Legend Chapter 27

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Rei, who had stored away various supplies necessary for the Orc subjugation into the Misty Ring, left Hobbes, who still had errands to run and exited the guild through the back door.


Set noticed Rei and gave a happy cry, the two of them headed to the city of Gilm’s main gate.

「Oh, do you have a quest today?」

Ranga came out and called out to Rei and Set familiarly. The most of the guards were still frightened by Set, so though he was the captain……no, because he was the captain, Ranga seemed to have become in charge of Rei and Set

Well, though that being said, a big reason was because he had been told to look out for Rei by Margrave Rowlocks.

Removing his guild card from the Misty Ring, Rei spoke while handing over Set’s Necklace of Subservient Monster.

「It is a request, speaking of which, have you heard about the Orcs building a settlement ?」

Ranga twitched as he replied.

「Of course I’ve heard it……even if you say you’re strong, you’re still G rank? Were you even able to accept the request?」
「It’s a urgent request this time, if you have the strength to take down an Orc, rank doesn’t matter.」
「……I see. Well, if you can defeat a Water Bear, then you don’t have any problems with strength.」
「That’s right. So, the reason I’m here is because the subjugation force agreed to meet at the main gate in the afternoon. I’m a bit early at the moment.」

Not yet? Rei patted Set’s head while receiving the guild card back from Ranga.

「Sorry that took up some time. Though you have Set with you, please take care.」

Nodding to Ranga’s words, Rei moved to a grassy place a little distance from the main gate with Set.


As Set lay down comfortably in the grassy field, Rei leaned against him. Though the members originally should have waited beside the gate, he had only been at Gilm for a few days. Because there were still people who didn’t know the existence of Set, Rei did so in consideration of not disturbing the flow of people in and out of the city.

Set as well, rather than being in the city, seemed to enjoy basking in the sunlight on a grassy plain, in a happy mood, he began to give a cat like purr.

Though Rei in his original body would have likely received heat stroke by staying under the summer sun for so long, it was because his physical ability was different, because the Dragon Robe functioned as a simple air conditioner, he could lean against Set with a cool face.

「……Rei-kun, is it?」

Leaving precaution of the surroundings to Set, he suddenly noticed his name being called while enjoying he was enjoying hi sleep and dozing off, Rei’s consciousness rapidly awoke.

Opening his eyes, a woman in her thirties was in front of him, she wore a robe and had a sturdy cane. Next to her, a middle aged man watched with an interesting face while the figure of a boy around Rei’s age had his face harden as if seeing something he couldn’t believe.

It was the three members of the A rank party Axe of the Thunder God, Elk, Min and Rhodes.

「Is it about time?」
「Not yet, but also ……that, may I ask you something?」

While generally guessing what was about to be asked, Rei nodded to Min’s words.

「I don’t think there’s a mistake but you’re leaning on a Griffon. ……Why?」

Even if you say they were members of the Axe of the Thunder God, they still had some fear towards the Griffon, an A rank monster. Though Min timidly asked, Rei’s answer was extremely short.

「It’s because I tamed it.」
「Do-Don’t joke around! You’re a G rank adventurer but the Griffon……-!?」

Although it was Rhode who retorted and shouted frankly at Rei’s words, he became lost for words when Set turned his head round and gave a deep cry.

This couldn’t be helped. Even if you say he belonged to an A ranked party, Rhodes himself was only an adventurer of the C rank. Taking notice of the A rank Griffon, he was instinctively reminded of the difference in status between them.

「Hey, settle down Set.」

While smiling wryly at Rhodes appearance, Rei calmed Set down.


While scratching Set’s head as usual with a kori~kori~ sound, he said to Rhodes.

「I’ll say this for now, Set isn’t hostile to others. However, if the other party wants to harm me, that’s different.」

To those words, Rhodes still felt that Set might growl at him and wasn’t able to say anything as his mouth opened and closed with a paku~ paku~ sound.

「Gahahahahaha. This is great, boy. Though I’ve seen monster tamers, this is the first time I’ve seen someone tame a Griffon. Hey, may I touch it?」

This might be the difference between an A rank and C rank. Or, it could be just the difference in experience.

「Set, what will you do? That man would like to touch you.」

Set stared at Rhodes, Elk and Min in order. After a few seconds, he gave a short bark and gave his tail a short wave.

「He says you can.」
「I see. Sorry about this.」

There was a high degree of risk in touching a A rank monster, however, Elk didn’t have a strained appearance and smiled as he reached out his hand. His hand touched Set’s body, which Rei was leaning against……

「Oh! What, this smooth texture. This is the first time I’ve seen a griffon, it’s fur has such a smooth touch.」

The best way to describe Set’s fur would be that it had a smooth texture like silk.

While patting the smooth fur, with a satisfied mind, Elk nodded.

「Hey, Rei. Did you say Set? It could be possible with this quality to make clothes with this fur for royalty you know?」
「Now then, what to do about it. I don’t mind it as there wasn’t such an intention……」
「……Rei-kun, may I pat it too?」

Unable to hold her curiosity at Elk’s words, Min also asked.

When Rei looked at Set, he shook his tail in the same way as with Elk.

「He doesn’t mind.」
「I see, then at once. ……Elk, move away a little bit. Let me feel the smooth touch.」
「Mum! It’s dangerous to approach a Griffon!」

Though Rhodes tried to stop her, of course, it wasn’t possible to stop Min, whose eyes were shining with curiosity.

