adorable consort 293

Chapter brought to you by Su Jeong and June. It’s been a while… virus seem to follow me around. After coming down with shingles, I keep catching colds (didn’t help I was doing international travel about once a month). Then my grandfather died in January 2020 and I had to move back to USA in February for a new job. Before I even had time to settle down COVID 19 hit. Now with social distancing and telework time seem to go by in a blur. Su Jeong and DKC translators asked me if they can take over the projects. So I’m doing spring cleaning of my projects to hand it over to people who have been with the projects for a long time.

Meanwhile to get back into a retinue and stop watching the COVID 19 death counts, I’m back to translating. Edited version of adorable consort 292 is up and chapter 293.

I really didn’t want to post this announcement (translated chapters will be poached but someone already translated these chapters so hopefully the poachers won’t take MBC translations).

Adorable Consort Chapter 293

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  1. Tink says:

    Thanks 😊 June for the update .
    Thank God 🙏 u r fine ,doing well , hope u r not too sad with the loss of ur grand father ,my heartfelt condolences to u dear.
    Hope u r not getting caught up with cold again ,take care dear 🤗 ,if u don’t feel good please update here for readers

  2. Nigaria says:

    Welcome back and stay healthy! Must have been a hard time, I hope you’re feeling better, sending you a big hug

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