Because I’m a Weapons Shop Uncle Volume 1: Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: The Uncle and the Mysterious Visitor (part 1)

I really must be a genius.

After living this long, I have rarely said conceited words like these. Actually, I can’t really say I have any extraordinary talents. Other than the confidence I have in my weapon-creation, I do not have confidence in my character or appearance.

But just now, I thought I was pretty talented.

When I was building Little Hairball’s stable, I made some mistakes at first. Little Hairball was not able to enter it.  I put the failure to the side, but the villagers bought it.

Then, I made a doghouse, but that was also bought and taken away.

After that, I made a lot of pet houses, and they all sold out.

Holding the four silver coins in my hand, I finally realized that I also have the talent to be a carpenter.

If I open a carpentry shop along with the weapons shop, then later open a grocery shop as well, one day my status will skyrocket and I will become village head. Becoming the head means that I will definitely met the hero, because even if the hero doesn’t want to buy weapons, he still has to visit the village head.

Although I am already twenty-six years old, I still have big dreams.

In short, getting this good fortune makes one quite happy.

Today’s dinner was especially rich. Little Hairball also got some extra portions.

Elan ate with a happy expression, and even Little Hairball revealed an expression of enjoyment.

Looking at their faces, I was quite relieved.

I can’t say that I have no confidence in my culinary skills, but some of the dishes were new creations.

The villagers’ distant homes were also lit with warm, yellow light. They must also be having wonderful family gatherings.

Suddenly, an uncomfortable feeling welled up inside me.

“Come in, don’t just stand by the door.”

I said very softly so that even Elan wasn’t able to hear it.

The shop door quietly opened.

Wearing a dark cloak, he stood by the door without a word.

“Are you hungry? There’s still food.”

Although I spoke in a care-free manner, I was taut with nerves.

I am a weapons shop uncle and deal with weaponry. What type of weapon and how compatible it would be with the person, I can see all this with one glance. Thus, when customers don’t know what to choose, I can select what weapon is the most appropriate one for them.

Because of this, I can also determine how strong a person is very clearly.

This visitor was not as powerful as a member of the demon clan, but even eavesdropping magic or hiding one’s presence aside, this type of person should not be a villager. I can clearly feel him staring at Elan.

“Do you have any business with my family or I?’

The visitor took off his hat

Short purple hair, long ears, and a slightly genderless face with a blank expression.

“How can- ? I’m just a little surprised at seeing a member of the demon clan here, that’s all.”

The voice sounds like one of a boy. Although still immature, it carries a sound of prestige and nobility.

Is it because they are similar, that they can see through each other’s identity?

“Then, is the customer here to buy weapons?”

Obviously I knew that it couldn’t be so simple, but I went ahead and asked anyway.

“I’m not “customer”. My name is Barrow, a warrior of the forest.”

I asked Elan if she had ever heard of the name, but she only bit her spoon and shook her head no.

“I wanted to buy a bow, but the bows here are too inferior.”

In his words, there were no falsehoods.

“Then please find another store.”

I said plainly.

Even if I had a bow, I couldn’t sell it to the demon clan, or I would be a traitor to humankind. Although I made  a conscious decision when I saved Elan, there’s no reason to take risks over matters unrelated to me.

“That’s impossible. My presence has already been discovered. Right now, all the humans in the area are looking for me. It’s only that here, information comes in slowly. Maybe by tomorrow, I will have been caught and beheaded.”

I drank some fish soup.

“What do you want the bow for?”

“To kill someone.”

What a direct answer. I waved towards the attentive Elan.

“Elan, go give some more hay to Little Hairball.”

When Elan and Barrow passed each other, they looked at each other. Elan had curious eyes, while Barrow had cold ones.

“That girl is a ghost, isn’t she?”

After watching Elan’s back completely disappear, Barrow asked me.

I nodded my head.

“Why did you take her in?”

“Because that child said she wanted to stay here, that’s it.”

She had cried and hugged my leg while saying things like that.

Barrow suspiciously stared into my eyes.

“You can make the bow I want, can’t you?”

“Yes, if I use the material inside your cloak, then I can make a good bow.”

His eyes suddenly became sharp, and in a split second, he disappeared from the spot.

Perhaps not even a second had passed.

I lifted my hand and caught the hand that stretched towards me, and easily tossed him back to the spot he was in before. The knife he used to threaten me landed in my hands.

Although he managed to maintain a standing position, there was a look of shock on his face.

Not knowing how slow one is, or not knowing another’s strength and hastily acting; both are extremely stupid.

However, stupid actions shows inner anxiety.

“Why do you want to kill someone?”

I picked up the bowl and took another sip. The soup seems a bit bland. I should add half a teaspoon of salt next time.

He seemed to still be struggling, but clearly recognized the gap in abilities and obediently stayed in place.

He passed.

If just then when I was drinking soup he attacked again, I might have twisted off his wrist to sober him up.

However, I’m getting older, so I don’t like to make unnecessary movements.

“The forest I lived in was burned down by humans.”

I nodded.

“Not only our forest species, but the creatures originally living in the forest also died.”

This doesn’t sound false. In order to eradicate the demon race, humans really will do anything.

“Our race depends on the forest. Once the forest was gone, the strength we were so proud of also disappeared.”

It was obviously bad news, but he didn’t disclose a trace of pain.

What a strong guy.

I laughed aloud.

“So you’re going to rely on weapons? I’ll say this first: no matter how strong a weapon is, the one who uses it is you. The bow I make will only be average. The one who aims will be you. The one who pulls the bow will be you. The one who shoots out of hate, will also be you.”

He bit his lower lip.

“But, if I use the power of life, I should still have one more chance. Just once, there is a person I must absolutely kill.”

“The mastermind of the arson?”

“Yes, the captain of the 6th Expeditionary Force. I have already investigated; everything was caused by this man.”

“So it’s like this.”

For the first time, a flustered expression appeared on his face.

“You’re very strong, maybe even stronger than the strongest warriors in the forest. I can’t beat you. If you won’t help me, I will leave right now. Of course, I won’t tell anyone about the ghost girl. We demon race do not hurt our companions.”

I stared into his eyes.

He did not avoid my eyes.

“Fine, it’s only one bow.”

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