LDM – Chapter 234

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The Existence Named Leona 2


“I want to become the [Final Boss]!”

Leona said it a second time. It’s that important to her?
She kept on speaking when I was about to try asking what she meant.

“I, well, want to use my power how I want, when I want, doing what I want, selfishly, mercilessly, irresponsibly, and never have to think about whatever ties people down like apologies, reasons, compensations, or annoyances. I just want to enjoy myself… In other words, I want to live my life in this world doing whatever I feel like, I want to become the Last Boss! Fufufu.”

Leona laughed giddily. She still hadn’t finished, though.

“Haven’t there been circumstances altering Last Bosses recently like [He’s actually a good guy] or [There was no other choice but to] or [The evil ones were actually humanity]? That’s stupid, I hate stuff like that. Last Bosses should move in accordance to their desires and wield their strength how they want. An antagonist that overruns, pillages, plunders, and steals without ever feeling guilty about any of it. I want to be that sort of absolute authority.”

In other words, someone wholly engrossed by their selfishness. Looks like the Last Boss is the existence named Leona.

“There’s even a Demon King in this world, gods too. Well, even if he’s calling himself a Demon King, he’s a Dungeon Core. The Destruction God is the God of Light and the God of Darkness is the Evil God—the Creation God isn’t doing anything. They don’t feel like Last Bosses at all yeah? That’s why I’ll turn into one and that’s just how it is.”

It’s like that… well, it’s probably better that I don’t understand.

… Hold up. The God of Light is the Destruction God and the God of Darkness is the Evil God, the heck? That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that! There’s even a god called the Creation God? And he’s at the level of creating existence? Please don’t spout off something so crazy like it’s nothing…

“Aah, but I have my own policies though! I like to play my games with a few handicaps.”
“… Should I ask about them? What do you mean by handicaps?”
“Ufufu, there’s quite a few, but if I were to put it simply… I favor children that please me. I don’t get off on killing them, I actually give them blessings so that they won’t die.”

They’ve gotta be curses…

“I use some of my time to make sure that those children get strong and wise. I hope they’ll be able to kill me some day. So then when they do get strong enough to kill me, I’ll harvest them… Aah, I can’t wait! It’s my dream to turn those darlings that’ll someday get strong enough to kill me into pets unable to do anything but resent and vilify me! I just can’t wait to see what’ll happen when I still love on them… Hah hah!”
“That kind of love’s a bit much, kind of ruins the mood… was that called yandere?”
“Keima-san, I’ll raise your strength to the limit if you decide to be a candidate to be one of my pets. How about it, want to sign the contract?”
“Sorry, but I’ll decline.”
“Ah, unfortunate. Unexpected even, there’s a lot of people that want to get strong so much that they would even sell their soul to a demon. I’d put the probability at those who sign the contract with me after I offer it at about 80%, even. Ah, I also keep my promises. That’s another one of my policies.”
“… Leona, you’re a demon?”
“Oh dear, to call such a sweet and innocent human girl a demon… How praiseworthy. Well, there are a few heretics revering and worshiping me as the [Chaos God] or something, so I might actually be a demon.”

What a no-good girl, I have to do something and do it quick… but I can’t turn this into a fight.

“So then, it’s your turn now, Keima-san. As someone in a similar situation as me, what do you desire in this world? I might even make you my companion if you want half of the world.”

By similar situation, she’s probably referring to how I’m two things that should be hostile toward each other, how I’m both a Dungeon Master and a Hero.
Still though, my desire? I’ve already figured that out.

“I don’t want something outrageous like half the world. I just want to sleep in peace of mind.”
“Oh, how lovely. I think having a simple dream like that is nice. If you ignored how f*cking boring it is, I mean.”
“Thanks for the compliment. I think your dream’s amazing, too—if you took out how ridiculously troublesome it sounds.”
“Now that you mention it, it is troublesome. Yeah, we’re already friends! Better yet, we’re already close friends!”
“You do know that I’m not going to pay any friend charge or sign that contract, right?”
“Aw, unfortunate. Well, alright, Haku-san’s already paying for it anyway. This place is Haku-chan’s favorite, so I promise to not wreck it.”

So Haku-san’s paying some kind of friend charge… oh, is that why she’s had to hunt and attack dungeons for a long time? So that means… no, let’s stop there. It’s just my imagination.

“Well then, I’m going to be living here in the dungeon for a while. I’ll take some strolls now and then, but you don’t mind, do you?”
“… I don’t mind since you look more or less like a human, but please don’t say anything that could cause trouble, alright? That includes to your grandkids.”
“It’s the same for the Succubi, though. They aren’t any different from humans if they just hide a few things. Like that waitress girl you have over there… ooh? Why’s her attack power at 0? That’s suuuuper interesting!”
“Cut it out.”

With that, Leona snapped her fingers again. The surrounding clamor returned.

“Well, thanks for the meal. Put some rice in our provisions next time, okay?”
“I’ll consider it.”

Returning her dishes now that she finished eating, Leona left the dining room.

“… Holy crap, I thought I was going to die…”

I suddenly started sweating.
I might’ve even fainted if I had [Blackout Resistance] set to OFF.
… I need to start using [Super Transformation] even here in the inn from now on, don’t I?
I ate my now-cold dinner and returned to my room.

By the way, after turning into the Succubi’s meal, Setsuna and Nayuta rolled out of the dungeon with vacant eyes the next morning. Well, our Golems were what rolled them out though.
Try not to catch a cold out there alright?


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    It basically means that from another people’s POV, you’re just the main villain.

    • anonymous says:

      it is also a jab at anti hero/villian novels since nowadays they arent the real villians due to betrayal plot or forced circumstances

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