GDBBM – Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: “Small White Lotus (2)”

Where did this little thing pop out from?

His delicate little face and his big watery eyes filled with grievances, looked at Jun Wu Xie as if she had done something very wrong.

“Monster!” Black Cat exclaimed loudly, staring at the little guy.

“I’m not a monster!” The little boy said startled by his own outburst as he fiddled with his fingers.

“Who are you?” Jun Wu Xie looked at him innocently.

[Get him thrown out! This guy is definitely a monster!] The black cat felt almost numb. Ever since they transversed into this world, the variety of bizarre things have happened so much.

When the little boy heard the cat said that he should be thrown out he immediately started crying.

“I am not a monster, you cannot throw me out! I’m your contractual spirit! Contractual spirit! How could you throw out your own contractual spirit ……” the sobbing little boy claimed, while looking at Jun Wu Xie, big tears from his eyes were falling when suddenly, the room was infused with a deep lotus scent.

“I didn’t know that contractual spirits could turn into humans?” Jun Wu Xie rebutted harshly, her gorgeous face not a trace of softening up.

Little boy opened his mouth, looked at Jun Wu Xie as if wronged.

“I really am your contractual spirit, if you do not believe me, I can change into a more familiar form for you.” Then it slowly stood up, stifling its tears when he disappeared without a trace, in his place, a beautiful white lotus was floating in mid-air.

“……” Jun Wu Xie no longer knew how to express the shock in her mind.

*Poof* The white lotus disappeared once again and the little boy once reappeared in the same place.

For that moment, Jun Wu Xie thought of the magicians in her previous world.

“Now do you believe me?” The little guy was watching Jun Wu Xie’s response in earnest.

Although …… he also knows that even in the spirit world, he was different from the rest… but he really is …… a contractual spirit!

Jun looked leisurely at her own “contractual spirit” white lotus flower which was already hard to accept as it was the first she had heard of a plant contractual spirit but now that it could even transform…! However, looking at the little arm and legs, not to mention fighting, if others gave him a punch, it would most probably put him to death almost immediately.

“Sure enough, it’s still useless?” Jun Wu Xie muttered out loud, frowning slightly not hiding her discontent that this was not her ideal contractual spirit.

Brooding Jun Wu Xie did not notice, after she carelessly said those words, the already uneasy little lotus was again on the verge of tears.

“Sniff …please do not turn me away, I’m..I’m useful…I’m really useful.” Alert to his own master’s “loath” the little lotus could no longer bear it, he threw himself at her while clinging onto one leg, tears running like a tap.

“I am very useful, really, do not throw me back.” Little Lotus stubbornly clinging to her leg, fearing her outright rejection.

“Throw back? Where?” Jun Wu Xie finally answered when the words from the little lotus awoke her from her previous stupor.

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