened up slightly.

Luciewayan rested the sword on her shoulder. Zhi Bu hugged her rag doll to her chest.

If the final fifty people died, then we four would take the stage.

Layer upon layer of corpses were underneath Scamplier’s feet. Rather than corpses, it’s better to call them mountains of meat.

It was unknown whose flesh was whose, whose blood was whose as they all mixed together.

“All troops – attack!!”

Baliat’s command reverberated in the wilderness.


All of the people did not need any kind of allying cheer.

At this moment, they were wild, bellowing beasts.

This was mankind’s sorrow, but at the same time was mankind’s retaliation.

I schooled my breathing into a rhythm and wrapped magic around my body.

Become a machine of war!

Become something that has lost its heart, a machine of war!

Become the sword that delivers punishment!

We are a receptacle for holding magic power, a plain vessel.

We will die here, we will forever be with everyone!

We are the First Division of the Expedition Regiment, and we will carry out justice to the end!!

“Certain Wound” Andobar had already died from overusing magic. With a mouthful of blood spurting out, he fell to the ground without warning.

Next to the commander, Bubarack was breathing intensely like he could fall down at any moment.

I abandoned all thought of Ailee to the back of my mind.

The fifty people had all died. Scampelier cut off the last person’s neck and bathed in the spray of blood.

“So you are the last of the strong?”

No one answered.

We four took heavy steps forward.

Scampelier had been wounded all over, the deepest scratches on her stomach and on her left leg.

With Shen Zhen, Luciewayan, Zhi Bu standing next to me, I suddenly felt that it wouldn’t be too bad to die.

Because we were all together!

“‘Read Hearts’! Lucie attack from the left, Shen Zhen breakthrough on the front, Leon, standby!”


Jiejie definitely won’t forgive you!”

“I know.”

With a bang, the air rippled into a whirlpool.

Rings of heat rippled in the surroundings.

Scampelier used her sickle to block Luciewayan’s attack while simultaneously using her left arm to guard against Shen Zhen.


Lucie planned to jump away, but the sickle suddenly changed form.

It was originally made out of magic, so this kind of change was not strange.

But in Lucie’s moment of hesitation, she would die.

The blade of the sickle had split into many spiky chains and which attacked from different directions at Luciewayan.

At that instant, Lucie wore a determined expression.


I didn’t just stand there like a fool chewing vegetables.

At the very least, I had to protect the people next to me. I am the hero Leon!!

I waved my spear to parry the chains, while yelling–

“Shen Zhen aaaaahhhhh!!!”

“Explosion Break Magic!!!!!!!”

It was a voice like a brick thrown into a well.

Magic rushed forth out of Shen Zhen and wrapped around, making even Scampelier take a step back.

I pulled Zhi Bu and Luciweiyan and desperately retreated backwards.

The magic whirlpool continuously expanded until it lightly rubbed against Scampelier.

At that moment, the heavens and earth changed color.

The entire world became black.


Explosion break!!

Darkness lasted only a brief moment.

All of the magic had burst, like an erupting volcano. Large quantities of burning black fragments smashed onto Scampelier.

It was like a dark red meteorite filled the sky.

The entire world was engulfed by flame.

That was Shen Zhen’s passive skill. In that moment, he had reached a level that I would never ever be able to attain.

Besides shaking, I did not do anything.

“Now it’s worthy!”

Scampelier used magic to condense her giant sickle. Her hands rotated not stop, forming a solid fortress.

Every impact of magic power was hit into pieces, bounced away.

The magic that was bounced off inflamed the bodies of the dead and the whole world was hit by the charred scent.

Some magic hit and broke Scampelier’s weapon.

The giant sickle broke into two at the handle.

Not even giving her a moment to breathe, a huge quantity of flaming magic incessantly rained down on Scampelier.

“Hahahahaha, no doubt it’s the trump card of the Expedition Regiment. So it was like this!”

That person was smiling.

That Scampelier was smiling.

Opening up her arms, letting the magic hit her and spitting out blood.

The entire process probably lasted only for a minute. Having spent his magic power, Shen Zhen futilely fell to the ground.

The entire ground was covered with fragments of flesh and filled with bright red blood.

Standing at the center was Scampelier.

Laughing loudly.

“What are you laughing at, you bastard demon.”

Luciewayan cast off her white shirt and flung it off. Only her black chest bindings were left on her body.

“Moon God Style · Final Form · Void without Shadow.”

Her whole body suffused with a large quantity of black magic. She slowly slid her left foot.

Her two slender, beautiful legs bent slightly.

In the next second, her figure had disappeared.


Scampelier managed to use her sickle to block the attack, but it was no use.

The current Scampelier was quite weak.


Broken into pieces.

Scampelier bore a wound from her left rib to her right arm, blood continuously spurting out.

“What are you doing? You call this a void? That guy, Nightmare, is a lot stronger than your void.”

Extending her five fingers in front of her, an action like when she pierced through Watt.

Luciewayan, having exhausted her magic could not stop it.

Yes, even without a weapon, Scampelier was an existence far stronger than us.

But so what!!

“So I say, I won’t let you touch my friends!!”

I bent my five fingers and made an eagle claw like action.

I shook up Scampelier’s arm from the side.

At the same time, I grabbed Luciewayan by the belt and tossed her towards the commander.

I had no time to see where she landed, and it probably hurt when she hit the ground. But I didn’t care that much.

So began my face off with Scampelier.

Because Scampelier already fell to a level that I could contend against.

The were three other people still standing on the battlefield, but Commander and Zhi Bu were in more of tactical roles and didn’t have much battle strength. Bubarack was at his limit for maintaining his “Cannot Heal” passive skill.

So right now, it was a faceoff between my and Scampelier’s speed.

I had already entered the heartless state. I did not think anything, I did not do anything. I completely left it to my body to fight.

“I say, you and I are just as pitiable.”

Scampelier said slowly.

For me, the strongest state of heartless could just barely just match her.

So I didn’t say anything. The connection between her brain and body had been completely severed.

Pitiable, what was that guy saying.

I could only feel pure, unadulterated anger.

I picked up my spear on the ground that had been sent flying.

The remnants of the dead soaked my hand.

Fast Pierce Style · Final Form · Instant Kill.

I close my eyes and slowly took in a breath.

The probability of being blocked was high, but I could also pierce through her heart.

Kill her!

I opened my eyes and my surroundings had slowed down.

The tip of the spear pointed at Scampelier’s heart.

At that time I felt.

That bastard was smiling.

Slowly opening her arms, accepting her coming death.

“You and I are just as pitiable.”

That smile was exactly the same as when my parents died. Exactly the same when I first met Ailee.

Like that, my spear slipped past its target, piercing into the sea of corpses below.

1. Adept, skilled, easy for her

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