Legend Chapter 200

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Seeing Rei enter the guild, Lenora gave an involuntary cry.

Those who heard that turned their eyes to the guild entrance on reflex.

The person standing there was wearing his robe as usual. At first glance, he looked like he had a petite and delicate appearance, but the person himself was not that weak.

Without worrying about the people looking at him, Rei headed for the counter as usual, in such a way that you woudn’t think he hadn’t been in the city for 10 days.

Lenora greeted Rei with a joyful smile while Kenny gave a delighted smile next to her.


Jumping over the counter using her physical ability as a catkin, Kenny hugged Rei.

「Are you okay? Are you injured? Ah, not injured, but are you sick? There’s nothing wrong with your body, right?」

While patting Rei’s Dragon Robe from behind with a peta~ peta~, Kenny asked without stopping.

With a wry smile on his face, Rei tapped Kenny on the shoulder, who was slightly taller than him.

「Don’t worry, I don’t have any problems. Of course, you can be relieved as well since it’s been more than a week since I’ve been in contact with Magic Fever.」

「That’s great……」

The moment she gave a sigh of relief, Lenora’s fist dropped on Kenny’s head were her cat ears grew.

「Ouch-! Hey-, what are you doing!」

「What are you doing. Suddenly jumping over the counter, what were you thinking. This isn’t something a receptionist, who act as the face of the guild, should do.」

「I can’t help it, Rei-kun has come back safely. Can’t I act just a be more freely!?」

「If you’re off duty or on break, I don’t care. But, you’re working as a receptionist right now aren’t you?」


Kenny gave a bothered expression at Lenora’s serious look.

However, the next moment, she grinned as she openly looked at Lenora’s chest.

She stared at it so intently as if to drill a hole through that point. And as expected, Lenora felt some shame and covered her chest with both her hands.

As Lenora had said, receptionists were the face of the guild. Naturally, they had to wear appropriate clothing. In Lenora’s case it was a one piece dress that gave of femininity from the perfect fit. ……However, if you asked Kenny, she would say that Lenora wore it because she wasn’t confident in her own body figure.

Keeping her eyes on Lenora’s chest, who was wearing such a dress……before long, she turned towards her own chest, which was significantly more developed.


At the same time, Kenny gave a triumphant snicker.

「Guh-……hey, Kenny. Why did you snicker at me just now?」

「Eh? I wasn’t laughing about anything. Yes, yes. I wasn’t thinking of a particular someone despairing over their pathetic figure.」

「Hey, who is pathetic! I’m normal, normal!」

Rei looked at their usual exchange with a small smile.

Rei felt that he had returned, back to a place such exchanges would happen as usual.

However, he had no time to continue watching the exchange before him and put his hands on both their shoulders before speaking.

「So, I would like to report to the guild master about what happened in the city of Baar, could you inform her?」

「Wait a moment, Kenny! ……Eh? Ah, s-sorry. Wait a moment. I will inform the guild master right away!」

As he said that, Lenora became flustered and quickly glossed over her argument with Kenny before replying.

But as she stepped to the back of the counter, a voice echoed through the guild.

「Oh my, I did think it was quite noisy. You’ve finally come back.」

The voice wasn’t loud. However, it was strangely heard by everyone in the room.

The voice came from a Dark Elf with silver white hair, brown skin and a lavish figure, wearing dress reminiscent of an evening dress with a dignified aura. It was Marina Ariansa, the guild master of Gilm.

「Guild master!? I-I’m sorry. I was just about to tell you that Rei-san was back.」

「Yes, that’s true. But before that, you two showed me an fascinating scene.」

Knowing that her exchange with Kenny had been seen, Lenora’s face dyed red in shame.

While smiling at Lenora’s expression, Marina gently brushed her hair before speaking.

「It may be winter already and the guild isn’t too busy, but you still have to do your work properly as receptionists. ……Kenny. You too.」


Even if Kenny liked to show off her sex appeal, in front of Marina, she couldn’t win. Kenny quietly returned to the counter without reckless trying to show off against someone who she couldn’t win against even in her field of specialty.

After seeing that, Marina directed her narrow eyes towards Rei.

「Welcome back. I want to hear about the city of Baar right away, so could you come to my office?」

Marina invited Rei back to her office with a sensual gesture as if tempting him.

The adventurers in the guild who saw that were captivated, Lenora’s face turned red and Kenny puffed her cheeks out somewhat unhappily.

「Ah. There are a lot of things to report, so it would be great if we could do that.」

Rei nodded at Marina’s words and followed her to her office.

「So, please take a seat. I’ll prepare some tea now.」

As soon as they arrived at the office, Marina started preparing tea by herself as Rei sat down on the sofa.

Although Rei thought that this wasn’t work that the guild master should be doing, seeing Marina happily preparing tea, he sat down on the sofa without saying anything.

After about 5 minutes, a steaming cup of tea and a plate of cookies was placed in front of Rei.

Marina sat down opposite Rei and sipped her tea.

「……So, I want to talk about what happened. But before that, I will return this.」

Rei took the map out of the Misty Ring and placed it on the table.

It was the map the Marina had passed him even though she could have been accused of handing it to him. Rei was grateful for such an important item as it let him head to Baar without any hesitation.

「Thank you for giving it back. Was it useful?」

「Ahh, thanks to this map, I didn’t get lost.」

「Yes, that’s good. By the way, I was just talking with the other side……actually, I heard about situation roughly from Seis, so you’ll just need to supplement some details.」

Marina glanced towards a crystal orb on her desk for a moment. Following her gaze, Rei looked in understanding.

