Hi guys,

First, I’d like to say that I might be a little of an airhead. I applied for Adsense to self-fund the website and apparently they’ve already approved of our website so ads have been running on the website since the beginning of August.

As this website was originally meant for translators to gather their translations in one place, I plan to share any revenue from ads with translators who have allowed us to host their translations here, only if they allow me to throw it at them.

Apparently Adsense is widely used and deemed to be safe by the people I’ve asked which is why I chose it. It operates on a cost-per-click system so what you can do is support your favorite translator by first, re-reading their translation a couple hundred times until you’re satisfied and then clicking on an ad that appeals to you. As always, stuff like this is purely optional so if you’re afraid of things that live inside ads, you do not need to click them.


ps. I use adblock myself which is why I didn’t notice that we got approved…

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10 Responses to Adproval

  1. OverTheRanbow says:


  2. Varler says:

    Hahaha. Don’t worry, we love you anyway.
    And I’ve got adblock going right now because of the redirect ads I’ve been getting on Gravity and Wuxia World while on mobile. But hopefully once those are fixed it’ll be safe for me to turn it off again.

  3. randomfan says:

    So this means we don’t need to donate anymore, just click on the adds? Righty then.

    Now since Im clicking every add I see, I expect faster releases, now that you have enough money from adds to work full-time.

  4. I’m so envious lol… please pray for our site next hahaha..

  5. xininja says:

    so are these add
    click or view?
    so we can do this much at least to support you?

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