Legend Chapter 56

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Gilm, the only city in the territory of Margrave Rowlocks. Two carriages were travelling along the highway to the city of Gilm.

With clouds high above in the blue sky, the two carriages traveled along the road slowly.

「Ah, we should see the city shortly.」

On the larger of the two carriages, Gran gave a mutter.

The outer walls of the city of Gilm became visible from the window.

「Ah, I’m tired. Even though its was for the rank up test, as expected, we had to go out for a few days.」

Given a sense of relief upon seeing the outer wall, Culotte murmured involuntarily.

「Though it certainly was tiring……but it was still good. The merchants who were captured are all safe.」
「That’s true. But to think that the bandits didn’t use the carriage.」

Yes. The carriage was something Rei found after subjugating the bandits, after the two merchants had been caught, their carriage had been hidden in the forest intact. The bandits may have thought the carriage could be used to carry the stuff the stole from other people. Because of that, they let the two merchants ride in that carriage, avoiding the situation of cramming everyone into the guild carriage.

As the city of Gilm, which they were returning to, came into view, Gran knocked on the carriage walls to alert Supervia and Rei, who were sitting in the drivers area.

「Can you hear me Rei and Supervia?」
「No Problem」

Nodding at the answer from the driver’s seat, Gran spoke up.

「Now then, since we can see the city of Gilm, I’ll keep explaining as we go back. It’s not a complicated discussion though. We will disband when we return to the guild today. Afterwards, please get your reward from the reception desk. After that, we will gather back in the guild meeting room tomorrow afternoon. Before I forget about it, the results of the rank up test will be announced then. Well, it’s nice and simple. Any questions?」

Culotte spoke up at Gran’s words.

「What about the valuables we took from the bandit hideout?」
「I don’t care, that’s up to you guys to deal with. However, don’t do anything that will cause trouble or a dispute.」
「I understand. Then, if we’re disbanded at the guild, can we divide everything earlier?」

The people in the carriage nodded at Culotte’s words. Rei and Supervia, who were in the driver’s seats, had no objections and didn’t say anything.

「Then, it’s decided. Rei, did you hear it? After we disband at the guild……ah, where should we divide the items? We can’t possibly do it in the guild……」

There were some nasty adventurers who would put on airs due to their rank and were lawless. If they clearly showed this big bait in front of them……Culotte could imagine they would get into trouble in future.

「That’s right, we’ll let you use the meeting room on the 2nd floor of the guild. Though taking and moving that amount of stuff will be hard, that amount is that amount, you’ll have to do something about it one way or another.」

Gran gave out a helping hand to Culotte.

「Eh? Really? Then it’s not necessary to worry about the valuables. Thank you Gran.」
「What, this is just much better compared to purposely stirring up trouble in the guild.」
「What, we……ah, well that’s true. It might get a little dangerous with Arogan.」
「Hey, why only me.」

Arogan and Culotte were arguing jokingly. The situation was clearly less insidious than at the beginning of the rank up test.

That was a matter of course. Every night for the past few days, since annihilating the bandits, Arogan, Culotte and Scola had been unable to sleep well and had talked to each other about their true feelings when they had killed the bandits. As a result, the three……or rather Arogan and Culotte, found mutual understanding instead of their previously insidious relationship.

(……Honestly speaking, I would have wanted to start the rank up test immediately if it had been possible. Well, those two are similar in the sense that they are stubborn.)

Rei listend to the exchange in the carriage behind him with a wry smile.

Because the possibility of monsters attacking this close to the city of Gilm was low, Rei was currently admiring the surroundings rather than paying attention to the area around him.


Supervia spoke to Rei in low tones so as to not let the people behind them hear.

「Is there something wrong?」
「No, it’s just……how to say it. I’ve been thinking about various things. I thought I was strong, and in fact, at Rank E I may be strong without a doubt. But this time, I was reminded how small the world that is Rank E actually is.」

From Rei’s perspective, Supervia’s ability was quite high. At the very least, it was better than the abilities of all the arrogant people in the Rank D party Claws of the Hawk.

「Therefore, well, I just wanted to say that this has been a very good learning experience.」
「If you think so then isn’t that fine? I didn’t do anything special in particular.」

Thus, in the short time before arriving at the city of Gilm, they spent the time talking to each other about the fights they experienced and past times where they had fought in close combat.



「Ah, Rei-kun. Welcome back. Was the rank up test successfully completed?」

When the carriage arrived at the main gate, Ranga’s familiar voice called out.

「Ahh, it was successful. There weren’t any injuries either, there should be no complaints about passing the test……」

While talking, he held out his guild card.

Nearby, the others in the carriage also handed their guild cards to the guards.

「By the way, have you seen Set?」
「Set hasn’t left the city today. Since returning with Scorching Wind from a subjugation quest yesterday, he’s been resting in the stables.」
「I see, I understand. Has he acted violently or anything of the sort?」
「No, there hasn’t been any commotions. 」

Rei let out a sigh of relief at Ranga’s words.

Even if he said that Set was as smart as a human, he was still slightly worried about leaving him for so long.

「Yes, here. You may pass.」

Receiving permission to pass, the carriage entered into the city.

It should be noted that the merchants’ carriage had to go through a more complex procedure than adventurers and so they split up there.

Going straight down the street to the guild after entering the city, everyone took their belongings down from the carriage.

Of course, all of Rei’s belongings were stored in the Misty Ring, because the Death Scythe was too unwieldy in the city, it was also stored into the Misty Ring. He was completely empty handed. With regards to weapons, he only had the Mithril Knife at his waist.

Gran called out to everyone after they had unloaded their belongings from the carriage.

