Chapter 16

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Translated by: LittleShanks
Proofread by: Flowerbridgetoo, Bigredcomrade

Chapter 16 – Arrogant Before, Respectful After!

Seeing Wei Kai draw near, Nie Yan gradually made his way around his opponent. He continued to slowly move until he was behind Wei Kai, and out of his range of vision. Then he began creeping towards his unsuspecting opponent’s back, taking long and unhurried steps as he did so.

Wei Kai turned his head, surveying the area in every direction. He was unable to find anything particularly odd. All he could see were endless fields of grass rolling about gently under the influence of the wind, like waves following the ocean breeze.

Where the hell could he be?

This was the first time Wei Kai had come across a Tempest Thief who was actually able to employ Stealth to such a perfect extent. It was reasonable to say that the thick grass beneath Wei Kai’s feet was an easy place for a Thief to expose themselves. Yet, Nie Yan seemed to have no issues hiding in the field with the assistance of Stealth.

Wei Kai carefully moved forward with his greatsword held close to his chest, keeping it at the ready. He believed that Nie Yan must’ve been moving at an extremely slow pace, in order to remain unexposed while stealthed. Hence, he came to the conclusion that Nie Yan was most likely some distance ahead of him.

However, he remained unaware of the fact that Nie Yan was already behind him, having circled around a long time ago.

Approximately three meters were between Nie Yan and Wei Kai’s back. Suddenly, a large gust of wind blew forth, turning the gentle breeze into a howling gale.

Just as the wind began to howl—as if he had been waiting for that exact moment—Nie Yan abruptly sprinted forwards. The dagger in his grasp resembled lightning as it struck out, speeding towards Wei Kai’s back.

The sound of rapid footsteps and howling wind blended together, creating a mess of sounds that was hard for a person to distinguish. The gust of wind also greatly reduced Wei Kai’s awareness.


Nie Yan’s dagger pierced into his target’s back, dealing thirty-five points of damage.

Wei Kai never expected his opponent to suddenly appear behind him. He held up the greatsword and swept outwards in a wide slash.

Nie Yan dodged the strike, and then managed to reposition himself behind Wei Kai once again. He dashed forward, dagger in hand, and stabbed Wei Kai in the back for the second time—causing him to lose twenty-three health.

Out of the hundred and sixty health he had, only a little over a hundred points remained. Since the beginning of the fight, Wei Kai had been completely incapable of keeping up with Nie Yan’s speed.

A Berserker’s speed relied on their ability to quickly charge forward. A Thief’s speed, on the other hand, relied greatly on their ability to make agile and nimble movements. The type of movements the two professions specialized in clearly differed.

Nie Yan’s movements were fast and agile, as he stuck close to Wei Kai’s back. In this short period of time, he had already managed to attack Wei Kai two times in quick succession.

This bastard is as nimble as a monkey. Wei Kai suddenly roared in anger. An aura began radiating from his greatsword as he started spinning around in circles.

“Whirlwind Slash!”

Wei Kai resembled a top as he spun around with his greatsword.

The moment Wei Kai brandished his sword, Nie Yan judged from the movements that Wei Kai was about to execute Whirlwind Slash, so he quickly retreated back about two meters.

The greatsword unleashed a strong gust of wind as it streaked through the air. The slash barely grazed past Nie Yan, almost directly hitting him. −9 A damage value floated over his head.

Despite missing, the Whirlwind Slash still managed to cause some damage to Nie Yan.

Wei Kai’s attack finally ended after he had rotated three times. He gasped for breath as he thought, This bastard is so quick at dodging!

In the split second Wei Kai stopped spinning with his sword, Nie Yan dashed forward; the dagger in his hand aiming straight for Wei Kai’s throat—Vital Strike!

Tang Yao, Li Yang, and the others were watching the match from outside with dumbstruck expressions. Nie Yan’s movements were simply a perfection of art. From the moment he escaped Wei Kai’s Whirlwind Slash, to when he attacked with Vital Strike as it ended, the timing of his every action was at the peak of perfection.

After watching Nie Yan, they now understood what PvPing truly meant. It wasn’t two opposing sides simply slashing their swords at each other, but rather a battle of awareness and skill.

Within his mind, Tang Yao had a sudden flash of insight. He finally understood why Nie Yan said that his timing when casting spells was incorrect. Depending on whether or not a player took action at the right time, two entirely different outcomes could arise.

He never expected that Nie Yan, whom he had known and grown up with since they were in diapers, would possess this kind of skill. The amount of skill Nie Yan displayed really expanded Tang Yao’s horizons. There was a saying: “When a scholar disappears for three days, view them in a greater light.” These words were the most appropriate to describe what Tang Yao was feeling at the moment.

Nie Yan’s dagger slashed across Wei Kai’s throat!


Vital Strike was still as powerful as ever. In just a few attacks, Wei Kai had already been reduced to a mere seven health. Meanwhile, Nie Yan’s health was still close to full. It was clear which side had established their superiority.

It was only then that Wei Kai realized the immense gap between the two of them.

