Careless Demon Volume 2, Chapter 7 Release

HERE is the lovely new chapter, with plenty of… gentleness to come…


The next recommendation is a little bit off the normal radar for you folks, so bear with me:

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality: Chapter 1

The central premise is that Harry is raised to appreciate science and rationalism, shows up at Hogwarts, and tears the place apart. It’s about 1600 pages long, is fully complete, and is one of three books that have ever made me cry laughing, or cry seriously.

Ignoring the fact that it is technically fan fiction, the story is written so well that not only I, and many others that enjoy science and intelligent protagonists, rate it far higher than the original work. It’s worth reading the first chapter at least.

Out of all the fiction I’ve read in the last five years this title tops the list. Give it a shot


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2 Responses to Careless Demon Volume 2, Chapter 7 Release

  1. SnarkyDragon says:

    I totally love HP and the methods of rationality but I didn’t finish it because a certain thing was really hard to read. I would have bawled through the last 20 or so chapters.

  2. libraryrocker says:

    Thank you for your recommendation!!!!!

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