LDM – Receptionist-san Side Story 2

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Guild’s Receptionist-san

Angel Element After a Week


Although Ojii-chan… not that, although the guild head got really mad, I was somehow able to get the exclusive position.
Exclusive receptionists had a certain status. What was that? Being able to skip out on their normal duties by giving priority to adventurers they’re in charge of. They can skip out!
Fufufu, with this I can kyaa~ ufufu with Angel-chan…
Or so I thought, but…


Uu, hasn’t it already been a week?
I’m short on my Angel-chan element.
According to what I heard from Gatekeeper-san, it seems they headed towards Tsuia Mountain in a rush on the evening of the day they did their rank up.
They seemed to be really interested in dungeons, and that dungeon was at Tsuia Mountain… I wonder, do they know where it is?
He was rushing, so maybe he’s chasing after that adventurer that accepted the commission? He might be thinking about following along. Well, I think he’ll probably get lost and meet some disaster.
… A lot of armored bears appear on that mountain so it’s pretty dangerous~. I wonder if the armored bear will just eat that accessory and leave Angel-chan alone. Ah! But Angel-chan would definitely shield that guy! Because Angel-chan is too kind! As expected. It’s better if they aren’t attacked by an armored bear.

Rather, the guild head is complaining that they escaped.
Wasn’t the hero setting impossible for you anyways? That’s what I think.
I mean, your acting capabilities are questionable.
It’s not my fault at all!

And so the days went on without me tasting the amazing flavor of ‘exclusive receptionist’, but Angel-chan finally came to the guild!
Ahhh, so adorable. Angel-chan really is an angel. Could you come closer? Nn? Attached Trash-san is here, tch.

“Where have you been?” [1]
“Ah, I had a bit to do outside so…”

It was probably the dungeon. He tried to chase after the adventurer that received the commission but wasn’t able to find them and got lost, finally managing to make it back today. Un, excellent reasoning.
Anyhow, the investigation commission for [Ordinary Cave] on that day was accepted by an A-Rank Adventurer-sama in the imperial capital, it would’ve been strange if he could keep up. I don’t know why they had accepted an F-Rank commission, but it was probably just for a side trip.
We were told there were [No Abnormalities] by way of the imperial capital’s guild. It also seems like the reward wasn’t accepted, as expected of an A-Rank Adventurer-sama.

“Ah, come to think of it what about my designated commission?”
“It’s still there. It’s still a G-Rank commission though, will you accept it?”
“Yes please.”

There is that restroom cleaning designated commission. The place where Angel-chan cleaned before, its owner… Gutas-san showed off the cleaned restroom to the neighborhood all while praising Angel-chan highly.
… I also thought about putting out a commission, but it’s not that dirty though. But but! Just the thought of Angel-chan making it that clean with her hands and tongue makes me feel…! … Fuuu.
Alright, let’s do it this time.

“Ah, and do you know somewhere slaves are sold?” [2]


Just now, did he ask about where slaves are sold?
What’s that? He wants to buy a slave?
There’s no way that an F-Rank adventurer would have enough income from that alone to purchase a slave. Even Angel-chan, he picked her up by chance. Aaaah~, riiiight~, this guy is has ridiculously enviable luck~.
But what kind of thing is he planning to want another slave if he already has Angel-chan?
Doesn’t it sound like he’s saying he wants other girls?
… Wha—, surely, he’s not planning on selling Angel-chan to buy a new slave!?

No, no way. What kind of idiot would sell the excellent Angel-chan? I would be the first one to buy her though. Absolutely sell her to me.

“… Used for?”
“Various things. It’d be better if they have experience… ah, it’s no good if they aren’t women.”

Hooh. Experience, women, so… it’s that? Angel-chan doesn’t satisfy you anymore?
What a luxurious guy. Well, Angel-chan is small in various ways right now after all.
There’s no helping it, I’ll introduce him to a skilled trader that can make someone just barely able to buy his merchandise, I’ll let him sell Angel-chan who he’s become unsatisfied with and buy her!

“If that’s the case, [Grapher’s Slave Deal] may be good. I recommend it to the point that I don’t want to refer you to it.”

