Legend Chapter 35

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The translucent dome that had captured Al. Though the scorching flames rampaged inside, there wasn’t any heat outside the dome. This was the magic Rei created with his own magic power to prevent the flame from spreading outside, the raging flames inside the dome couldn’t influence any of the surroundings.

「……You, what on earth……」

She remembered how Al was burnt to ashes in a moment inside the translucent dome. In that state, Seryl reflexively muttered.

Rei replied with a faint smile on his face.

「Well, as you said, there’s no mistake, I’m a G rank adventurer who just registered with the guild.」

While replying with a mutter to Seryl’s words to herself, he clicked his fingers with a pachin~ sound. The next moment, the flames that had been burning brightly in the dome disappeared as if it were an illusion. As the flames all vanished, the dome faded away as well.

The only remains were the burnt, scorched ground and the half melted bastard sword that Al had used. Al’s body and the leather armour he had equipped was completely burnt up, not even ashes remained.

His only reprieve was that the scorching flames that rampaged in the dome didn’t let him feel the fear or pain of death, he was burnt to death instantly. Perhaps Al didn’t even realise it as there wasn’t any pain as he died.

「D-do……don’t joke with me! A G rank adventurer burning someone to death in an instant, moreover, how can you use such a strong magic that doesn’t affect the surroundings!」

Seeing Al’s death, Seryl finally understood that the person staring at her from the rooftop with a cold gaze was more than just a G rank adventurer.

The price was the death of three of her companions, the only member of Dark Night’s Star left was Seryl.

「……I’ll say this one thing because there seems to be a misunderstanding. I definitely am a G rank adventurer who just registered with the guild. That is correct. However, the magic and skills I learnt before registering with the guild don’t just disappear. Your mistake was thinking that I, a rookie who just registered with the guild, had no experience in combat and magic. Information about me should have traveled around in various ways, in the end you didn’t take it seriously because I was a rookie who just registered with the guild?」

Even Seryl knew that he had defeated the D rank party Claws of the Hawk by himself, she also knew that the person in front of her was followed by a Griffon, an A rank monster. Nevertheless, she had baseless confidence that she would be handle it herself. That fatal mistake had resulted in the death of all members of Dark Night’s Star except herself.

「Shit, even if you say that, so what!」

Seryl spat out while giving a sharp glare at Rei and clenching her teeth. However, Rei ignored her words and jumped with a ton~ sound from the roof to the ground.

When he landed on the ground, he didn’t make a sound, it was something that couldn’t be said a G rank adventurer could do.

「By the way, I’m not nice enough to let you die in peace.」

While brandishing the Death Scythe with a hyun~ hyun~ sound, he kept his eyes fixed on Seryl.

(Since she knows the power of my magic, if I try to use it again, she won’t hesitate to run away. If possible, I wanted to finish her and the man named Al in one blow before……well, even if she’s corrupt, she’s still a C rank adventurer.

Rei watched Seryl with his eyes while waiting for a chance to finish her off.

While Seryl understood that Rei was slowly waiting for a chance to kill her, she had seen Rei’s power and instead of trying to run away again and showing her back, she gradually retreated.

However, naturally, she couldn’t keep evading like that forever, before long, Seryl’s back hit a building that seemed to be an Orc’s house.

Rei saw that and started to speak while smiling.

「Now then, I suppose that’s enough time. I have to cover the other parties that are participating in the night attack. I have to finish this soon……you don’t mind?」

Suddenly stopping the Death Scythe he had been swinging around, he pointed the tip at Seryl and asked.

「……Looking at my current situation, it certainly would be difficult for me to defeat you. But you know, I can’t fall silent just because of this. Now that it’s come down to this, I have to get through no matter what!」

Maybe she thought other adventurers would come if she delayed long enough, she gave a shout and steeled herself before throwing the shield in her left hand at Rei’s face.

「Is her intention to blind me?」

Muttering about the trivial matter, Rei poured magic power into the Death Scythe and struck out. The Death Scythe, which had its sharpness increased by magic, split the shield that Seryl had thrown in two without any resistance.

However, as for Seryl, seeing Murgas and Sunyi’s last moments, she knew the shield had no use and threw it away. Still, having done that, she felt that it was good if she could blind Rei for a moment. The reason it was good was because she wanted to strike Rei with an attack.

If she had ran the moment the shield had blinded him, she might have gotten away if she was lucky. However, she judged that it was too difficult and decide to wound him so that he couldn’t chase, it was an attack that held Seryl’s fate.


Raising a shout, she aimed for the body. The head was a small target and it was likely she would be hit by the scythe if she aimed at an arm as she couldn’t cut off both arms at the same time. With that, the body was left. If it went well, she could land a serious injury, it would then become difficult to chase after her on foot. And it was the body that Seryl targeted. Though there was also a possibility of damaging his internals if it went well, the biggest reason was the size of the target. Thinking of Rei’s movements, she judged that even if she aimed at his feet, he would probably evade it. As for the center of the body, it was the hardest place to evade an attack.

With that, she bet everything on this single blow, even a cornered rat would bite a cat. The attack shot at Rei with an unexpected speed. Moreover, the attack was what Seryl was most skilled at, a piercing attack.

When the shield was cut in two by the Death Scythe, just before Seryl’s thrust pierced through Rei’s body……

「It is regrettable.」

However, even with Seryl’s attack which carried her body and soul, it was still an attack at the level Rei could respond too in a moment.

While using the handle of the Death Scythe to cut the shield, against the sword at his belly……he used the blade cut the sword aimed at him.

Seryl’s attack on Rei carried all her strength. If you thought about it normally, Seryl would have won with that attack, but in this case, the difference in pure physical strength was displayed clearly.

