Legend Chapter 49

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The day after Scorching Wind’s promise to take care of Set, Rei walked with Set down the main street to the main gate before the 9 o’clock bell.

Seeing Set walk down the main street, adventurers and residents who recognised Set gave him food such as dried meat, bread and fruit. But today, Set didn’t accept anything and only gave a small cry.

「Hey, is Set okay? He usually eats my dried meat happily.」

A boy about 10 years in age asked anxiously as he tried to give Set some dried meat, Rei gave a wry smile and spoke up.

「Kind of. He’s feeling lonely because I have to leave him for a while for a request. Well, if you keep playing with him, maybe he’ll forget about it, don’t be too discouraged.」

The boy replied cheerfully. Rei scratched Set’s head as he watched the boy run away.

「Set, cheer up. As I said yesterday, it’s just one week. And if everything goes smoothly, I’ll be back in 5 days.」

Set gave a rather small cry.

He calmed Set by stroking his head followed by his back. The main gate soon came into view as he advanced down the street, enjoying the silky feeling.

「Ah, Rei-kun. You took a request today?」

Ranga saw the figure of Rei and called out to him.

「No, it’s the rank up test. Give me a minute, the meeting point was here……」
「Set-chan! Are you doing well? Ah, Rei, it’s only been since last night. 」

Speaking of her, he noticed Milein, the leader of the party Scorching Wind, whom he was entrusting Set to. Milein stroked Set’s back while hugging him.

「Mmm, the touch and feel is the same as usual. ……However, he’s still not feeling happy. Though you might be lonely without Rei, let’s do our best for the next few days.」
「Oh, Milein-san. ……Separating from Rei-kun?」
「Actually, Rei is taking the rank up test for the next few days, and he seems to have been told by the guild that his Griffon is an excessive combat force. Because he said he felt sorry for locking Set up in the stables for a week while he’s doing the rank up test, we will be taking care of him.」

Sulunin got to the point and explained the situation to Ranga.

Though Ranga showed some understanding, as part of his job, he spoke to Rei.

「Though there’s no issues with leaving your tamed monster with an acquaintance, because the tamed monster was registered by Rei, you will bare the full consequences if something happens……you understand that right?」
「I heard that from Sulunin yesterday. I judged it would be safe to leave Set to these guys.」
「Is that so, then I won’t say any more if you know it. Then, your guild card and the Necklace of Subservient Monster.」

According to Ranga’s words, Rei’s guild card and the Necklace of Subservient Monster hanging on Set’s neck were given to him.

「Yes, that’s fine. In that case, take care of yourself.」

With the Necklace of Subservient Monster handed in and the guild card returned, he went out the main gate with Scorching Wind.

「Well then, we’ll excuse ourselves here as we have a Treant subjugation request. We’ll take care of Set as much as we can, so work hard on your rank up test Rei. Hey, is your meeting point over there?」

When he turned his eyes to the direction Milein indicated, he saw a large carriage there. And along with carriage was the figures of Gran, who was the examiner, and Supervia, who he would be working with for the time being.

「Ah. Well then, I’m counting on you Set. Set, I’ll look forward to seeing you again in a week’s time.」

Though Set rubbed his head against Rei, feeling lonely, Rei brushed his head lightly before heading for Gran.


Finally, giving one last loud cry as if saying, do your best, led by Milein, Set went along the highway with Scorching Wind.



「Is that the tamed Griffon you mentioned yesterday? ……It certainly looks very powerful. 」

As Rei approached the carriage, Supervia called out.

「Ah well. He’s my irreplaceable partner. Anyway, you’re early.」
「Ah. Training with the sword every morning has become a daily routine for me. It’s become natural for me to get up early.」

While saying so, Supervia tapped the long sword that was equipped at his waist.

「I see. So, Gran. Is this the carriage that the guild has prepared?」

While asking Gran, he directed his eyes to the horse drawn carriage.

It’s size was the same type as the ones he had rode in when he went to the Orc subjugation. Though it might be a little cramped for 7 people, Rei’s party of 6 plus Gran, there wasn’t a substantial problem as there had to be a driver and guard sitting outside. However, this was a different time and place from the Orc subjugation……

「They’re small.」

Looking at Rei’s line of sight, he was looking at the horses pulling the carriage. But rather than the warhorses used in the Orc subjugation, they were ordinary horses. They were small compared to Rei’s strong impression from the warhorses, they didn’t feel as reliable. However, maybe as a substitute, instead of 2 horses, the number of horses pulling the carriage in front of Rei’s eyes were 3.

Gran, who guessed his thoughts, stroked the horses who were attached to the carriage while smiling wryly.

「I know what you’re comparing them with, warhorses are precious, even to the guild. Whatever the circumstances, any requests to borrow them for the rank up test to D rank would be denied.」

As they were conversing like that, two more people, Culotte and Scola, appeared from the main gate of the city of Gilm.

「Good morning. As we’ll be working together for a while, nice to meet you all.」
「Nice to work with you too.」

Moving towards Rei, the two people bowed their heads as they greeted him.

Her attitude had changed completely from yesterday and was a lot more toned down, you wouldn’t imagine that she was the same person who had viciously snapped at Rei before.