They really do have all sorts of a selection, lots of adorable girls… Still, their prices amazing! Amazingly high!
I think sixty silver coins is their cheapest.
Slaves can be bought at a dishonest price of ten copper coins for the cheapest at the slum’s dark slave dealer, but they aren’t that good quality. Rather, it was at the level where it wouldn’t be funny if they died the day after. Ah, the masters? They plan on selling the dead slaves they collect to traders if they die… scary. If Angel-chan was caught at a place like that, I don’t know what kind of awful things they’d do to her.
Then, they left for the restroom cleaning and the place I introduced.

“Now then, how about I go and monitor them for a bit for my job as their exclusive receptionist.”
“… See you soon.”

I received a colleague’s slightly cold gaze as I went towards the back entrance in a dignified manner.
Fufun, I’m exclusive for them after all! Moreover with the hero stuff, it’s not skipping out since the guild master told me to monitor them! Hahaha!

Well, I immediately went to see how Angel-chan was doing.
The one to send out the designated commissions were Ricardo-san and Carpenter Kant-san. Let’s go see Ricardo first.

“Oh, Silia huh? Did something happen?”
“Ah, Ricard-san. I came to watch the work of an adventurer for a moment. I am their exclusive receptionist.”
“I see I see. Well, the man left immediately, but the girl is cleaning right now.”

It looks like that’s how it is.
But that trash is having Angel-chan clean the restroom by herself again? What heresy!

“By the way, did they bring cleaning tools?”
“Nn? No, come to think of it I didn’t see any… but well, Gutas praised her so much, so there’s that.”
“… Well, I’d like to check on her for a moment.”

Sharp. As expected of a merchant. It looks like he slightly noticed Angel-chan’s hands and mouth of purification.
… Scrubbing with her tiny hands, even her mouth… Uuu, that’s dangerous in many ways.
It’ll probably be fine if it’s Angel-chan, but… no, is it really alright?
Even Angel-chan should have a limit to her dosage…
Well, for now let’s see how she’s doing.

The door to the restroom was firmly closed. When I knocked—

“I’m cleaning now, please don’t enter.”

Angel-chan’s lovely voice answered back. It looks like she’s inside.
Why? Her voice. It’s too adorable. I want to take this restroom home.

“Excuse me, I came from the adventurer guild to see how things are going. Is the cleaning progressing? How about I help?”
“… I-it’s progressing.”

She seems to be progressing!
Un, as expected of Angel-chan~

“Do you have cleaning tools?”
“… I-I do.”

You do!? But Ricard-san said you didn’t have any with you…
Ah, so that’s it. She’s talking about her hands of purification.

“Are you doing it with your hands?”
“… F-feet too.”

Feet!? Wait, just now, did she say feet!?

“You’re cleaning the restroom with your feet!?”
“Yes. Shiny shiny.”

What is this? Angel-chan has not only hands of purification but feet of purification too?
Can you make anything wonderful with your entire body, Angel-chan? I want to hug you tight.

“By the way, are you using water this time…? It is difficult to clean with your feet and mouth right?”
“… I’m using pee too!”


Please wait, let me get this straight. Right now, Angel-chan is in a restroom. It’s not weird to urinate in a restroom. Alright, organization complete.
So Angel-chan’s urine is pure water, yeah! It’s surely a good liquid that’s good for the body even when drank because it’s purified from inside her body! Please give me a cup. No, a barrel.

Fuu, it’ll be dangerous going any further. Let’s withdraw quietly.
Ricard-san approached me to hear the results.

“How’s it going, understand some secret?”
“… That child really is an angel.”
“What’s that? Well, I get she’s a good child.”

Right. She is the best good child!




I, who had observed Angel-chan’s method of work, left the area temporarily and went towards [Grapher’s Slave Deal]. Yeah, the slave trader that I recommended to that trash a little while ago!

“Grapher-san, could I come in?”
“Oh my, Silia-sama. Will you finally purchase one today?”

There weren’t any adorable slave girls when I came the other day, but as expected adorable children are very expensive, aren’t they. Five or ten gold coins, that’s way out of my reach for my savings.
Moreover, since they also replenish their stocks at times… I come here a lot to hear information. Like in the unlikely chance that Angel-chan is sold in the area, the information would likely come here.

