Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 5.2

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The couple in question turned to look at Xing Yun, surprised. The women clenched the other’s hand tightly, “You’ve have accompanied me for a decade…?” The lady was stunned. “ You…” For the first time, she stepped back and looked closely at him from head to toe. His clothes blew alongside the wind, his face having barely changed from when she sent him off. “It that right…? So you’ve turned out to have already…..”

Xing Yun spoke up again, “Even if you force yourself to stay here, after a mere decade, she would have ran out of time. You’ve would have not only hurt her…. But also leave you unable to enter the cycle of reincarnation again.” Xing Yun sighted, “ Salan… You must choose. Stay or leave? In the end, you will meet again.”

Salan turned to look at the woman, not replying. The stones were slowly dimming, making his body appear paler. The woman’s face has already turned to a elderly, wrinkled state. Just looking at her now, it was hard to believe that she was the young, beautiful maiden from earlier. The hand that was once on the woman’s cheek had shimmered and slowly lost it’s human touch. The boundary between life and death truly couldn’t be crossed…

Finally, the man nodded his head heavily.

The plan succeeded. However, even though she was suppose to feel happy, she couldn’t shake off that heavy feeling in her heart.

Xing Yun asked Chen Li, “ Although I can use the power of the array to bring this soul to life, I do not have enough power to help it continue it’s path to reincarnation. Are you able to do it?”

“Huh, ah yes!” After her battles were fought, she had always made it a custom to send her men’s spirits to continue the circle with her own hands. Therefore, regarding this magic, of course she would be proficient in it. “Please get out of the array. “ Although her spirit power is currently far too weak to do anything else, this single magic, without fail, she would be able to do no matter the circumstances. Because with this delicate magic concerning the souls of her brothers and soldiers in arms, you cannot fail no matter what, lest what might happen to their souls. Even if you have multiple injures, some even life threatening, you still cannot fail.

“Xing Yun, give me your outer robe.”

Xing Yun obediently gave her his robe, allowing Chen Li to crawl snugly inside. Her body grew and grew as it began to radiate light. Soon, gold light began to shine brightly within the folds of Xing Yun’s robe, so radiant that Xing Yun and everyone else had to close their eyes.

Chen Li walked barefoot, the robe far too big. Yet as weird as it looked, it did not look the least bit ridiculous but rather, strangely dignified. Her back was straight as it slowly walked with wide strides towards Salan.

“With my name, I lead thou to thee River Lethe[1]. “ Each word sounded harmonious as she waved her hand softly. Light scattering, Salan slowly got paler and paler as his figure began to disintegrate into pieces. The scattering pieces looked like bright, beautiful fireflies as they shone within the dark night. They lingered, swirling around at the women before ascending into the dark sky, alit with stars.

“Ah…. Ah….” The woman lightly waved to embrace the rapidly scattering light, but failing, only able to watch as the lights flew.

Their long awaited ties were finally separated.

The night slowly recovered it’s silence as they all looked up at the night sky. Only the woman’s quiet sobs sounded through the lonely night.

“Old madame.” Chen Li held the old woman’s hand softly, saying gently, “ He did this for you. He is better off leaving…. He cares for you very much and loves you. We hope you recover and live a happy life.”

“Love….” The woman was silent, but Chen Li could see that a road is still long. “ I will always love him. That song that he was humming earlier…. It was that same one that was sung during our wedding….He wished for me to be happy…” Her tears wet Chen Li’s hand as she silently accompanied the woman back to her room.

The woman seemed to be tired and fell asleep quickly, tears drying on her aged face.

Chen Li looked at her softly for a moment before quietly closing the door and leaving. As soon as she stepped out, a wave of dizziness hit her. With all the sprit power she has used up today, she had almost dried it all up. She walked in circles before unsteadily toppling over, about to fall on the ground when Xing Yun caught her gently. With a slight poof, she returned back to a chicken, shocked. Xing Yun only chuckled as he lifted her up into his arms.

“So the results- Are you satisfied?”

River Lethe- A river in mythology that souls go to before crossing into reincarnation.

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