No Protection Tonight


Chapter 6: Broken Woman


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Now, I finally know why Tangsao has been squeezing me dry. She wasn’t able to satisfy herself through Tangge and tried to make up for it by finding a cheap alternative; forcing me to jerk off in front of her so she could take her pleasure in staring at my body.

In return, I paid the hefty price of hollowing out my reserves in order to appease her slightly deranged selfishness.

But in retrospect, she was still a traditional woman. Tangsao would rather siphon me dry than have an indiscretion in the outside world. Ah, I can understand her grievances, we’re all adults. Nobody lacks human needs and desires.

But with Tangsao mocking Tangge’s bedroom abilities and even comparing him to me, it was something that put me in an extremely awkward position.

After all, I was still her in-law. How could a pure boy who hasn’t even had a girlfriend be able to endure her frustratingly detailed descriptions?

So I rubbed her back, and gently rocked her to sleep. In no time at all, Saozi’s breath slowed to a steady pace.

Because of the fight earlier, Tangsao’s shirt was ripped and now exposed her creamy breasts. Her two pink buds were incredibly attractive—f**k, she’s not even wearing a bra?!

If it were before, I would have definitely taken advantage of the situation, but it was different this time. Tangsao’s heart had been broken and needed great care to mend it. If she were to notice anything funny, it would only add fuel to the fire.

I gingerly lifted Tangsao. Her body was amazingly soft and warm, like holding a hot potato. I managed to push down my evil thoughts and brought her to the bedroom. I laid her down on the bed and set the thermostat to twenty-seven degrees Celsius*; this was the optimal temperature for sleep.

*Eighty degrees Fahrenheit, for my American bros.

The awkward thing was, she tugged at my finger and didn’t let go. She furrowed her slender brows and mumbled, “Stay with me for a bit, please?”

She was probably having a nightmare. I rocked her some more and then pulled back my hand. If I were to stay here any longer, something bad would definitely happen. Tangsao was too tempting, like a juicy peach with an irresistible aroma. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to hold back.

Afterward, I went back to my own room with a turbulent heart. The sweetness I saw yesterday was no more than a fluke, and Tangee was the one really at fault. I remembered their wedding clearly, when he had sworn to treat Tangsao well for the rest of his life. Now, that time had passed, the otherworldly lures of the city had really tested a man’s integrity.

Yesterday, I barely got a wink of sleep, but tonight I slept fully comfortable. In my dream, I had found the most delicious Tianjin meat buns.* They were juicy and full of stuffing, large enough that I couldn’t hold them with one hand alone. I must have forgotten to bring money, and the vendor wasn’t letting me take them….

*Tianjin is a real city in China. It’s famous for its snacks (such as buns), seafood, comedians, and small crafts. It’s also a large exporter of cabbage and turnips. It’s home to one of the largest petrochemical plants in China, too.

In the confusion, I heard Tangsao’s murmurs. I felt an itch on my nose and murkily opened my eyes. Tangsao’s face was right in front of mine, with eyes full of anticipation.

“Saozi, these meat buns are really good, you should have some.” I tried to lift the bun, but nothing happened. All I felt was warmth and softness, and I instinctively looked down. Jesus, these weren’t Tianjin meat buns at all! Rather, they were something I’ve sought for a long time.

“Are you done groping?” Tangsao’s cheeks were flushed, and she looked like a goddess under the moonlight. Yet, she was lying right beside me.

“I-I wasn’t—” I stuttered over my panic and quickly pulled away. Oh lord, Tangsao was still wearing her ripped shirt. I had seen all of what I should and shouldn’t have seen.

I thought Tangsao was asleep, so why did she come to my room? I noticed the smell of alcohol coming from her, and I understood. She had probably woken up, gotten angry once she thought of what happened with Tangge, drank herself silly, and climbed onto my bed.

“I’m sorry, I thought I was dreaming.” I hurried to apologize. At the time, her cleavage was fully exposed for me to see, yet she didn’t show any intention to cover it up. I could only turn my head away.

I have my morals. I hadn’t even fulfilled the agreed terms, how could I just bullsh*t my way through?

“It’s alright, think of it as a reward. Saozi has another one for you.” She chuckled, and for a moment I saw her unique yet attractive mischievousness and devilry. In the edges of my mind, I somehow knew what was coming next.