“No, I came to make some arrangements for an adventurer I referred here.”
“Oh, my thanks for that. Since it’s an adventurer, is he looking for a combat-type slave? I should start selecting some now.”
“No, he wants a woman slave. He said it would be better if they were experienced.”
“Hahahah, so that was the usage? Well, that’s common. If that’s how it is, then I likely have something in stock in the back.”

By in the back, he meant slaves that resided in the building at the rear of the shop.
Grapher-san’s slaves lived splendidly ordinary, working like day laborers.
It felt like he was working his slave stocks to save on running costs, but they could be purchased as-is depending on the circumstances, so it was two birds with one stone.

“Ah, by the way, he is F-Rank so he likely won’t have much of a budget. And it seems he prefers little girls.”
“I see I see… Fumu, it seems as though I’ve become one of those cheap dealers that I don’t  like my shop to have. So, is there anything you need?”

Grapher-san raised the corners of his mouth into a grin. Sensing what his aim was, it really was an unpleasant smile. As he was asking directly, it was good since it was easy to understand though.

“In truth, that adventurer… is accompanied by Angel-chan, a slave that I can’t help wanting. Could you accept her for me as a trade-in?”
“Hoh! A slave that meet’s Silia-sama’s high standards? That really is interesting.”
“… One gold and fifty silver, no, I can offer two gold coins.”
“If you purchase her, I can overlook the estimate… Could you arrange three gold coins?”

Ugugu! Three gold… T-that’s a lot. Even exhausting my savings wouldn’t be enough.
But, if I can get Angel-chan with it… if I can get her…!

“Guh—… I-I could do it if it’s in installments.”
“Then we’ll see. What about contingency fees? He may not sell her in the first place? These talks do no good if I can’t purchase her.”

O-of course, since if you can’t get her you wouldn’t get any money!

“However, this kind of talk is special… since it’s Silia-sama, you know?”
“Yes, allow me to express my thanks…”

My identity as a guild receptionist is obvious, as well as being the guild head’s grandchild… when needed I could have Ojii-chan do something, I truly believe that it’ll be fine with that position.
No, I don’t intend on depending on him too much though. He’d scold me.




Finishing my negotiations with Grapher-san, I went back to Ricard-san.
I wonder if Angel-chan is still cleaning~?
I looked into Ricard-san’s house.

“Oh, Silia. You’re here again. The cleaning here’s over already, they’re heading to Kant now.”
“Ah, so it’s already over… By the way, how were the results?”
“… … Something beyond perfection! Even though I doubted it when Gutas’ place’s restroom was cleaned thinking he might’ve just replaced it… Gutas’ praises were real after all, seriously.”

When I looked, I saw that his bathroom turned enchantingly white… T-this time, her feet, and her u-urine caused… this shine…!
Ah, I’ve definitely smell something different than last time, a little pee. It’s mixed with the floral scent though…

“I wouldn’t smell it so much, I just used it a little bit ago, it’s embarrassing.”
“Ugeh—, please don’t have me smell something weird.”
“Hahaha, sorry.”
“Really… ah, then now I’ll go to Kant-san and see how things are going.”
“Come back anytime~”

I waved my hand to Ricard-san and went to Kant-san’s house.
Kant-san’s place is filled with apprentices and is quite noisy… ah, it really is noisy. I wonder if something happened? I decided to ask Kant-san about it.

“Ah, Silia. Long time no see, sorry but I’m really busy right now.”
“Did something happen?”
“Yeah. Here, a designated commission. Restroom cleaning.”
“W-was there a mistake?”

Uu, the downside of being an exclusive receptionist is that you have to be responsible for the adventurers you are in charge of and apologize if there is some mistake. It’s different when it’s for Angel-chan, but I really don’t want to apologize for that trash you know?

“Nooo, it’s really amazing. It’s well done!”
“Heeh, you’re talking about Angel-chan? Well, Angel-chan is amazing after all!”
“Angel-chan? No, no matter how I look at it that wasn’t the face of an angel…”
“What are you saying? Such a cute girl, is there any way to call her other than as an angel?”
“No, I’m talking about the guy you know? I think his name was Kehma?”