Looking at Rei’s appearance, it was easy to guess what he was thinking. As Culotte spoke with Gran, Scola went toward Rei and Supervia.

「That is, are you surprised about Culotte’s change in attitude from yesterday?」
「That’s right.」
「It certainly is greatly different.」

Scola spoke up while smiling wryly at the two people.

「Actually, Culotte has social anxiety. Added to that, this is the first time she’s taken the rank up test. Because of that, she was too enthused about it and acted recklessly.」

The three people looked towards Culotte, who was talking with Gran, with surprised expressions at Scola’s words.

Now that that was said, Culotte actually looked quite nice from Rei’s eyes.

(It’s great if the thief, who is the eyes of the party, isn’t too stressed. If it was Set, there would be no worries of course.)

Set’s senses were worthy of a monster at his rank, in the literal sense, it had reached the domain of a cheat. In the monster subjugation requests Rei and Set had received until now, discovering the signs and sounds of monsters nearby was Set’s job.

Because of that, Rei, who was serving as the party leader, was happy about Culotte’s current state.

「Ah, everyone is early. I wonder if I’m a little late? Good morning.」

A new voice in high spirits called out.

The owner of the voice, was the elf, Firuma. She carried a bow in her hand and a quiver on her back.

Everyone returned a greeting and started to talk about what they had brought and about the upcoming test. Before long, the 9 o’clock bell rang into the surroundings.

(……So, where’s Arogan?)

Though the sound of the bell was heard and he looked around, other than Rei, there were only 5 people, Gran, Supervia, Culotte, Scola and Firuma. Aside from Rei, the others also seemed to have noticed and were looking around.

However, understanding that Arogan had not appeared, the four people aside from Gran, looked to Rei.

As he received the silent pressure as party leader, he called out to Gran.

「Though the 9 o’clock bell has rung, Arogan hasn’t come, what happens in this situation?」
「Ahh, that’s right. Such a development was not expected indeed. However, an adventurer being late for the appointed request start time is a fairly large demerit. Moreover, to be late on the important day of the rank up test……」

As Gran said so and was about to declare Arogan’s disqualification, he saw Arogan casually walking from the main gate.

「Sorry, am I late?」

He called out in a light tone.

「……Hey, that’s all?」

To that scene, probably involuntarily, Supervia called out.

「Ah? What. You haven’t even left yet so it’s fine.」
「Wai-, seriously, you! Maybe you don’t care about the rank up test but this is serious! What’s with that attitude when you’re late!」

Not being able to put up with Arogan’s attitude anymore, Culotte snapped out. However, all Arogan did was was give a snort and laugh.

「Hmm, you can only talk with your mouth, you couldn’t do anything against me in the mock battle yesterday.」

Having the event pointed out to deride her, Culotte was going to snap back. Scola calmed her down while both Supervia and Firuma sent cold looks at Arogan.

And while Rei wasn’t normal, seeing the state of his fellow party members, he involuntarily spat out a sigh.

(To begin with, Culotte is a thief and not a warrior, you shouldn’t boast because you beat her in your own field of combat.)

Now, as he looked at the surroundings, his eyes met Gran’s. His eyes told Rei to do something as the party leader.

Spitting out another sigh, he took out the Death Scythe from the Misty Ring and placed it against Arogan’s neck at a speed which nobodies eyes could follow.

「Though you said Culotte couldn’t do anything against you, have you already forgotten what happened 6 days ago? Who was it that boasted after picking a fight with me in front of the guild and had their magic sword knocked away?」

With the huge blade pointed at his neck, it seems he couldn’t keep the same attitude he had before.

From the start, in the previous event, Rei had pointed out Arogan’s weakness out of consideration, he couldn’t take his aggressive attitude against Culotte.

He spoke to Arogan, while Supervia and Firuma looked on coldly.

「Do you have anything to say?」
「……I’m sorry I was late. I’ll be more careful next time.」

Though reluctantly, under the circumstances, Arogan replied. Rei stored the Death Scythe at Arogan’s neck back into the Misty Ring.

「In any case, this is an exam for a party, not for individuals. If you drag your feet, understand that it will affect the others. ……Understand?」

Seeing Arogan nod, Rei turned his eyes to Gran.

「I want to get going soon.」
「You decide from here. I will guide you to the bandit hideout, other than that, I won’t be helping you.」

Listening to his words, Rei looked around.

「First of all, is there anyone here who can drive a carriage?」

To that question, three people, Culotte, Scola and Supervia raised their hands.

「I see, then you three will take turns to drive the carriage. The other 3, Firuma, Arogan and I will sit next to the driver in case of monster attacks. ……However, Arogan. As a penalty for before, you’ll be on watch more often. If you cut corners and receive a surprise attack from monsters……what may go flying through the air may not be your magic sword but your head, okay? 」

Maybe understanding the seriousness of Rei’s words, Arogan nodded with a serious look on his face.

「Right, then we’ll depart. The first driver is Scola. The lookout will be Arogan. Put the baggage that you’ve brought to the back of the carriage.」

So, declaring that to those participating in the rank up test, everyone climbed into the carriage.

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