Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 18.1

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Xing Zhi turned and faced the Heavenly Emperor, “Since both sides are so against it, then the Emperor might wish to bring the marriage back a little and delay it so the two have time to adapt. If they marry right now, then Xing Zhi is afraid that…….” His head turned to look at Fu Rong. The smile on his face was wider, but his mouth spat out 3 words that made Fu Rong feel chills.

“Bloodshed might occur”

Blood….. Bloodshed…..

Fu Rong suddenly envisioned a barbaric, strong woman pressing him down on the floor, a long, silver spear constantly stabbing at his body. He trembled violently, looking desperately at the Heavenly Emperor, whose face had a helpless look to it. “The wedding date has already been established. If it were to suddenly be changed on such a short notice, I’m afraid that it would be inappropriate.”

Xing Zhi smiled, “It can be counted as my own fault. When I saw the marriage registry, I had thought that the Azure Sky King Chen Li was a male, and that Fu Rong was a female immortal. These 2 names, one hard, and one soft, seemed to have suited each other very well. I hadn’t thought that I’ve mixed the two up! So Xing Zhi helps give them more time to adjust as forgiveness, making up for his error. Will that be good enough for the other gods to oblige?”

After Xing Zhi’s argument, the Heavenly Emperor that was previously unwilling, hastily agreed, unable to even refuse. Turning his head, he could only release his anger on Fu Rong, “Why are you still here! You haven’t excused yourself yet?”

Fu Rong hurriedly kneeled before withdrawing, walking through the hall with long steps. The accompanying aide caught up and asked, “Lord Immoral, still good?”

Fu Rong massaged his forehead, muttering, “Good is good, but how strange….. Since it’s a mistake, why not just get rid of this whole marriage? That way, there would be no risks at all in the future.” He paced in the hall, pondering, “Was he trying to insult me, saying my name was like a female’s?”

The attendant was confused, “Lord Immortal?”

Fu Rong dramatically swung his hair, “Haha, it doesn’t matter. In any case, this immortal is still free and unfettered. Forward! To the Hundred Blossom Pond to take a look at the countless beauties!”

“Lord Immortal…….. Ah, wait ah! The Heavenly Emperor will definitely be angry!”


When the news was passed on to the Demonic Realm, Chen Li was currently in the Demon’s Palace. She, amongst several other generals were discussing official business at a small round table. The soldiers situated between the borders of Heaven had felt fluctuations from the Space-Time Rip. Although it wasn’t a lot of power, the Space-Time Rip has been abnormally silent for more than 1000 years, as stagnant as still water. With a sudden movement happening so abruptly, one must be vigilant.

The high ranking generals discussed, finally choosing Mo Fang and Ze Xia, 2 generals, to go to the boundary and investigate. If there were to be an anomaly, one were to come back and report, and the other was to stay and help the soldiers if needed.

Just as the meeting was about to be dismissed, the imperial edict from heaven reached the Palace. Listening to the envoy reading out the change of date regarding the wedding, the faces of the powerful generals all turned black. “Suddenly changing the marriage date? Whenever it regards the marriage, Heaven just does as they please.”

In the corner, Chen Li sat quietly, not speaking. The atmosphere was hard for a long time. Finally, it was the Demon Emperor that broke the silence, “This meeting is done, everybody may go.”

All the generals sighed one after another, and got up to leave. Before he left, Mo Fang turned to look at Chen Li. Her eyes were indifferent, about to leave as well. Suddenly, the Demon Emperor called out, “Li-er, stay behind.” Her name ringed with affection, the voice not blaming or pleading. Mo Fang lowered his eyes and left. [1]

In the room, only Chen Li and the Demon Emperor remained. Behind the silver mask, a sad, slightly broken voice sounded, “You, towards Fu Rong, this man, what do you see?”

“Fu Rong, Fu Rong. Whether rain or dew, as long as they have it, none will be left unstained.” [2] Chen Li’s voice was thick with disdain, “Just from the name, you can tell. If he walks in a field of flowers, none will be left untouched.”

The Demon Emperor was surprised for a moment, “It looks like you already have a thorough understanding of him.”