Huh? Please wait a moment. I think I misheard you.

“Well, he’s really good, I want him here.”
“… What in the world? Did you see an illusion?”
“Huh? Illusion? No, wait, look over here.”

Saying that, Kant-san showed me a wooden box.
… Un, I’m looking, but how is this amazing?

“In truth, I didn’t use nails for this.”
“… Huh? But it doesn’t look like it was made in one piece… does it use adhesives?”
“Well, it uses neither pivots nor adhesives. Ah, I said I didn’t use nails, but to be accurate, I didn’t use metal nails.”

… What? Since it’s a nail, it’d be something like iron or bronze right?
Nevertheless, what kind of nail doesn’t use metal?

“Don’t be surprised… Somehow, I used wooden nails.”
“… Wood was used for nails?”
“Yes! I opened a small hole beforehand with a skewer driven into it afterwards. It’s even unexpectedly strong, and it doesn’t stand out since it’s all wood! This is revolutionary!”

Hearing it in detail, apparently the cause of it seems to be that they had run out of nails, so that scrap irresponsibly muttered, ‘Isn’t it fine if you just use skewers if you don’t have nails?’
Hearing that, when Kant-san actually used a skewer like a nail… as the wood was soft and the skewer was hard, it was able to be used instead of a nail. He understood that he could even use it on harder woods if he opened a hole to use beforehand…

“You mean, this is that scrap’s achievement? Not Kant-san’s?”
“I don’t know, but we should focus on what’s important. I really want him here. He taught everyone knowledge that soaked into our bodies, to think that up is talent. I expect he could become a first-class carpenter.”
“A-ah, is that so?”
“What do you mean ‘is that so’? Nails have to be made of metal, even I thought that all the way till now. But today, I was reborn thanks to him. Even wood can be used for nails.”

U-uumu, the heck, I don’t feel right with Trash-san being praised.
Even though I’m interested in Angel-chan’s work here, let’s flee this time.




My willpower dropped a lot after that exceptional situation concerning that scrap.
What in the world is happening? Well, it’s fine, let’s head back to the guild and take a rest…

… Ah, even though I went to the central park, it’s unpleasant after all. Scrap-san is here.
Kant-san said that woodworking was revolutionized by that guy, but it was probably an illusion. I can’t see anything but that scrap resting while having a little girl clean a restroom by herself.
My hand slipping the other day already put me in debt to him, I’ve already settled it though.

… Now then, can I harass him somehow?
Even though he looks like he’s completely asleep to me, it’s a trap. It’s camouflage. Fake sleeping.
If I could just harass him… uumu, it’s no good, I can’t think of anything.
Let’s stately get closer to him.
Un, it’s fine being stately since this is definitely just my job. I’m different from that trash playing hooky!

Well, even though I’m in front of the bench now…
… Hmm, no matter how I look at is, isn’t he sleeping?

“Oops, someone dropped trash~ really, who would be littering~” [3]

Mu, no reaction.

His sleeping face is somehow amazingly happy, it’s irritating.
Because right now, Angel-chan is cleaning a restroom you know? Despite that, I can’t understand why he would take a nap.
Are you trying to provoke me? Oh? Is that what you want?

“Oh~, it’s garbage, it’s the worst~. The bench is being sullied~” [4]

That is, right now trash has fallen on the bench. In other words, there is trash on the bench, and trash = Scrap-san. This is the receptionist technique of slander.
… I wonder if that was too difficult for Scrap-san to understand? He didn’t react at all.

Hmmm, perhaps he’s just hearing the saint-like Receptionist-san concerned about the park’s littering issue?

Well, there’s no helping it since I am the superior and extraordinarily beautiful guild receptionist.
I am a model receptionist looking out for her adventurers after all!

“… I’m talking about you you know?”

Is he still not understanding? Even though I said it directly, there’s still no response…
Why? I’m not the enemy, even if this small fry says something I’ll just say I had nothing to do with it you know?

Gununu, but I still feel defeated!

I’ll let you go today! I’ll be scolded by the guild head if any of this gets exposed!
Please remember, sooner or later I will be the one to licky lick Angel-chan, you got that!?