Kin~! The sharp screech of metal was heard, Seryl’s blade was cut in half and flew through the air with a kurukuru~ sound before stabbing into the ground.

Seryl’s thrust, now missing more than half the blade, naturally didn’t reach Rei.

「T-this is stupid……that was my best attack!? And so easily……」
「……It was a shame. Our physical ability seems to be different.」

He quietly muttered, he held the Death Scythe in a position to his upper right after hitting the long sword from the lower left. His weapon was raised in the reverse Kesagiri position.

TLN: Kesagiri is the 5th kata of the Japanese Iaido and is a diagonal slash from the shoulder down.

When Rei attacked, he had noticed the signs in an instant. Seryl stared in surprise at her long sword for a moment before jumping back, but she was a bit too slow. The blade of the Death Scythe cut diagonally through the raised sword and into Seryl from the reverse Kesagiri position. Still, she wasn’t cut in two due to her reflexive evasion.


While raising a groan of pain, Seryl fell to one knee. Because it was a deep would from the left shoulder to her right waist, even if she pressed her hands against it, she couldn’t suppress the wound. While seeing a stream of blood flowing to the ground, Rei held up the Death Scythe to give Seryl the final blow.

「No……ugh……can’t fail!」

While groaning, she grabbed the soil at her feet……no, the mud which was formed from her blood, and scattered it at Rei’s face.

However, Rei didn’t dodge it or block it with his robe, instead, he struck the air with the Death Scythe.

With a boom, the sound echoed into the surroundings. At the same time, the mud made from blood scattered around the area.

「A futile struggle……no, I see.」

Though he was going to say something to Seryl, who had thrown the mud at him, seeing her appearance, he understood Seryl’s aim immediately. From the bag at her waist, she had taken out a potion that Hobbes had distributed before the night attack and was pouring it on her wound.

Her leather armour had been torn as well as her body from the blow of the Death Scythe, Rei’s eyes were able to confirm that the wound was quickly healing from the potion’s effect.

「Hah, do you not feel any excitement looking at the bare skin of a woman.」

While using her hand to hide her two hills that appeared so she could heal her wound, Seryl muttered viciously. However, she immediately removed her hand that was hiding her skin, showing off her near half naked body.

「Hey, how about it? Say if you let me go, you can do whatever you want with my body, would you like to make a deal?」

Seryl looked at Rei with flattering eyes. To begin with, she had good features, being half naked and with her sex appeal, if a man didn’t know who she was, they would jump at her.

「……Even though I killed 3 of your companions?」

He looked at her eyes while saying those words. Seryl shook her head.

「Those guys knew that the occupation of an adventurer came with danger. If they died here, it means that that was their caliber.」
「I see.」

Rei gave a small mutter to Seryl’s words. Using her weight, she tried to push her bare chest against Rei but……

「Those guys would be turning in their graves.」

Because Rei dodged quickly, Seryl, who tried to lean against his body, tripped on her feet and fell to the ground.

「Wait a moment, what are you doing……ah……eeh.」

As she fell to the ground like a brick, she scowled at Rei’s face. However, the figure of Rei wearing his robe and his Death Scythe couldn’t be seen.

「Hey, why are you doing this. Didn’t you hear me say I’ll exchange my body for letting me go!」
「Though you certainly said so, I don’t recall ever accepting it.」

While muttering, the appearances of Al and Sunyi, who had partied with this woman, appeared in his mind.

The woman with the bow had trusted her companion and used him as a decoy.

After killing the woman, the man still fought back despite understanding that Rei was overwhelmingly stronger than him.

Both weren’t strong opponents for Rei. Because they were at the same level as the Claws of the Hawk whom he had crushed as he arrived in Gilm, that was a matter of course.

However, their attitudes were still something to be looked at. On the other hand……

He glanced at Seryl who was looking at him with pleading eyes. What was there was surely the beautiful face and expression of a mature woman. However, Rei could see through to the ugly character packed inside, the value he could find in that face was not much different to that of an Orc’s face.

「Even if I held you, a woman like you is too unpleasant to accept. There isn’t any value to it even if you paid me.」

Though she was getting older, Seryl still had confidence in her own looks. Because of that, hearing that he didn’t want to hold her even if he was paid, the blood rushed to her head.

「Hey you! Normally I’m not a woman that wouldn’t pay attention to a G rank rookie like you! It……」
「That’s good enough, shut up.」

Rei judged that it was meaningless to hear any more of her boasting or pleading for life and casually lifted the Death Scythe.


While screaming, the last thing Seryl saw was the huge blade swinging down to behead her.



「Even if you say the frontier city gathers adventurers, in the end, it’s a hopeless jumble of good and bad.」

Cutting her head from her neck, he looked down at the corpse of Seryl which was spilling blood as he muttered.

There wasn’t a sense of guilt or fear at killing a person in his expression, however, he knit his eyebrows unpleasantly at the corpse.


To Rei who was in that state, Set appeared from the darkness and rubbed his head against Rei to comfort him.

「Ah, that’s right. Because there are adventurers like Axe of the Thunder God, I can’t just leave the others.」

While scratching Set’s head with a kori~ kori~ sound, he shook his head as smoothed the feathers.

「Well, Set. I think it’s time to return to our job. I wonder if the leader of the Orcs has appeared yet.」

Glancing at Set who affirmed Rei’s question with a cry, he sat astride Set’s back which he had become accustomed to.

「Well, first we’ll try to look for one more Orc Mage and Orc General while supporting the other parties. We already have 6 Orc Archers so we don’t need any more……well, if we find any, we’ll still hunt them.」

Giving a sharp cry into the surroundings, Set ran towards the night sky after taking a run up of a few steps.

1 man and 1 animal rose up into the cloudless, moonlit sky.

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