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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~

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  1. ok i was wondering if there will be some one will edit what i translate if so i do not mind doing the demon girl but i do not know how good my translate will be. btw i got no site but i can send the work over to a editor

    • App says:


      I read through your work and it’s indistinguishable from google translate. If my partner and I both drop the series at some point in the far future, feel free to pick it up, but until then, what I can see looking though your post (which will remain unapproved so that I can read, but others don’t see it) is that there was not the slightest bit of effort put in to understand Japanese, English, or both.

      It’s literally incomprehensible.

      However, I must commend you for your work, however, as I know it takes a lot of effort regardless of quality. That, at least, is recognized. We are not, however, in need of your services at the current level.

      Have an excellent day,

      • np thanks and it not google translate but it was a translation software babylon so i will say sorry if it upset you but i am not far in reading and writing Japanese i am trying my best to learn Japanese so i can better translate on my own with out the need of it so one more time thank you for your time and wish you good luck

  2. Sorrow says:

    Thank you for translating =) and thanks for the fluffyness

  3. Gabalter says:

    Is there any way to donate? I have looked through the site but can’t find one to donate to you? I even looked through the original authors site and couldn’t find a spot there either lol. Do you even accept donations?

  4. faboulousfabi says:

    I love you!

    Actually I want a new chapter so would you do me the favor?😆

  5. Whisper says:

    i love yuru !

    ah and you too for translating it xD

  6. Iqpha says:

    i love you~
    please do your best. i will support you.

  7. Qila says:

    I love you ~~~~

    !% chance for faster chapter ? right 😀

  8. Schrodingers Cat says:

    love ya.

    thanks for the translations 😀

  9. Skierus says:

    I’m just curious about your update schedule I recently got addicted to the noble demon girl story you are translating and have been checking every day to see if next chapter pops up. I’m not gonna hound ya to speed up I’m just curious about update times is it a set thing, do you wait for donation goals or is it something you do when you have free time? I’m only asking cause I couldn’t figure it out on my own I might be blind and missing something but whatever… hahaha thanks for the translations so far love ya man (no homo)

  10. CometSocks says:

    I saw tale of a lax demon and decided to read it only to get hooked and binge on it. Thank you so much for translating it! It’s so beautiful! Keep doing your best, I’m really thankful! I love you! (All the homo)

  11. Dk says:

    I love u baby~ Thanks for your service.

  12. June says:

    I love you (All the homo >.0). Thanks for translating tale of a lax demon for us.

  13. Rayna says:


    I was wondering if you’d like any help our little demon’s story?

  14. Rayna says:

    translating our*

    See, I’m really good at English. 10/10 would be an asset.

  15. Madamada says:

    Thanks for the translation <3

  16. in book 7 chapter 17 the next chapter link has always been broken, i just now realized you’ve been posting chapters this whole time and weren’t actually on hiatus

  17. Brandon Beickel says:

    Don’t drop this

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