B Group no Shounen – Prologue

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It is said that people have to be appropriate for their status.

If there is a person given a large role, then there is a person given a small role as well. When you greatly step outside your role, there will be serious repercussions.

Seldom at times do things go smoothly, but it is the minority that understands so.

And it is largely influenced by student life.

No, that it is largely influenced by student life is questionable.

For instance, in the case of Middle and High School classes, as time passes in the class, groups start to be formed. When you look at the groups, although it is non-existent, it seems like each group has an invisible wall. If it is asked what kind of wall, it is simple, clearly, first comes appearance.

The boys who are cool and the girls who are cute often gather together.

In this case, there are people who can become part of the group even if their appearance is not great.

If it’s asked what kind of person they are, even when their appearance isn’t that good, they are good at chatting, possibly studying, excel and are talented in sports, in other words humans that specialize in a talent of some kind, most numerous though, are cheerful people with the ability to make people laugh.

The group where these people gather will stand out inside their class, they may even stand out within the school. And then there is the group that does not stand out as much, additionally there is a group that stands out even less. When you simplify it, the ones who stand out in class and school are Group A (Conspicuous), the ones who don’t stand out are Group C (Non-conspicuous) then, the ones in the middle are Group B (Normal).

The wall described earlier is between these groups. People are sensitive to foreign bodies. It is difficult for the people who are in Group C to mix with those of Group B. If it’s a short period it’s not so bad, but being familiar over a long term is difficult.

However, it’s not so troublesome when the case is reversed. Conceivably Group A may exist within Group B.

Of course exceptions exist as well. A, B and C come into contact regardless of relations, there are people who become friends with everyone with good intentions, those who belong to no group, those who associate only with a particular friend, and those who are always alone.

To begin with, people can be considered as having A, B and C mind-sets.

As for these walls, once class begins and as time passes, it can be felt with the body and is naturally made.

Following these considerations, there is a boy who belongs to Group B.

The boy’s name is Sakuragi Ryou. Age is 16 and in second year of high school. Wearing unfashionable black rim glasses, slightly short hair with wax applied so as not to show bed hair.

Medium height, though the body is firm, it doesn’t show over his clothes. Features are slender with a prominent nose and good looks. Probably because of the glasses and hairstyle the features don’t stand out. In other words, when glanced at, he looks like an ordinary boy who can be found anywhere.

He- Ryou does not show large dissatisfaction towards his high school life, but rather is satisfied with high school life calmly flowing by.

His middle school life relations were with the so-called Group A. In Group A, he was enclosed by conspicuous friends. Surrounded by bad company and used, it is difficult to say he was calm. He at least wanted to spend high school life slowly, studying for tests franticly, without bad friends, a high school life which doesn’t deviate.

And so with great effort he entered high school. Because he is not disturbed it can be spent calmly, he will not tread down the same path twice. The Group A people must be avoided as much as possible.

As long it was not Group A, Ryou doesn’t mind which group he is in, but he actually would rather be in Group C. However the conversations and hobbies of the Group C classmates are not engaged with, so naturally company began to be kept with Group B.

By himself he looks over the class. A, B, C, the divides can be seen, however to the end, he doesn’t associate with A people. It’s a viewpoint so not to be manipulated.

Commonly referred to as ‘high school debut’, during the time of middle school, Group B and C people express their wanting to take advantage of entering high school so as to enter into Group A, however for him it was the opposite.

You could call it ‘reverse high school debut’.

Ryou who accomplished this ‘reverse high school debut’ and is a part of Group B, is especially careful so as not attract attention. And so this position without presence was obtained and a quiet year in high school was spent. In this one year Ryou spends it in high school how he chose, convinced that his choice was not wrong and promised absolutely not to let go of it.

Though Ryou made a pledge not to do things requiring great effort, a turning point comes towards him.

Ryou thinking back later was wondering if the turning point of his high school life was a plus, or a minus. Although in a very much troublesome place, he could not come to a conclusion.

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