「I see. So that is the magic item that you can use for direct contact.」

The reason Rei understood so quickly was because Rei had a similar magic item himself, an orb from a pair that was given to him by Grimm, the lich.

(Speaking of that, I haven’t talked with Grimm since I left the dungeon. It might not be a bad idea to get in touch with him later.)

Rei prompted Marina to continue while thinking of that.

「Ah, so I have a rough understanding. ……So, I would like to ask a question. Did you really see a dungeon core?」

「I can’t say for sure since I haven’t seen an actual dungeon core in a dungeon, but judging from it’s magic power and feeling it gave off, I felt it might be one.」

「In other words, you can’t be certain?」

Rei gave a small nod at Marina’s words.

To be precise, he was definitely sure as had Zepairu’s knowledge, but he couldn’t say anything about that. Having said that, if he said that he had seen it in the dungeon, thing might end badly if Elena or Ara ever heard that. Judging that, he had no choice but to just nod.

「……Well, that’s fine. You have no need to tell a lie, in regards to this case, I’ll say that you weren’t wrong in thinking it was a dungeon core」

After that, Rei answered various questions and filled in details.

Rather than listening, it was more like Marina confirming the integrity of the story she had heard from Seis.

Then, after about 30 minutes, their discussion finished and Marina took down a spear that decorated a wall before handing it over to Rei.

「Good job. I acknowledge that this request has been completed. ……Well, to be exact, this request would be completed as long as you got Seis’s signature that the request had been completed. Yes, this. Here is your promised reward.」

Rei looked at the spear in his hands.

Everything from the tip of the blade to the handle was dyed a deep green. This was the second time he had seen the Thorns Spear but it still was still the beautiful spear that almost looked like it was actually a work of art.

Looking at the spear for about a minute, he then gave a bow towards Marina.

「I have collected my request reward.」

「That’s good. That spear was something I got during my active years. It’s a beautiful spear that looks like a work of art at first glance, but in the end, it’s a weapon. My fighting style was originally that of a mage and archer, so even during my days as an adventurer, I had little opportunity to use this spear. So I wanted to entrust this spear to someone who could use it one day.」

「I see. But……」

Following on from Marina’s words, he took out the Death Scythe from the Misty Ring.

「As you know, the weapon I use for almost everything is basically this Death Scythe. I can also use this spear, but it would used more like a javelin compared to how an ordinary warrior would use it.」

「Yes, that’s fine. The moment I saw you, I felt something. Not to be pretentious, but the skill level of adventurers in Gilm is high. Some are even A rank adventurers. For those people, I think they would definitely be able to use the Thorns Spear, but an Elf’s intuition……no, I guess it’s a woman’s intuition. Anyway, I knew I could entrust this spear to you when I saw you. That’s what I thought.」

「If an Elf or woman’s intuition didn’t work, what had you intended on giving as a reward for delivering relief supplied to Baar?」

「It would probably have been something else. What would actually be……」

Saying that, she turned to look at Rei and gave a wink.

「But you know, that’s a s-e-c-r-e-t. 」

While receiving a sexy wink, Rei stored both the Death Scythe and Thorns Spear into the Misty Ring with a wry smile.

「As for me, I’m okay since I got a better reward than expected. ……So, if we’re done here, can I head out?」

「Oh, you aren’t going to invite me out for a meal even though I’m such a fine woman?」

「I’ll leave that to someone else.」

At Rei’s words, Marina looked towards the door with a giggling smile.

「Since it seems like there are children who are jealous of various things, shall we leave it at that?」


Following Marina’s gaze towards the door, Rei quietly got up from the sofa. Moving towards the door……he yanked it open.


The two receptionists Rei knew made a sound as they froze in the position they had while they were listening through the door.

「Oh my, I thought it was only Kenny, but Lenora is here as well.」

Marina spoke with a smile as she brought her cup of tea to her mouth.

She had a mischievous smile on her face.

「By the way, since the two of you are here, what happened to the guild counter?」

「N-No. That is……we’ve left it to some other people for just a moment……」

「Ah, aha. Ahahahaha.」

At Lenora’s awkward reply, Kenny laughed nervously as she tried to gloss over it. While looking at the two of them, Rei looked at Marina in amazement.

「It seems like there are many excellent staff members.」

「Ufufu. That’s right, my proud children. ……But, I want to be more proud of you, so why don’t you stay back to work today.」

「Eh!? Wait, that’s right. Guild master! I was thinking of inviting Rei out for dinner tonight.」

「Oh, is that so? That’s fine but……your assessment, it will certainly be quite interesting?」


(……This is, it’s the sound of a person literally lost for words.)

Thinking that to himself, Rei watched the exchange between the three of them with a smile.

「Rei-kun, I can’t eat dinner with you tonight because of the mean guild master, but let’s go out to eat together some other time.」

「Oh? As a mean guild master, I have to meet your expectations. Kenny, you’ll be working more overtime today……」

「I’m sorry-!」

Without waiting to hear the end, Kenny gave a quick cry as she rushed out of the office.

「Haa. ……I’m sorry, guild master.」

Seeing Kenny run off, Lenora gave a bow towards Marina.

「It’s fine. You two were also worried about Rei?」

「That is……yes. As you know, he went to a city with an epidemic.」

「Oh, is that all it was?」

Marina looked at Lenora meaningfully, but as Lenora genuinely didn’t have any particular feelings other than that of an elder sister towards a younger brother, Marina’s expectations were disappointed and she gave a sigh.

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