Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 25.1

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A voice called for Chen Li, awakening her as she slowly opened her eyes. In the darkness, the white robe that clad Xing Zhi’s body was all the more striking. Chen Li was stunned for a moment, but then averted her eyes as she looked at their surroundings. A tight frown was on her face, “Is this inside the Space-Time Rip?”


Xing Zhi smiled, “King is wise.”


“You…… Why is Sir God still here? The seal……”


“The seal was remodeled successfully, but some of the demonic beasts spells were released outside.” He spoke bluntly, “It took many days worth of effort to refresh the seal, and I didn’t notice the loopholes they exploited. Miasma has polluted the Space-Time Rip for many years, so it’s not easy to purify it all at once. In the meanwhile, I’m taking a walk.”


This dark world, tainted with miasma, lived in by only the most fearsome Demonic Beasts… was actually just another place for him to take a walk in…. Originally Chen Li wanted to ask if he had any injuries, but hearing this, she couldn’t help but feel that her worries were completely unnecessary.


Xing Zhi just smiled and looked at Chen Li, “Did King also come to the Space-Time Rip to take a walk?”


Chen Li facepalmed, “No, I had no interest in doing so. However…” Her voice paused, “However,  while I was patrolling with my soldiers and neared the Space-time Rip, some strange forced dragged me into here.”


“Ah, “ Xing Zhi touched his chin, thinking for a moment, “It can even drag you in. It seems like these damned beasts are actually more interesting than I thought.”


How could this be called interesting, ah!


Chen Li held a moment of silence. She looked up and down at Xing Zhi, “Does Sir God have a way to go out? I didn’t hide it from Sir God: Tomorrow, I must return back to the capital along with General Shang Bei. If he can’t find me in the morning, he’ll definitely believe….” Her heart sighed, “ Believe that I must’ve ran away to escape the marriage. There will definitely be a huge commotion.”


“We can’t go out now.” Xing Zhi turned and slowly walked forward. In this pitch-black world, let alone words like “east”, “west”, “north”, “south”, even the earth they stood on was ambiguous. But even so, his steps were calm as if they were on solid ground, unconsciously leading Chen Li the direction forward. She followed his footsteps, speaking somewhat anxiously, “Sir God, I’m really not joking with you. We don’t know how many days we’ve spent in the Space-Time Rip, so when we get out, it’s highly probable that General Shang Bei has already left for the Capital. If he were to then report to the Demon Emperor that I’ve ran away again, I really will suffer!”


Although she admits her mistakes in coming here, to be punished for something she didn’t do, was just something Chen Li couldn’t accept.


Xing Zhi turned his head to look at Chen Li, his voice stern, “Am I a liar?”


Chen Li’s voice was also stern, “The Great Lying God never lies.”

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  1. chocholate says:

    How…. this is love quarrel?!!! Nooooo you even had yet to kiss… and it leaps so far.. na na na~~

    • MissChiVyous says:

      haha sounds like a lover’s quarrel. She kissed him right before she was taken away by the Demon Emperor at Prince Rui’s palace. So, they technically did kiss.

  2. Taverius says:

    Yes actually, you a lying liar who lies :p

  3. midori says:

    thanks a lot!
    ah—! so they’re the only two in the space-time rip! excluding the monsters of course…regardless, tell her, xing zhi, tell her!!

  4. Yta says:

    Whatever, this scheme stinks of XZ. I doubt that he’ll release her from where they were. Trying to trap the lady and let her fall all over again, tsk tsk.

  5. haru98 says:

    “The Great Lying God never lies.”
    OMG, that line is thick with sarcasm. I wonder how Xing Zhi going to reply that. ( • ̀ω•́ )✧

  6. Kimchigal says:

    “The Great Lying God never lies.”😂😂😂

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