adorable consort 249: Release Announcement

Chapter brought to you by Su Jeong and June. Make up chapter 1 out of 11.

For the next 2 to 3 weeks I’m going to release a chapter a day until I make up the 11 chapters I missed more than a year ago when I made to move from USA to Japan.

This is also good timing as we enter a series of chapters that will be very sad, so stopping too long between chapters would be bad. Enjoy the first of the make up chapter!

Adorable Consort Chapter 249

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3 Responses to adorable consort 249: Release Announcement

  1. Nigaria says:

    wow, more than a year ago…. that’s some good memory and sense of responasbility you’ve got there… I hope the sad ones will be gone fast

    Thanks for your dedication ^^

  2. sayume says:

    Sad chapters T.T But thanks so much for the marathon! <3

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