「Hou~, hou~, hou~, hou~……the touch is certainly smooth. Enough that I want to touch it forever.」
「I know right? Well, it’s our lucky day today to touch a Griffon without worrying about being attacked.」
「That’s right, it’s as Elk said. A rank monster Griffon, it’s a priceless experience to touch it’s body.」

While seeing two people patting his body in such a way, after turning and glancing at Rhodes with sharp eyes, Set closed his eyes.

「Kukuku~. It doesn’t like you, Rhodes.」

Elk saw the situation and called out to Rhodes while smiling as he and Min stroked Set’s body.

「Beh, I don’t care even if I’m disliked by a Griffon.」

No treatment, Elk let out a sigh. In that state, Rei called out to Elk.

「I was told by Hobbes to act together with you until we reach the Orc settlement. Please take care of me.」
「Huh!? Why do we need to take care of a rank G all the way!?」

To Rei’s words, Rhodes was naturally the first to react, but it was Elk rather than Rei who interjected.

「That’s a matter of course. Ah, of course I don’t mind.」

To Rhodes who argued vehemently, Elk let out an amazed sigh.

「Listen up. Recall the meeting that took place this morning? Rei was entrusted with the transport of goods for use this time in the Orc subjugation quest.」
「Ah. I know it because I heard it as well.」
「Well then, what do you think will happen if Rei gets taken out by a Orc or another monster?」
「That is……ah……」
「Have you finally realised? That is right, all the supplies and equipment are gone if Rei dies. Well, here’s the problem. What are we?」
「……A rank party, Axe of the Thunder God.」
「That’s right. Furthermore, we are the only A rank party participating in the Orc subjugation this time.」

Rank A. Though it is one rank below the guild’s S rank, because only 3 S rank people existed in the world, every adventurer knows that A rank is only just below them. And as S ranks are scarce with only 3 in existence, to general adventurers, they consider people of A rank to be substantially better than themselves.

And the Axe of the Thunder God was a party with 2 such A rank adventurers. Their ability and track record in Gilm were considered top class talent by the guild, which wasn’t a mistake.

「We, who are considered to be the largest combat force, are accompanying Rei, who is carrying the subjugation forces’ supplies, as bodyguards. ……Is there anything strange?」
「I certainly understand the importance of the supplies. However, isn’t it okay even if we don’t guard this guy? Because even B or C rank parties could act as escorts.」

Rhodes became obstinate and objected to Elk.

(Shit, mum and dad should take care with a guy like that. An item box and a Griffon, he’s relying on his monster and magic item and not his own power. As for the need to guard him in particular……)

While thinking so in his mind, he directed his gaze to Elk.

His antipathy to Rei, although the person in question didn’t know, was because of his mother, as Rei had said.

Of course, his father, Elk, who was the leader of the Axe of the Thunder God, naturally noticed this.

「Listen up. This is my decision as leader of Axe of the Thunder God. There will be no objections, you are not allowed to skimp on the escort either.」

To Elk’s unusually strong order, Rhodes reluctantly nodded in the end.

(Seriously, did we spoil this fellow too much? Even if his ability is C rank……he has the character of sticking to his mother. It will be good if he can receive some influence from Rei in this quest if possible.)

Unlike Min, Elk couldn’t detect magic power. However, as an A rank adventurer, he still vaguely guessed Rei’s ability and potential. By talking, Elk was able to generally grasp his character. Though Rei hid a vast power in his body, he wasn’t a bad person. ……Moreover, when he heard what happened to the Claws of the Hawk, he couldn’t help but have a wry smile.

For Elk, he didn’t like the way the Claws of the Hawk picked a fight with a rookie to make him do their chores. ……While knowing that there is some effect on the development of a rookie, he could never come to like it. Therefore, when he collected information on Rei after the Orc subjugation meeting, he didn’t feel irked hearing about Rei’s trouble with the Claws of the Hawk. Rather, he did well! He cheered and applauded.

While watching Elk worry about his son’s behavior, Rei turned his gaze tot he main gate while leaning on Set.

The people from the parties that he had seen in the meeting in the morning were gathered. While most of them were talking, the frequently turned their eyes to Rei. Rather that Elk of Axe of the Thunder God……most were looking at the Griffon, Set. It wasn’t unreasonable as while people had heard information about Rei from inside the guild, it was still the first time they had ever seen a genuine Griffon.

(But……the eyes observing me and not Set are the same as before)

Those eyes had followed him ever since he showed off the Misty Ring in the meeting room. They were eyes he felt all the time except when he was in the Dusk Wheat inn.

For the people sending glances, they likely prioritized obtaining the Misty Ring over the Orc subjugation, Rei had a wry smile as he had a feeling in his mind that a fight would come sooner or later.

「Oh, he came.」

At Elk’s murmur, Rei turned his gaze to the main gate again.

From that place, around 8 wagons came from the city. The figure of Hobbes could be seen in addition to the coachman of the first horse drawn wagon.

「People who have received the Orc subjugation quest, each party must gather up and ride on a wagon. In addition, Rei and Axe of the Thunder God will be in the center wagon with me. Do you all understand?」

To the adventurers gathered who began to talk, Elk then asked.

「Ah. The purpose is to reduce the possibility of losing the goods?」

Elk said in reply to Hobbes’ words.

Elk headed to the horse drawn wagon. Min and Rhodes subsequently followed. Rei and Set also headed for the wagon.

Adventurers who had gathered near the main gate began boarding the wagons they decided on hastily as Set came near. Elk and Hobbes continued their conversation without minding at all. And……

「Okay, we’re setting off! It’s the Orc subjugation!」

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