Because I’m a Weapons Shop Uncle Volume 1 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: The Uncle and the Flower Shop Girl

Yesterday, I gained some insight on my designated role.

If you look at this world not as a manga, but as a game, I should be in the NPC role!

With this thought in mind, my position seems a lot more interesting.


“Thank you for your patronage.”

Actually, as an a NPC just saying these lines would be enough, so since yesterday, I’ve been practicing saying them mechanically.

“Keke- Wel-come.”

Talking robotically towards imaginary customers.

“All of our products here are- high- class- goods.”

Although its just pretend, I still feel like I’m saying my lines properly and doing quite well.

However, since this morning, Elan has been hiding behind the door and staring at me in horror.

Her small hand clutched the door frame while her small body trembled.

How hateful! A small child like you could never understand my great ideas!

But after all, this is the real world. These couple of lines would not be enough to entertain the customers. I guess it’s necessary to practice more mechanical sounds.

“Hey- you- if- you- are- n’t- buy- ing- some- thing- then- scram.”

No no no. If it’s like this, even the character has changed!

Just as I was fretting, the door was opened.

“Good morning, Uncle Zai ”

A seventeen-year-old girl came in, wearing a white short skirt, a blue jacket, and cloth shoes. Although her face was not as cute as Elan’s, her smile was warm and sunny. Her flaxen hair was in a high ponytail and draped across her shoulder and chest. Incidentally, her breast development was also very good. Among her peers, her chest would definitely be considered big.

This child’s name was Li Sanai. She was apprenticed at the flower shop near my store.

“Wel- come.”

I once again practiced my mechanical response to receive her, but Li Sanai responded with shock.

“Un- Uncle Zai? Are you okay?”

She screamed from the doorway.

Without warning, Elan rushed out from the back door and threw herself into Li Sanai’s arms, crying. She buried her face in those mountains. (TL: If you don’t understand, the author meant Li Sanai’s breasts.)

“Brother, brother’s been possessed by something bad!”

“What? Then we need to have the exorcist come soon…”


Eventually, I ended up kneeling on the floor in apology.

Even though I don’t like bowing my head, it couldn’t be helped since Elan was crying. Besides, I did have to take some responsibility.

After finding out the truth, Elan hugged my head and sobbed, her tears falling into my hair. Indeed, I might have gone overboard. The best solution is to sincerely apologize.

I’m sorry little Elan! Forgive my OCD!

“I don’t even know what to say. How old are you already? Still considering those useless questions?”

Li Sanai stared at me with folded arms.

“By the way, what did you come here for today?”

I touched Elan’s head and asked her.

“Oh yeah,” Li Sanai laughed. This is a lot better. After all, she is more beautiful when she smiles. “Actually, Sister Ya went out, so I’m watching the shop all by myself…so…”

Wait a second, wait a second.

What kind of explanation is this?

Oh, oh it must be that. “There’s no one in the shop, so you wanted to play?” (TL: play is in English in the raw)

So you can say, even though I didn’t realize it, I’m actually quite popular. With my sophisticated personality, I must be what girls consider a killer catch, right?

Wait, should I accept this kind of situation? After all, the other party is still a minor…

“So, can you help me take care of the flowers?”


“The flowers. There’s a particularly rare flower in the shop, but it seems to be sick…”

“Is this the right place to bring a flower problem to?”

I boosted myself up on the counter.

Li Sanai gave a sweet smile.

“It’s because Uncle Zai has a very profound knowledge.”

Finally, I left Elan in charge of the weapons shop and followed Li Sanai to the flower shop.

Elan looked very unhappy, but there’s no way she can go out. If word that Elan is a ghost gets out, she could be killed. In the best scenario, she would be driven out of the village.

She would be revealed if simply her hat was taken off.

Therefore, I must work hard to avoid letting her go outside.

Stopping in the shade, Li Sanai suddenly stopped and stared at me.

“Uncle Zai, don’t you think that Elan’s skin is too pale?”

“Ah, actually it’s always just like that…”

I couldn’t tell what Li Sanai was thinking from her face, so I could only go along with it.

If we were exposed, the first thing to do would be to escape from the village.

My gaze sharpened.

“Uncle Zai, you know the reason, don’t you?”

Finished, finished. We have certainty been seen through. This must be judgement. This is Li Sanai’s judgement on me!

What a scary women, underneath the sunny smile, isn’t there another motive?

I was careless. However, I can’t think of where any mistakes were made. Is this a woman’s intuition? Or is it Li Sanai’s special ability?

What now? Should we escape?

I swallowed.

“Isn’t it this: Uncle Zai, you always keep Elan in the house. You have to occasionally let her go out and play like a normal girl. Flowers will only grow if they absorb sunlight!”

Li Sanai, with a straight-face, poked my chest.

But Elan is a flower of hell. Even without seeing the sun, it’s ok….

“Ah, ah ah, ah ha ha ha. You’re right, I will bring Elan outside more.”

That was dangerous-

All in all, it’s good that we didn’t have to escape from here.

After relaxing, I couldn’t help but be triumphant.

My disguise is still pretty good.

“Let me see…ah I see, this is leaf roll. These must be the damn Mozu insects, “Kun Bula”. This is the result of the adult female’s powder. Every day you should give it two hours of sunlight. Pound the linen leaves and grass root horseshoe into the soil. After two or three days, it will naturally be cured. Cut down the water given by 50%. Also, it’s best to spray some insect repellent. If you don’t have any, go to the pond and get some long-tongued frogs and place them near the plant and that is okay too. This type of frog is very gentle; it will not bounce around and harm the plant.”

Li Sanai, embarrassed, looked at me.

I ended up having to get the long-tonged frogs myself. The stupid frog stood motionless by the plant.

“Thank you Uncle Zai!”

“When Sister Ya comes back, tell her the purple flowers she entrusted to me last time have almost bloomed, so she can come and get it.”

“Wait, Uncle Zai, here.”

She handed me a pot of three or four blue flowers to take with me.

When I finished, I headed back. Elan was manning the shop alone after all, so I was a little worried.

“I’m back.”


She was using a strange tone, and her cheeks were also puffing out.

Is she angry?

I smiled, and placed the flowers in my hands into Elan’s hair.

Her expression immediately changed to one of content and happiness. Ah, she really is still a child.

Wait! Why do I feel like a man going home to see his wife after a tryst with his mistress, carefully soothing the wife, then letting out a sigh of relief?!

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