I already went to Kant-san’s, so I just returned to the guild.
Haaah, my regular duties are attacking me.
… Oh, right. I haven’t reported about Angel-chan to the guild head. Sounds troublesome… tomorrow’s fine for that.

Handling my regular duties, Angel-chan with her carry-on came along.
… Moreover, there’s a new woman. With her collar, she’s a slave… it’s not a young girl…!?
Ah, so that was it. He doesn’t just want small bodies but wants to try out adult bodies too!? She’s large in several areas, so bouncy.
Rather, Angel-chan is together with him so that means she wasn’t used as a trade-in. Unfortunate.

“… Oh, you sure didn’t take your time buying one. Moreover, a human, and big…”

Wait, what… I remember this person… Sorin-san, I think?
Right, I probably remember her because she was an adventurer with a strong habit? She loved eating above all else, and back then despite being D-Rank she had went through a large amount of F-Rank boar exterminations solo. The reward was that she could keep all of the boars’ noses, they are really delicious. I also wanted to eat them.
After reaching C-Rank, I’d heard talk about her getting into heavy debt and her falling into slavery, but—to be purchased by Scrap-san, she’s unlucky…

Nn? Wait a second.
That means that this Scrap-san was able to buy a slave that was originally a C-Rank adventurer.
A C-Rank adventurer, moreover a debt slave. Being a debt slave means that their debt is included in their price… that is, a debt that was large enough that a C-Rank couldn’t pay back was added to her price.
Excuse me? Wouldn’t even ten gold coins be too little?

“Along with reporting that we completed the commission, this one… Ichika, please register her to the guild.”

Wait, but it’s Sorin-san you know? Why’d her name turn into Ichika?
I thought that using the slave’s original name as their slave name so long as there weren’t any particular reasons to change it was the usual? Beastkin slaves usually work happier when going with that method.
Scrap-san probably stripped her name away by force. Rather, what is ‘Ichika’? Wait, perhapds it came from the god of food, Ichidaka? Naming a girl like he wants her to get fat, does he want to harass her?

“Another name with no sense to it. Well then, I’ll interview her for now… come this way.”

While passing the him twenty copper reward from the designated commission, interviewed Sorin… no, Ichika-san. It is very regrettable, but I have to apply her new name properly since she’s become a slave.
I performed the interview in front of Scrap-san as he was the owner. Starting up the lie detecting magic tool, I started questioning her.

“Where is your home?”
“It’s Pavuera. Ya can tell by my accent right? It’s on the other side of that Tsuia Mountain over there, the fish are sooo good. ‘Specially the octopus there! Well there’s still a lot of guys that throw ’em away even in my home town, but they’re really really really good…”
“Ah, on to the next question.”

This person could energetically keep talking on and on forever about food. Her alias as a C-Rank adventurer being [Demonic Gourmand] wasn’t just for show.

“Your strong points?”
“Tastin’ stuff! Ah, of course I’m good at tastin’ for poison and rot too… Wait, as an adventurer, ya mean? Haha, shoulda jus’ said so, un, scoutin’! I’m also good at securin’ food anywhere I guess?”

She is an excellent scout. From what I’ve heard there’s no reason to worry about starving with Ichika-san there. She would handle food like running a monopoly though. Ignoring the scrap, please make sure to share with Angel-chan alright?

“Your reason for applying?”
“Goshujin-sama~, he said he’d give me lots of super delicious stuff to eat♪ Fufufu, I can eat good from now on~♪”

I understand, when he said that he tricked you, he’ll feed you his *beeeep* or something. The fiend!

“Let’s see, last, is there anything you need to tell the guild? You are a former adventurer.”
“Oh? You knew somethin’ like that? Lessee, I was a former C-Rank adventurer that became a slave. Well, now I have a new name and it’s Ichika, so I’m havin’ a fresh start. Pleased to meet ya!”

Hearing Ichika, Scrap-san said something stupid from behind, ‘Eh? A former adventurer?”
No no no, you bought a slave without getting an explanation!?
Did you not ask!? Did you just see her boobs and buy her!?

Uaaah, no way. She wasn’t cheap you know? You bought a human you know? Such a negligent shopper. As expected of the worst Scrap-san.