「Okay, the rank up test has been hard. Well, we’ll disband here. ……As I said in the carriage previously, you can collect your reward at the reception. At the same time, in regards to the procedure to use the meeting room, I don’t mind. Now then, dismissed.」

After Gran said so, he quickly entered the guild. As the test examiner, it seemed that he had a lot of work to do.

「Now then, first let’s receive our rewards.」
「Right. 1 silver coin to laugh about is 1 silver coin to cry about.」

TLN: In other words, it’s not much but it’s your loss if you don’t get it.

At Culotte’s proposal, Arogan agreed while saying that.

When they all entered the guild, as it was during the day, the figures of other adventurers could hardly be seen. Several adventurers were slowly eating lunch or looking at the posted requests on the request board.

In such an environment, Rei’s group of 6 headed to the counter.

Seeing the appearance of Rei, Lenora and Kenny’s faces brightened up.

「Rei-san, welcome back. Was the rank up test completed successfully?」
「Ahh, somehow. So we’ve come to receive the reward for the rank up test. I heard from the examiner, Gran, that we would be able to get it here.」
「Yes, that’s correct. For the time being, please hand over your guild card.」
「Wai-, Lenora. Rei-kun is mine……」
「Hey, Rei-san was entrusted to me, you should go handle the other people.」
「……I understand.」

Following Lenora’s words, each of the 6 submitted their guild cards to several receptionists.

After receiving the guild card and confirming the documents, they each received one silver coin.

「Congratulations for completing the test. While waiting from the results of the test, please rest your bodies slowly so you’re not too tired.」
「Ahh, we’ve been allowed to use the meeting room above for a little while. Gran has talked to us about it.」
「I understand. there shouldn’t be any problem as there aren’t any meetings being held today.」

Nodding at Lenora’s words, they went up to the second floor up the stairs after receiving their rewards.

「Rei-kun, let’s celebrate after you pass the test.」

Kenny’s voice could be heard behind him.

「Rei seems to be quite popular. That was a little surprising.」

Firuma looked at Rei interestingly. After that, Culotte gave a rare smile as she spoke up.

「I didn’t think Rei had a preference for older girls. I’d better take care and be careful as well.」
「It’s not like they love me or anything, they were just joking around.」
「I wonder? Their eyes seemed to be quite serious though.」

Next to speak was Supervia, muttering caustically.

「Wai-, Supervia!? You had such a character!?」
「Even if Rei’s popularity is surprising, Supervia’s character is as well.」

While fooling around like that, They entered the meeting room and tightly closed the door, just in case.

「So, Rei. Please.」
「I understand.」

Prompted by Culotte, weapons, armour, jewelry, money, potions and cheap magic items appeared from the Misty Ring and were placed side by side on top of the meeting room table.

The amount was enough to break a cheap table as it would be unable to withstand the weight. Still, the table bore the weight with no problems, or should it be said, as expected of the table in the adventurers guild meeting room.

Seeing things appear out of nowhere, one after the other, they watched on, partially shocked. However, after about 5 minutes, they began looking over their loot.

「Well then, the question is how to divide this……divide it into 6 equal parts, is what I’d like to say. First of all……what does everyone want. I don’t need weapons.」

At Rei’s words, they each said what they wanted.

Arogan and Culotte took the money. Scola took the potions and cheap magic items. Firuma took the jewels and Supervia took the armour.

「Wait a moment, why do you want money. Shouldn’t you take spare weapons or amour?」
「Do I have to say it? It’s because there’s no good weapons or armour for thieves.」

Arogan and Culotte started arguing again, the other four, including Rei, looked at them amazed.

However, they continued arguing for 5 minutes. After 10 minutes, they began to get tired of it.

「I’ll take 10 daggers and 5 spears. Does anyone have any complaints?」

Rei said that and looked at the other 5.

「No, there’s no problems with taking the spears and daggers……」

All the members nodded at Culotte’s words.

「Though I don’t care about he spears and daggers……will you use a spear? Because you use that large scythe, it will probably end up as an extra.」
「What, there’s plenty of use for it like as a javalin.」

While answering Supervia’s question, he stored the 5 spears and 10 daggers on the table into the Misty Ring.

「Now then. As that’s my share, you 5 can decided the rest. I have to get back to the inn soon. I’m worried about Set.」
「Ah, Ahh.」
「Well, it should be fine Rei.」

As Arogan nodded, partly due to the pressure, Firuma answered saying that there shouldn’t be any issues.

As for the other people, they nodded as Rei didn’t insist on taking anything that they were aiming for.

In particular was Arogan. As he couldn’t use spears, didn’t need the cheap daggers and had had his weakness pointed out by Rei, he was quite satisfied.

「Well then, I’ll be going back then. See you in the guild tomorrow.」

The 5 people didn’t keep him and Rei quickly left.

And after Rei left, the voices of Arogan and Culotte could be heard arguing in the meeting room again.



「Ah, Rei-san. Have you already finished using the meeting room?」

Getting back down to the first floor of the guild, Lenora called out from the counter.

As usual, Kenny also wanted to call out to Rei, however, she sent out a blaming glance at Lenora as she was currently currently working with an adventurer.

「My business is done. However, the other 5 are likely going to be using it for a while.」
「Is that so. Well, That’s fine as there are no plans to use the meeting room.」

After that short conversation, Rei left the guild.

Lenora had a smile as saw him off. She more or less knew why Rei was in such a hurry.

After about 10 minutes, Rei appeared in front of the stables at the Dusk Wheat inn.

In his hand, he held about 10 skewers, that Set loved, that he had bought from the stalls.


Set gave a loud cry of joy from the stables.

Because of the cry, Lana, the proprietress of the inn, would probably warn Rei for frightening all the horses in the stables……

But for now, he was just happy at reuniting with Set for the first time in a few days.

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