“Flame Slash!”

Wei Kai was unwilling to be defeated in such a manner. Just as Nie Yan’s Vital Strike ended, he took advantage of the opening that was revealed, and brandished his sword towards Nie Yan. The greatsword in his grasp was enveloped by a raging flame as it cleaved downwards in a blazing radiance

The raging heat assaulted his face as it drew closer.

The might of a Berserker’s Flame Slash was immense. Nie Yan deeply understood this as a result of firsthand experience. He decisively pulled back, in an attempt to avoid the sharp blade.

Despite this, Wei Kai still managed to catch up to Nie Yan after suddenly accelerating his pace, and the Flame Slash struck him right in the middle of his chest.


A single damage value emerged, floating atop Nie Yan’s head.

Nie Yan took the brunt of Flame Slash. Just when he finally managed to regain his footing, Wei Kai activated his Charge skill. He approached with his sword raised, resembling a tank as he came crashing forward.

“Linear Slash!”

The sword aura formed a straight line as it came slashing down.

Nie Yan had only half of his health remaining, and the Charge skill had a brief stun duration. If he collided into Wei Kai, the Berserker’s explosive strength would be more than enough to kill Nie Yan in a matter of seconds.

So, Nie Yan quickly decided to pull back and retreat again. At that moment, Wei Kai’s sword brushed past Nie Yan’s face barely by just a few inches. Nie Yan’s pupils violently contracted as he sidestepped in an attempt the avoid the attack. He then switched the dagger in his hand to a reverse grip, and slashed at Wei Kai’s throat.

In the end, he was still sent flying back after being struck by Wei Kai’s charge.

As Nie Yan fell to the ground, his opponent’s health bar finally depleted. He staggered back up and stood firmly on both feet, then he gazed at his own health; only twenty-five points remained.

Mhmmm, as expected… Facing a Level 3 as a Level 2 is a little troublesome.

Nie Yan’s gaze fell on Wei Kai’s corpse. Seeing that he died, Nie Yan put away his dagger.

Moments later, the two were transported away from the PvP arena and back to the auditorium.

“I’m impressed, brat. Who knew you were so capable?! Hahaha.” Tang Yao approached Nie Yan as the latter took off his helmet.

“The win was a fluke, I just happened to be a little lucky,” Nie Yan said. He had almost been killed by Wei Kai as well. In the end, there just wasn’t enough time for him to acquire enough equipment and skills. If he had a few more skills at his disposal, then defeating Wei Kai would’ve taken much less effort.

“A win is still a win. Not to mention that it was a Level 2 versus a Level 3. Hey, do you know how to play Arcane Mages? Teach me how to play them when we get home, okay?” Tang Yao said as he rubbed his hands together. It seems Nie Yan really does know a lot.

“I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to Arcane Mages. They have various unique skill builds, all of which requires different tactics. I’ll teach you what I know though,” Nie Yan replied. When it came to Tang Yao, he wouldn’t conceal things and act selfishly.

“That would be great!” Having witnessed Nie Yan’s abilities in battle firsthand, Tang Yao held a firm belief in him.

Nie Yan gazed at his bank card, which displayed a total of six thousand credits. He took three thousand and transferred it to Tang Yao. “The thousand six hundred is what I owe you. As for the other fourteen hundred… consider it me helping recoup your loses.”

“It’s only a few thousand credits. How could that kind of money be anything between us brothers?” Tang Yao said, sounding a bit displeased. From the start, this money he had never regarded this money with any importance. Nie Yan bothering about it actually made him feel quite unhappy.

“True brothers always repay their debts. If you’re still unhappy about… tonight, you can treat me instead,” Nie Yan said with a smile.

“You’ve made so much money today, while I barely broke even. Yet you still have the nerve try and freeload off me!? You’re the one treating me to dinner tonight—end of discussion!”

“Fine then. Eating a small loss is no big deal.”

“What are we eating tonight? In any case, let’s head to a restaurant!”

“A bowl of wonton noodle soup is five dollars. That should be enough to fill you up,” Nie Yan said as he stashed away his bank card.

“I say, aren’t you being too much of a miser here?”

“Takes one to know one.” Nie Yan laughed. He and Tang Yao could be considered birds of the same feather.

Wei Kai and his group walked into the room, having come over from the other area. Tang Yao’s expression became grave upon seeing them. He knew that Wei Kai and his people had lost a lot of money today. They wouldn’t fly into a fit of rage, would they?

A smiling expression still remained on Nie Yan’s face. Compared to Tang Yao, he certainly looked a lot calmer.

“Wei Kai, you wouldn’t be trying to shamelessly take back the money you just lost, would you?” Tang Yao had inadvertently placed himself in front of Nie Yan. Subconsciously, he still considered Nie Yan to be the same as he was in the past—an easily bullied youth.

“How could I? Money lost is money lost after all, and money won is also money earned. Even this one knows this much when it comes to gambling. You know, they say that even disputes will eventually lead to friendship, so how about we settle our debts and make up? Young Master Nie and Young Master Tang, when you two have time in the future, you should pay a visit to our little establishment. Hmm?” Wei Kai said with a smile.