It looked like she hadn’t lied so there’s no problem giving her a guild card. As a former adventurer G-Rank should be fine as an exception… Ah, right.

“… By the way, how much was she?”
“I drove the price down nicely. Fifty silver coins.”

… Huh?
Fifty silver…? For a human and a former C-Rank adventurer debt slave that price was clearly strange, what in the world kind of trickery did he use to make her that cheap!?
‘Drove the price down nicely,’ what kind of threat did you use against that Grapher-san!?

Wha—, n-no way, he lent him Angel-chan…!?

Kuh, what heresy… Scrap-san isn’t worthy of Angel-chan after all!




A guild receptionist’s morning starts early.
If the guild isn’t opened early in the morning, adventurers are unable to secure their employment and that day’s business halts. The guild is a system that function from early morning until midnight, leaving its doors open to adventurers twenty-one hours a day, leaving someone in waiting for the extra three hours just in case something happens.
As the guild head’s grandchild, as well as a guild receptionist, I must work unashamed.
Despite that, I was called early in the morning today by the guild head to receive a scolding.

“Why didn’t you immediately report to me that those adventurers returned?”
“Eh? I did report. Through Anon-chan.”

Anon-chan is my coworker. She looked at me with cold eyes yesterday… even though I was just going to observe my adventurers’ work.

“Anon certainly did report to me yesterday. However, it seems like she wasn’t asked to tell me anything in particular?”
“Eh, even though I asked her to tell you that the adventurers I’m in charge of came!?”
“Idiot! I told you to report to me directly without using anyone as a go-between for that hero matter in the first place!”
“I forgot, it’s been a week since then! I’m sorry!”

The guild head sighed. I’m the one that really wants to sigh. But well right now’s the morning adventurer rush, this break from work feels great… rather, it’s painful to not work, yeah! Ohoho.
Just then, the door to the guild head’s room was knocked on.

“Excuse me, guild master. The adventurers that Silia is in charge of have come… They are saying bye to leave.”
“… It can’t be helped, get going, Silia.”

Nice timing! Scolding evaded!

“We will continue after today’s work ends, alright?”

Uuu, I wasn’t able to avoid it.
At any rate, I went to where Angel-chan was.
Ah, the accessory’s here too. Sorin-san… not that, Ichika-san’s here as well.

“Good morning.”
“Ah, yeah, good morning… but why you specifically?”

Oh, come to think of it I haven’t told him about being his exclusive receptionist huh… I definitely haven’t. He disappeared for a week before I said it, so I completely forgot yesterday.

“I am assigned to you, I look forward to working with you from here on.”
“Ah, yeah.”

A stupid response huh. Well it’s fine, so I quickly told him about the work exclusive receptionists do.
Ah, right right, come to think of he’s leaving town huh. Is it his high point that he’d come to report that?

“I’ll be training in the mountains for a bit. I’ve been thinking about setting my sights on the [White Labyrinth] sooner or later.”

Training… if something happens to him and Angel-chan survives she’ll be my thing legally…!
Nn? [Ordinary Cave]? Well, it’s an empty dungeon but Scrap-san with his empty head is no match for a dungeon. For now I showed him the general area on the map and took the chance to say that the dungeon core shouldn’t be destroyed.
… Come to think of it, that A-Rank adventurer declared she’d come and assassinate anyone that tried destroying that dungeon core huh. Let’s make sure to tell him that. As his exclusive receptionist, I don’t want to be assassinated as well for not saying it.
Oh, right.

“Another designated commission came in for you. I’m told that Kehma-sama’s delivery of meat for producing meat skewers were, rather than being of low quality, were delicious and popular… they sold very well, and sold out in the afternoon. He boasted, saying that from now on he would purchase up to six per day at the max of twelve coppers. If possible, he’d like you to tell him the secret.”
“Hooh! Tasty meat skewers!? You won’t overlook that right? Right? Goshujin-sama!?”

[Demonic Gourmand] snapped at him.

Let’s recommend goblin and boar subjugations.
They are F-Rank commissions, so it’s just right. Goblins become fertilizer for the fields and boars are just tasty to begin with, so I’m sure [Demonic Gourmand] will certainly be excited about it.




“Because of that, in conclusion, Angel-chan is the best. I want her in my family, no, I want to have her to myself.”

