Legend Chapter 182

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Rei accepted the request. Obviously, Marina was relieved.

Even though she was the guild master, she couldn’t force someone to go to a place where a contagious illness was rampant. If Rei did not accept the request, the worst case scenario would be taking 10 days to rush Aurani grass powder to Baar.

(Because I heard this kid had a strong interest in magic items, I took out the prized Thorns Spear. I’m glad that my information was not mistaken.

While giving a sigh of relief in her mind, she hid it with a smile.

Marina understood her own features well and didn’t hesitate to use it for the guild.

(But from the information available to me, this kid seems to be closely related to the General Princess of the Nobles Faction, so it’s highly likely he won’t fall for my temptation.)

While thinking about that, she was able to tell that Rei felt a but restless when he saw her skin that was exposed by the party dress she was wearing. She seriously considered for a few seconds whether a honey trap would have been a good approach.

However, she quickly cleared her thoughts and changed her focus to the Magic Fever.

「Well, time is precious. I’ll have to get you to fly out once all the kids in the guild have finished collecting Aurani grass powder around Gilm. Is that fine?」
「Ahh, I have no problems. I can start at any time. All my necessities are basically stored in my item box.」
「……Given that you’re flying through the sky in winter, should I prepare some magic items for cold weather?」

Rei shook his head at Marina’s question.

「That won’t be an issue, I’ve already taken measures against that.」
「……I see.」

At Rei’s words, Marina looked at his robe and nodded in agreement.

「That robe, aside from having a concealment effect, it seems to have various other functions.」

At those words, Rei reacted with a twitch.

「You can see that?」
「Yes. It looks like a very high quality magic item. It made from the materials of a Dragon. A Dragon which had a considerable amount of magic power as well. At the very least, it must have lived several hundred years, it’s likely to have stepped into the level of an Ancient Dragon..」
「Heh~. As expected of a Dark Elf. There have been few people who have seen through this magic item so far.」
「……I wonder if I may ask. Aside from your item box and robe. The bracelet on your left arm and your shoes are also magic items aren’t they? Even you were his student, to willingly pass you so many magic items.」

The background of the person in front of her. Marina recalled the story that Rei was the student of a magician and had been thrown out near the city of Gilm after his study had completed.

Looking at him again, the quantity and quality of his magic items was extraordinary. She had also heard that Rei had a huge scythe that was also a magic item. To be honest, if Rei’s equipment were sold, the sum would be enough to buy a small country.

With such valuable magic items, even if she was the one sending Rei out, she wouldn’t have done the same. She thought about such questions, but Rei just shrugged his shoulders with a wry smile.

「My teacher was quite ignorant of the world. After all, I learnt magic as sorcery, I only knew it was now called magic after coming to the city of Gilm.」
「……Well, that is.」

Sorcery. There weren’t a lot of people who knew that word now. Even for Marina, who was a Dark Elf that had lived for much longer than other people, it was a word she hadn’t heard in a long time.

She could have never imagined that Rei’s own knowledge had been passed down by Zepairu. Understanding the reasoning, she gave a small sigh and nodded.

「Certainly, if he doesn’t have much interest in the world, the same could be said about the value of those magic items. ……Oh.」

Her long ears, which were slimmer than an ordinary human’s, twitched. Likewise, Rei also heard the footsteps of someone running up the stairs.

Within 10 seconds, there was a knock on the office doors and a voice called out.

「Guild master, the relief supplies including the Aurani grass powder have been prepared.」
「Thank you for your hard work Lenora. I’ll head over right away, so please head down first. ……Rei, as you heard, preparations have been completed.」

Saying that, she took out a map from a drawer in her office desk.

「This is a map of the region of the Mireana Kingdom. This is the city of Gilm.」

Marina pointed to a city at the very edge of the map. Because the frontier had yet to be reclaimed beyond here, Gilm was near the edge of the map.

「If you advance this way and pass through several towns……」

Her fingers traced a highway that extended from Gilm. She passed over 3 towns and villages before stopping at a city.