“You don’t have to be so—” Before I could finish, Saozi suddenly sat on top of me. Her supple buttocks triggered the desires I had hidden so well, but I was still naturally distressed.

“S-Saozi, what are you doing?!” I was like an ant on a hot stove. Seeing her naughty expression made me feel like I was asking a question I already knew the answer to.

“I’m messing with you, fool.” Tangsao stretched out her delicate hands to take off my clothes as she spoke. “No no no, Saozi, you drank too much. You need to calm down.”

Although I tried to push her back, the drunk Saozi was no different from a full-fledged pervert. She showed no signs of stopping.

“I’m not drunk. I know what I’m doing.” Then, she grabbed my little buddy. I did miss her touch after two days, but I completely understood what was going on in her mind right now.

Tangge had betrayed her, hit her, and even stole her jewelry. Tangsao’s heart had shattered like glass, and she thought of me while drunk and furious. When young couples fight, they tended to try to top each other in their antics. Since Tangge had shamed her, she wanted to throw a green hat on his head* in return. It was all fueled by revenge.

*This is a Chinese idiom. When a man has an illusionary “green hat” on his head, his wife/girlfriend is cheating on him. I actually stopped wearing my green hoodie because my immigrant friends were teasing me that I had a “green hat”.

I sighed and felt even more sympathy for Tangsao. But this was no excuse for dishonoring Tangge.

“No, Tangsao.” I was really getting scared, for barring a beautiful yet vulgar woman was no easy task.

“Tch, you say you don’t want to, but your body is more honest than anything else. No worries, we’ll do it with protection. That way, there won’t be any real contact, and you’ll feel a bit better.” Tangsao immediately saw what I was thinking about.

Why would protection matter? Once we’ve done that kind of thing, that would be it. She’d been striking at my weak point all this time, and as a countryside bumpkin, how could I resist?

“No, Tangsao, I can provide you with facial masks, but I can’t do this.” I was set in my decision, and Tangsao paused. She asked me curiously, “Do you not want to, or are you not able to?”

Her question was deeper than any problem in a math competition. For a flaming-hot woman like her, it was ludicrous to believe that I didn’t want to. But if I admitted that, Tangsao would definitely grab the cucumber through the vine, and I wouldn’t have enough power to stop her.

“I don’t want to, and I’m not able to, either.” I lightly pushed her away as I spoke, preparing to sleep on the sofa.

Tangsao didn’t agree, and she tugged at my wrist while shaking her head.

“I’m not going to allow that. Wherever you go, I’ll go. Feng, are you going to leave Saozi behind as well?” Her voice was pitiful, and a teardrop blossomed in the corner of her eye. The feeling of guilt she was giving me was unavoidable.

I didn’t have the heart to directly refuse her. Ah, women are still soft creatures. At first, she was like an ice queen, hiding her circumstances from my knowledge. After all, whatever happens at home must stay at home.

“Alright, alright, then let’s just sleep together, how’s that?” I really can’t bear to see women cry, so I took another blanket from the closet, then masturbated in the bathroom so I wouldn’t have any funny ideas… at least, in the short while.

Tangsao wasn’t stupid, and quickly noticed what I did. Suddenly, I heard her slap herself.* It gave me a jump, and I hastily sat up. “What’s wrong, Saozi?”

*Slapping will be a very common occurrence in this novel. You have been warned.

“Do you think that I’m dirty and foul?” Tangsao asked. She bit her lip, and her face was pale.

“No, no, how could I?” I shook my head, and Saozi slapped herself again. I promptly grabbed her wrist, and she struggled without success.

This woman’s heart was a calm sea one moment, and a hurricane the next.

“Saozi, please don’t be like this, okay?” I pleaded. Alcohol was indeed a scary thing. Tangsao was supposed to be a very steady person, but now she’d shown her other side.

Slowly, she cooled down. “Mm, then let’s sleep. Since I disgust you, then I won’t pressure you any further.”

Her words pierced my heart like a spear. How was I disgusted? Our situation and points of view were merely conflicted. I couldn’t do something that I would regret for the rest of my life just for a moment’s distraction.

Other than relief, I felt an immense sense of despair. It was as if I no longer had the chance to fool around with Tangsao.

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