After business was over, I was called by the guild head once again and reported on Angel-chan’s excellence to him. Angel-chan is wonderful no matter how many times I say it. The cleanliness of the restrooms cleaned by Angel-chan leaving behind some of her purity are too much.

“Alright, putting the angel aside, what about Kehma-dono?”
“Eh? He was sleeping in the park. He’s no good, playing hooky. Seriously.”

Fufun, I said it this time! Playing hooky is no good you know~

“It’s natural for the master to rest while their slave works.”

Eh, no punishment even though he skipped out? That’s discrimination!

“Well, I also have some thoughts about how to perform that commission… That way isn’t strange for something like restroom cleaning. It’s not always true that two people inside of a small restroom would be able to move that well, so isn’t that actually the perfect way to finish the commission? If you’re working properly, it can’t be called playing hooky.”

The guild head said that like he read my thoughts. Ugugu, that’s a sound argument.

“… However, thinking about the way he uses his slave, Kehma-dono likely is not a hero after all. I thought there may be a chance for it, but I heard talks that heroes don’t like slavery as the land they come from does not allow slavery.”
“Ah, speaking of slaves it appears he bought another one yesterday. That slave was registered as an adventurer yesterday as well. A former C-Rank adventurer… get this, the person whose alias was [Demonic Gourmand].”
“What? … Wait, a former adventurer that possessed an alias? Even at the cheapest, wouldn’t they cost eight gold coins?”
“Moreover, a debt slave!”
“Then that would be fifteen gold coins! Strange, does he have a money source somewhere? Maybe he’s a hero after all…”
“However, it seems he bought her for fifty silver.”
“… Wait wait, that’s strange. Fifty silver for a C-Rank adventurer? What in the world kind of hand did he play for it to turn into something like that?”

Right!? I don’t get it either. But there were no reactions from the lie detecting magic tool that I’d happened to start up either, so it’s true he bought her for fifty silver.

“… For a new F-Rank adventurer to already have fifty silver, no that’d be fifty-five including the adventurer registration… Just that much is plenty abnormal. He’s definitely concealing something.”

Angel-chan is surely still earning him money, so he didn’t want to release her.

“Was there anything else strange?”
“There was something weird when I went to Kant-san’s place, as I understand it, there’s something like wooden nails… Kant-san was excited about it.”
“Hoh, a hero’s knowledge… Uumu, the chances of him being a hero is even higher now, huh?”
“No, I get the feeling that Kehma-sama just said something offhanded to Kant-san and he understood it as a new idea.”
“Mm? That so… well it’s fine. Anything else?”

Was there anything else… let’s see, nn…

“Ah, he said something about wanting to go to [White Labyrinth]. And he’s secluding himself in the mountain to train or something.”
“Ooh. Then for the time being he’s aiming for C-Rank, is he… Hmm, the dungeon huh. Silia, collect information about that dungeon and memorize it. It might be useful.”
“Eeh… Yes, understood, guild head. I’ll make sure to memorize it.”

Learn it before he returns in a week, he means…
Uuu, my work increased. Aah mou, I don’t wanna!
I’ll work hard for Angel-chan though alright!?

“There should be an [Introduction to the Study of Dungeons] in the warehouse, look for it. Sell it to him cheaply to get his gratitude.”
“Uwaah, that cluttered room…? Getting things out of there sucks though.”

The adventurer guild warehouse. When something is placed there, it doesn’t come out. There’s probably lots of ghost-type monsters lost in there. They probably like the gloom.

Eh, wait. Come to think of it, Angel-chan isn’t going to come for a week. Meanwhile, I’m going to be studying dungeon stuff while doing my normal work, as well as having to search the warehouse!?
Wai—, please, someone save meeee!


  • Interesting note here, as seen at the start of Chapter 36, she verbally clicks her tongue. It slipped out and she didn’t notice. Hah.  Return
  • Another interesting note. She had that ENTIRE thought string in the span of a second or so. Lmao. Return
  • Small pun. ‘Dropped trash’ (trash is dropped) can also mean ‘Trash is lying down’ here. This pun is continued later. Return
  • See the above footnote. Also, read on for more explanation. Return


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