Wei Kai had been drifting through society for many years now. Contrary to what one might expect, he had actually learned how to conduct himself properly during those years. He understood which types of people he should not provoke, and as a result, he did not mention their past grievances at all.

“We’ll be sure to visit when we have the time.” Nie Yan nodded his head. Wei Kai this guy, he also knows when to advance and when to retreat.

“This one will take his leave first then. Young Master Tang, Young Master Nie, you two have fun,” Wei Kai said while smiling, bringing his lackeys with him as he departed.

“What happened to him? Why did he suddenly become so formal and courteous? That’s way too abnormal! God damn, it’s really making me uncomfortable,” Tang Yao said in a baffled tone as he stood by Nie Yan’s side.

“Who knows?” Nie Yan let out a faint laugh.

Wei Kai and his group had just left the PK Lounge when one of his underlings spoke.

“Boss, why were you treating that brat Nie Yan so politely? ‘Young Master Nie,’ does he even deserve it?” Li Yang walked up to Wei Kai and asked in bewilderment.

“You know there’s a saying, ‘Do not bully the youth when they are poor.’ Have you heard it before? In the future when you judge someone, don’t just look at the present, you also need to gaze a little further into the distance,” Wei Kai replied. He was able to discern that Nie Yan was a hidden dragon. Sooner or later, he would fly up high into the Heavens. It would be in his best interest not to become enemies with such a person.

[TN: Thanks to Deathblade for the explanation. “It’s better to bully an old poor person than a young person. If you bully a poor young person, you never know what that young person will grow up to be, and how rich and powerful they might become” – DB]

Li Yang was still at a loss as to what those words meant. However, in comparison to the rest of them, the boss was much more knowledgeable and experienced, thus he thought, The Boss’s words are definitely correct, so I’ll listen to him!

Nie Yan and Tang Yao got into a car and drove off in the direction of a nearby restaurant.

“What’s your in-game name?” Tang Yao asked. Nie Yan was a Human thief, so Nie Yan was definitely the same race as him. They both started out in the Viridian Empire!

“Nie Yan (Nirvana Flame). The ‘Nie’ in Nirvana, and the ‘Yan’ in fire,” Nie Yan replied

“I’ll come and find you when I get home then,” Tang Yao said. He couldn’t help but get excited when he thought of how he could level together with Nie Yan.

“I’m in the middle of a quest right now, so I can’t return to the city,” Nie Yan said. He still needed to hand in the quest from Physician Blevins. Moreover, he already had arrangements for future matters, so he would be unable to level together with Tang Yao.

“Eh? Nevermind then…. How about you just teach me how to play Arcane Mage now, and I’ll practice it when I get back home.” Tang Yao felt a slight touch of disappointment, though he quickly went back to being excited in a few moments.

“Arcane Mages are basically divided into three groups. First you’ve got the ones that are the most universal—Arcane Fire Mages. They wear all sorts of equipment in order to raise their magic damage. Also, the skills they learn are all similar to ones like Arcane Flame Burst; the type that has high killing ability. Arcane Mages like these are welcome in all teams. Another kind are Arcane Speed Mages. They wear equipment that gives a bonus to movement speed. Once they start moving, they end up being really fast. Add in the Arcane Mage’s relatively short cast time, and you’ve got a build that’s great at PvPing. The remaining group is essentially a balance between the last two. So, what path do you intend to take?” Nie Yan asked.

Tang Yao thought for a while, then started smiling in embarrassment as he asked, “Which group has skill requirements that are a bit on the lower side?”

“That’s definitely going to be an Arcane Fire Mage then. As long as they have good equipment, and high damage, all teams will want them. When fighting in a team, all you need to do is keep on attacking and you’ll be fine. However, that kind of Arcane Mage has no chance when PvPing.” With just a glance, Nie Yan could tell that Tang Yao wanted to be lazy. This scoundrel’s brain isn’t dumb; he’s just too lazy to use it.

“I won’t be able to PvP!? Ahhhh! That’s way too boring!” PvPing was just too exciting of an activity for him. Without it, half of the excitement in his life would be gone! Now, Tang Yao felt rather unwilling.

“It’s better if you choose a balance of both then. Before you allocate your points, make sure you consult with me first,” Nie Yan advised. Conviction was designed so that every five levels from Level 1 to 30 would grant a player five stat points, one mastery point, and one skill point. Therefore, for a player, every five levels prior to Level 30 was a minor dividing point in strength.

“Alright then, I understand.” Tang Yao happily agreed. If he had Nie Yan helping him allocate his points, then he would be saving himself a lot of trouble. What he hated the most was thinking over these types of complicated matters in the game.

“I still have some business to attend to after we finish dinner. We’ll contact each other in the evening when we get in the game, alright?” Nie Yan said.


After the two had dinner, Tang Yao dropped Nie Yan off and then went home himself.

Having been out for so long, Nie Yan had wasted a lot of time. Upon arriving back home, he immediately went off to train, then study once again.

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