The name of the city on the map was Baar.

「Your destination is the city of Baar, here. Regarding this map, I can lend it to you, but please don’t forget that I’m only lending it. Be sure to return it to me after this request is completed. If you lose it, I’ll have to impose a heavy penalty, please be careful with it.」

In this time period, maps were one of the most important secrets of a country. On a map, the location of cities, rivers that could support farmlands and water sources where camps could be set up would be noted. It also became possible to find the best locations to set up ambushes. Normally, if it became known that Marina showed Rei, a D rank adventurer, such a map she would have issues with responsibility. Even if it was only temporarily, she had given the map to him. In the worst case, it was a crime that could warrant the death penalty.

「……Are you sure?」
「I’ve heard various stories and received reports about your personality. I am also believing in my intuition from being a guild master for so many years. ……More than anything, Margrave Rowlocks is also aware of this matter. His silence is his tacit consent.」

If he didn’t have a map and his arrival to Baar was delayed, it would cause damage to the Mireana Kingdom if the people sick with Magic Fever died and the city was destroyed as well. Even if they were from a different faction, if they ignored it, it would also affect the city of Gilm and it’s lord, Daska. That was the conclusion they had reached.

「I understand. I will return the map without a doubt when I return to Gilm.」
「Yes, please do so. ……I’m sorry about this, but the reward will only be given on completion of the request.」
「Understood. Having seen the reward, I will make this request a success by all means.」
「Please, I leave it to you. ……Ah, there’s also this.」

Following the map was a letter. It was tightly sealed and the sender was written as the guild master of Gilm, Marina Ariansa. The addressee was written as the guild master of the Baar guild branch, Seis.

「This is……slightly different from an introduction letter. Because the urgency of the case is higher than an ordinary request, I have written that this letter is from the guild master of Gilm and to confirm your identity as Rei. ……That is because, your appearance is quite youthful Rei.」

Rei understood exactly what Marina meant. For a request that could be said to involve the life and death of a city, if she didn’t clarify, Baar would be suspicious since Rei looked like a 15 year old.

Rei himself was aware of his own face and delicate physique, so he received the letter without any complaints.

(Diarog was only a thief so he can’t sense magic power. If Seis is there though, he should be able to see that this kid’s magic power is out of the ordinary.)

Marina thought to herself while imagining the expressions of her former party members.

Standing in front of Marina, Rei placed the map and letter into the Misty Ring and bowed his head.

「I apologise for the various issues I have caused. I will definitely complete this request.」
「Yes, please do. It’s good that you were in Gilm with an item box and a tamed Griffon when this request came through. ……Then, the Aurani grass powder and other supplies should be on the first floor, let’s hurry down. I’ve received special permission from Margrave Rowlocks, you can leave the city at the main gate without having to go through it.」

Giving a small nod at Marina’s words, Rei left the office.



「Ah, Rei-san. Take these please!」

Lenora saw Rei come out of Marina’s office from the counter and directed him to the center of the guild. Normally, that was were the request boards would be placed.

There, Aurani grass powder had been divided into individual portions and packed into small 5cm bottles with the bottles crammed into a wooden box without gaps.

Normally, if these were to be carried in a carriage, they wouldn’t have packed it like this. The danger of the bottles cracking from the vibrations as the horse pulled the carriage would be too high. It was only possible because of Rei’s Misty Ring. Because of that, the bottles wouldn’t break during transportation, so the adventurers and guild staff prioritised the immediate usage to make medicine after arriving at Baar.

Among the relief supplies, aside from the crucial Aurani grass powder, there were also potions for recovering physical strength and magic power.


A voice called out from behind Rei as he was about to step forward to store the supplies.

When he looked back, he saw the figure of Kenny, who had tears collecting in the corners of her eyes.

Her cat ears that would normally be pricked up were dropping today, clearly expressing her feelings.

She quickly approached Rei with quick movements particular to those from cat family of Beastkin and reached for his robe.

