No Protection Tonight

Chapter 3: An Unforgettable Day


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Just then, Tangsao’s phone rang. It was from Er Gouzi. “Lady, moan more for me, you sound way better than Widow Wang in bed. I’ll even pay if you want.”

Tangsao’s cheeks reddened, and he immediately blacklisted the number. This Er Gouzi is quite perverted; I remember his father beating him heavily for stealing Widow Wang’s floral-printed underclothes, but it seems that he still hasn’t learned his lesson.

“Zhuang Feng, fondling your Saozi is just unacceptable. You’ve lost enough face for the Zhuang family. You can try to stop me if you want, but I’ll still talk to your parents when you go to school.” Her chest heaved up and down with anger, but I didn’t have the courage to look.

Still, Saozi is being too cunning. She’s completely taken advantage of what I fear the most, because I would rather bleed from my head than have the people back home know what I’ve done. There are no secrets in the village; people will know the very next day if some man slept just one night with Widow Wang. Matters like these may be held in esteem in the city, where some people may think it’s something to be envied if you have an affair with your saozi. But back home, my legs will definitely be broken apart.

At last, I bowed down to her evil. Tears filled the rims of my eyes as I took off my pants. I was eighteen, already an adult who was well aware of his dignity.

Before, I always thought that even if the woman who got to see “that” wasn’t my wife, they should at least be my girlfriend. But it just had to be Tangsao; a feeling of indescribable grief shattered my pride.

They all say that men never cry, but who’s ever thought about the unspeakable horrors that they hold in their hearts?

If she beat me or called me every vile name on Earth, I wouldn’t drop a single tear. But hurting my pride was something I just couldn’t swallow. Tangsao paused at my sobbing face and started to chuckle, “Oohh, do you regret it now? Why didn’t you think for a second before you dirtied my underwear? Well, it’s alright if you cry a little upstairs; it’ll be downstairs’ turn very soon.”

Saozi was so vile. To her, I was no more than a helpless lamb. Her methods of slaughtering me completely depended on her mood.

Although I hated her, I didn’t dare show it. The sight of myself sobbing while furiously beating my d**k would have never appeared even in my wildest dreams.

But a problem arose. Usually, I was a well-experienced veteran when it came to masturbating, but with this sour feeling in my gut and Tangsao’s presence, my d**k couldn’t even harden, much less ejaculate.

“Zhuang Feng, are you unable to do it?” Tangsao’s eyes glimmered with a hint of contempt. She couldn’t understand what I was feeling, so I nodded quickly to lessen my troubles.

But Tangsao didn’t give up. She told me to wait a bit and then started the computer nearby. With a few clicks, a bunch of… unsightly pictures lit up the screen, pictures that made my face blush and my heartbeat quicken.

It was no wonder that our village’s young people all strove for the city. As long as you knew what you were doing, satisfying your own desires was no trouble at all. It was quite different from our village, where one would be considered lucky to stumble upon the chance of peeking in on Widow Wang’s shower.

Tangsao picked a random film with a rather unabashed thumbnail. But a few moments later, she furrowed her brows and complained, “This Xunlei* is so sh*t, I can’t even download properly, even with a membership!”

*Xunlei is a major file-sharing video client in China, similar to “The Pirate Bay”, except less illegal and more widespread in use. It’s primarily home to pirated films and Japanese p*rn.

This should be the Japanese AV* I’ve heard so much about from my classmates, but it’s a shame that I’ve never watched them before. But honestly, I felt very excited to watch one, especially one picked by Tangsao.

*AV= Adult Videos.

The videos failed to download, though I was more thankful than disappointed.

I thought that she would give me a pass, but in the end, she managed to find a third-rate Korean film and downloaded it within seconds.

“Sit down, do it while you’re watching!” Clearly, it was very hard to deter Tangsao once she’d set her mind on something.

Aye, since I’m in no position to resist, then I’ll try to enjoy it as much as possible.

It was my first time watching this type of thing, not to mention with Tangsao right beside me. My dread was slowly replaced with excitement.

Because of the subtitles and weak plot, I quickly understood the film. The female lead got married and became the male lead’s sister-in-law. The male lead’s attractiveness immediately flattened the “ugly bastard” that was her husband, and she started to flirt with the male lead. Eventually, the two of them hooked up. However, there was a child pretending to be asleep nearby, and he tattled. The female lead’s husband was furious and planned to get rid of the male lead by hiring the mafia. But the female lead sent an email to the male lead containing evidence of her husband’s embezzlement, and he was quickly taken away by the police. Thus, the two protagonists began their “happily ever after” sex life.

