No Protection Tonight


Chapter 30: Cuckold


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From what I’m hearing, she’s just straight up moaning. She must’ve not noticed me in her drunkenness. So now, Saozi is trying to satisfy her urges by using my image in her lewd fantasies?!

I thought that I had no place whatsoever in Saozi’s heart since I’d always been pushed to the side when she became close with Tangge, but history and what was happening right now had clearly proven otherwise.

At least it was mutual, for the thought of her pretty much filled my brain whenever I jerked off. Could this mean that Saozi was merely putting up an act for Tangge?

Alcohol often brings out the truth within people. My heart was soaring with delight, and I couldn’t hold myself back. Her nakedness was bare for all to see, and her long, pale legs were almost steaming with temptation. Even I couldn’t bear to tear my eyes from her.

Though I had seen a good share of AVs, it was my first time seeing that part of a woman. Saozi’s cheeks were flushed, and her eyes didn’t seem to be in focus from her pleasure.

I felt that she was a hundred times more exhilarating than any AV. And if I were to step out right now and help her climax, she’d practically feel like rising up to the heavens!

Of course, I only dared to imagine. After all, Tangge was still in their bedroom, like a ticking time bomb. There was no telling when he might come out.

I took a deep breath, and even threw away the thought of jerking it at the door. I flicked the light on, and Saozi froze immediately. Her eyes seemed frightened before snapping shut, and her mouth widened to scream.

Thankfully, I was fast enough to clap my palm against her soft lips. If Tangge had seen us, I would’ve tried to find a river to drown myself in.

“Shh.” I gestured for her to be quiet. Saozi blinked and recognized me, then let out a breath of relief.

“It’s you, Feng.” As soon as she finished speaking, she blushed and hurriedly pulled up her panties. I felt a bit of regret that I didn’t wait a bit longer to appreciate the sight. Chances like these would be scarce in the future.

*TL-note: Nope. Quite the opposite.

Even if Tangge wasn’t home, she would still normally pleasure herself in the bedroom.

“Saozi, did you go drinking again?” I furrowed my brows unhappily.

She gently nodded.

Honestly, I didn’t like the idea of her going out so often, especially while Tangge was at home. I couldn’t help but ask, “Does he not care?”

“Hehe, he was the one who told me to go find someone else.” Saozi smiled halfheartedly. I figured out what had happened- earlier, Tangge had been incompetent again, and she complained about it since she was still upset about wiring her savings to him.

He was furious, and yelled at her to leave the house and find another man. She went drinking as a result.

“Saozi, did you really do it, then?” I asked cautiously. I was worried that it might’ve been the four-eyed jerk that was here last time.

“Yeah.” She chuckled. *

*TL-note: hold your horses

I balled my fists. Though I knew I had no right to lecture her whatsoever, I couldn’t help showing contempt. “Do you know what narcissism is?”

“Are you jealous?” Saozi asked me.

“I don’t want to talk to you, if you do this again, I’ll…” I didn’t know what to say.

“What?” She looked amused at my uncomfortable expression.

“I’ll beat him up every time I see him!” I declared.

Saozi then asked me why, and I said that it was because she was married to my Tangge, and I had the obligation to stop her. Then, she teased me by asking if I was betraying him by keeping our little secret. I found myself speechless.

She laughed out loud at the sight of me wracking my brains for a response. “Little idiot, if I really did find another man, why would I still be here? And there’s no reason for me to lie to you, either.”

Her expression didn’t seem untruthful, so I let out a sigh of relief. Saozi was really ill-natured to trick me like that.

My relationship with Saozi wasn’t meaningless. Tangge’s actions undoubtedly made him a feral wolf, harming Saozi in every way possible. Or else, she wouldn’t have gone drinking, nor would she find herself wanting another man: me.

“Ahem, Saozi, could you step aside? I wanna take a piss.”

My bladder was almost at its exploding point from our dragged-out conversation. Saozi stood up, but just as I was about to relieve myself, my d**k suddenly tightened. I looked down and saw her slender hand grip my lifeline tightly. I couldn’t release anything at all.

“What’re you doing, Saozi? Let me go.”

“Nope, you have to promise me a favor. If you do, I’ll let you piss.” Saozi pouted. Her smile was naughty and playful.

I even need permission to go to the bathroom? Saozi’s nails even poked at my skin, as if she was purposefully trying to drive me crazy. This young wife’s charm was just irresistible.

“Alright, fine. Just let go.” Holding in a piss wasn’t very comfortable. I fell under her might.

Saozi loosened immediately, but the “pressure” was too much, and a bit of it stained her fingertip. I was afraid that she would get mad. To my surprise, she simply raised her eyebrow at it, and instantly hunched over to throw up into the toilet. “Oof.”

I rubbed her back to lessen her nausea. She stopped after a long while of vomiting.

“I’m much better, thanks.” Saozi took a deep breath, and said, “Change my clothes.”

There was a change of fresh clothes on the countertop. If Saozi were to go back in her room, Tangge would probably wake up and argue with her again, so she went to the bathroom outside. However, she had gotten drunk and was afraid of accidentally soiling the new clothes too, so she wanted me to help.

“Don’t, I’ll call him over.” I kept shaking my head as my heart felt like it was racing in circles.

But, Tangsao didn’t let me. “You little bastard, are you going back on your word? I don’t want your Tangge, I just want you.”

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