「Hey, why does Rei-kun have to be the one to go? Isn’t there an epidemic there? Rei-kun might fall sick as well right?」

While gently separating Kenny’s hand from his Dragon Robe, Rei spoke to calm her down.

「It’s all right. Magic Fever doesn’t infect people above a certain level of magic power, so I don’t need to worry about getting infected.」

If the Magic Fever was on a level that could infect people with Rei’s level of magic power, it would have infected everyone in the city of Baar. Even though Kenny looked a bit more relieved, she still clenched onto Rei’s robe.

「But, you can’t say for sure that you will be okay right!?」
「Kenny! You are a member of the guild as well. You shouldn’t say things like that!」

Lenora rebuked Kenny in a harsh tone.

Even for Lenora, it was true that Rei was heading for a city where Magic Fever was running rampant, a boy younger than herself. But even so.

「We can only rely on Rei-san. If you head to Baar normally by carriage, even if they hurried, it would still take half a month. You know that right!? Are you going to forsake all the people sick with Magic Fever in Baar!」

At Lenora’s reprimand, Kenny trembled. She then released her clutch on Rei’s Dragon Robe after a few seconds.

「……Um, sorry. That is right. I was just saying that. Rei-kun, take care of yourself. You must absolutely com back to Gilm okay?」
「Ahh. After all, if I successfully complete this nominated request, I will get quite an amazing magic item as a reward. I will come back safely, whatever it takes.」
「Already, Rei-kun doesn’t change even in a situation like this.」

Kenny’s eyes were still moist, but she now had a smile on her face.

「The, Rei-san. The supplies.」

Lenora prompted him while patting Kenny’s back. Rei left the counter and reached out for the supplies, including the wooden boxes that were piled up on the floor.

Adventurers and guild staff who were seeing Rei use the Misty Ring for the first time gave cries of admiration as Rei stored the supplies one after another. At the location where all the supplies for making the medicine for Magic Fever were placed, a huge pot was placed.

「……Is this from Dishot?」
「Ahh, ask Hasta. Aren’t you going to deliver medicine to a city with Magic Fever? I don’t know what happens when you get Magic Fever, but it would probably be troublesome to cook if your body is tired from illness. I don’t know how much you will need, but take this.」

Rei opened the pot at those words. The inside was filled with vegetable soup, Gamelion meat and udon.

(Is it something like an udon stew?)

Thinking to himself, he nodded while the people around him who had never seen udon before started discussing among themselves.

「I will accept this gratefully.」

Saying that, he stored the rest of the supplies and the pot into the Misty Ring.

Actually, when Dishot heard that Rei was going to take medicinal supplies to a city where Magic Fever was rampant, he went with Hasta to bring the pot with today’s lunch over since he felt that he should help his benefactor..

Rei looked towards Hasta, who had helped to bring the pot big enough for an adult to fit in and was now gasping for breath.

Seeing that Rei was looking at him, he smiled with a nod.

Since Rei had stored all the supplies into the Misty Ring, he headed out.

The adventurers in the guild, Lenora, Kenny, Hasta and Dishot went out to see him off.


Hearing Rei’s voice, Set gave a cry as he got up and walked towards Rei.

「Set, we will be going on an outing. I’ll be needing your wings. Will you help me?」

Set gave a cry as if saying ‘of course’. Rei scratched his head before rubbing Set’s head with a smile.

「I see, I’ll be relying on you.. ……Well then, we should get going. It seems we are allowed to fly straight from here since it is a special situation.」

At Rei’s words, Set stooped down slightly so that Rei could get on.

After getting on, Rei removed the Necklace of subservient monster from Set and threw it over to Hasta.

「Hasta, pass the Necklace of Subservient Monster to the guards at the gate.」
「I understand. Please be careful.」
「Ah. Well, I’ll be leaving.」

At Rei’s light words, Set started to run across the stone pavement while flapping his wings. Set flew up into the sky as if running on air. The people who had come to see them off watched until the two of them were no longer visible, praying that Rei and Set would return to Gilm safely.

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