Chen Li turned her head, “Does not dare to.”

Watching her acting so difficult, the Demon Emperor knew in his heart, that when the edict was read out, although she herself didn’t say it outloud, her self esteem had gotten a terrible blow. He kept silent for a while, before finally speaking again, “Chen Li, do you know who arranged the marriage?”

“Other than that bored, royal family in Heaven, then who else?”

“There is also Sir Xing Zhi.” The Demon Emperor’s demeanor turned serious, “An ancient god living a solitary existence from heaven, your marriage was bestowed upon you by him.”

Chen Li was startled. Xing Zhi was was like a legend within the 3 realms. The only living ancient god, who by solely his own power, created Heaven’s Space-Time Rip, and prevented the 3 realms from destruction, sealing in the wicked beasts milleniums ago. His strength is unrivaled among the modern gods. But for more than 1000 years, no one has caught sight of him, in the end, no one knows if he was even real, or just fictional. But suddenly, the Demon Emperor had just told her that Xing Zhi bestowed her the marriage?!”’

“Ah, this Xing Zhi, compared to the royal family in Heaven, must be even more bored!” Chen Li sneered, “He must’ve had no idea who was who, and just picked 2 random names out of the registry. That ******* stupid guy, taking his words like orders from the realms itself.” Her voice was irritated, “So to speak, this new date is his doing?”

Because, that Heavenly Emperor views Xing Zhi with so much respect, he probably doesn’t dare to change or do anything about the marriage. If there needs to be a change, at the very least, he still needs to get Xing Zhi’s agreement before anything else. What he says, is what the Heavenly Emperor will do.

Thinking about her own fate, that could change randomly with a few mere words from someone who hasn’t been seen for thousands of years, Chen Li’s heart couldn’t help but become more and more angry, slamming the table with her fist. “He only sealed some domesticated animals inside the Space Time Rip, yet he’s acting so pretentious! He forced me into an arranged marriage. Then, he changed the date of the marriage completely. Does he think, that I, Chen Li, is a vegetarian?”

“Li-er, sit down.” The Demon Emperor’s voice was indifferent. Although her heart was unwilling, she still followed his words, sitting down on the chair. However, her fists were still clenched. “Xing Zhi of the three realms. His power, not only Heaven, but I myself respect it as well.”

“Why!” Chen Li was dissatisfied, “He only waved his hand in Heaven’s Space Time Rip, but the work is burdened upon our race to protect the seal for over 1000 years. Not only that, but he even used marriage to take me away from my own kind!” Mentioning this matter, Chen Li grew even more furious, remembering all the things the Demonic Realm’s people had been subject to, “Why must we obey Heaven, follow their every word?! My kind’s soldiers are brave and many. Having to bend to their every will, then might as well slaughter through Heaven itself, not allowing them to have another day of peace!”

“Shut your mouth.” The Demon Emperor’s manner was grave. Chen Li wanted to continue speaking, but knew in her heart that this time, the Demon Emperor was truly angry. She didn’t want to quarrel with him. Chen Li could only suppress her anger, listening to him talk, “You can speak of a war so easily, when Chen Li, you have not gone through a genuine war.”

Chen Li has fought on the battlefield numerous times, but the battles were always fought against the monster tribes. Rather than saying it was 2 armies fighting, it was more like a hunt. She could not have a say in something she never experienced. Chen Li unwillingly sat, refusing to acknowledge the Demon Emperor’s words.

It was silent. The Demon Emperor sighed, his palm gently rubbing her head. “Go back home. I leave you to calm down, so you can have your tantrum there. I didn’t think that I would’ve made you this aggravated over the marriage.”

The Demon Emperor’s voice was soft and gentle. Chen Li’s heart couldn’t hold it back anymore. The corners of her mouth drooped down slowly, a rare, wronged look, similar to one’s of a child appearing on her face, “Master, I don’t want to marry.”

He remained silent, and rubbed her head. “Go home.”


[1] The er on Li-er is a form of endearment, usually intimate, between family and friends.

[2]Basically debauchery. If you don’t get it, you can comment below and I’ll get back to ya

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