Sadly, the camera angle was terrible, and they never actually did it. It could’ve fooled a three-year-old, but the female lead’s large and firm breasts circled around my head.

Though the plot was worse than dog crap, Tangsao watched with great amusement. Maybe it was because the ML was handsome, making her say, “You’re not even letting go of your sister-in-law, is this the kind of thing all you young people are into right now?”

Originally, I felt that something was quite familiar while watching the film… no, the feeling was stranger than that. With Tangsao’s reminder, a cold sweat broke on my neck. I realized that the video was nearly parallel to my situation right now.

“No no no, only city people dare to have these tendencies. I’ll never do this, even if someone beats me to death. My wife is the only one I’ll sleep with, hehe,” I stated clearly as I kept on shaking my head.

Tangsao’s face darkened, and she retorted, “Forget about it, his sister-in-law only liked him because of his looks. With your face, you’ll probably live out the rest of your life with your hand as your sole companion.”

I felt that her tone was just slightly forced.

“Hey, are you doing it or not? If you stall any longer, I’ll text your tangge to kick you out!” Tangsao pulled at my weakness.

“Tangsao, I, I’ve been doing it, but it’s just not getting hard with you right beside me. Why don’t I just give it to you later at night,” I said.

“No, what if you tried to fake it? Here, I’ll do it.” Tangsao stretched out and grabbed my little buddy.

Oh god, Tangsao is jacking me off? Her hands were incredibly warm and soft, and my heart thudded furiously.

Now that I think about it, this is her and Tangge’s bedroom. I felt a rush and even imagined myself as the protagonist in the AV. Tangsao’s looks weren’t inferior to the female lead’s, and she actually seemed even more feminine.

I closed my eyes and ludicrous thoughts swirled in my mind. Just like that, my semen spurted everywhere. Tangsao urged me on, telling me to squeeze out some more.

This output is already twice as much as usual, and you want more? I’m not some damn water faucet.

After I was done, I put my pants back on. I didn’t feel like leaving since I wanted to see just how Tangsao would use it to treat her acne.

But, she wasn’t really in the mood. “Go watch some TV. If you behave, Saozi will forget about what happened earlier.”

I really had no say over anything. When she tells me to cum I have to do it right in front of her, but afterward, she tells me to leave. Though I was reluctant at heart, disobeying her orders was out of the question.

I thought that it was over, but Tangsao came to me the next day. She seemed to be in high spirits and even bought some lamb soup for me. “Here, eat it while it’s hot. We’ll keep working after you do.”

“Ah, what kind of work?” I was confused, but then I realized… “Hehe, that thing of yours is really effective at clearing pimples. See here, Saozi couldn’t get rid of it even after seven or eight different facial cleansers, but nothing remains after just one night of applying yours.”

I wanted to f**king cry. What was so special about acne, does she really have to suck my body dry for her beauty?! Saozi seemed to have grown addicted to punishing me.

“Please don’t, Saozi. I can’t take this, really.” This experience was indeed exhilarating, but paper can’t smother fire. I could get away with it one time, but if Tangge and the others found out, how could I continue to live as a person?

“Ahh, how could such an energetic young man like you say such depressing words? Men make up to two hundred million babies every day*, so you’d better hurry up. If you can’t even satisfy such a basic request, I’m going to have to tell your parents.” Saozi played the same card again.

*Google says the average sperm count per day for adult males is 290 million, though I guess that would be inaccurate in this context because a) Feng is like 17 or 18 and b) our white saltine cousins, whom the research is likely based off of, tend to fare better in physical ability than us yellow bois.

I didn’t have anything to back myself up, so I took off my pants. Tangsao revealed a smile of satisfaction, as if making me squirm brought her joy.

Just like that, I became her “sperm supplier” for the next few days. She would buy many delicious things for me to eat, but nothing could stop my body’s slow degeneration.

Of course, I was shown all kinds of AVs every day from Tangsao’s computer. At first, I was incredibly embarrassed, but I got used to it later on. Seeing the male actor push down the beautiful girl gave me a rush; with Saozi cutting away at me every day, I wanted nothing more than to do the same to her. But this thought faded as quickly as it came. As a countryside boy, a sense of morality still clung to my bones.

Every day, I wanted to go back to Tangsao’s house just as much as I was afraid to. I wished for her to keep giving me handjobs and watch AVs with me, but I also feared that I wouldn’t be able to satisfy her or that Tangge might suddenly come home.


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