Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Chaotic space

Ye Xuan Ran, whose face was red from being choked, suddenly felt a strong force hitting her head.  Her eyes rolled back in her head and she fainted.


Ye Yu Xi threw the human shield she was holding onto the ground.  Her beautiful cold eyes looked over at the maidservant that had sneak attacked her, “A maidservant dares to kill their own master, you must be punished!”

“No!  It was you.  It was you who used the third miss to block……”


Ye Yu Xi did not even let her finish speaking.  She suddenly appeared in front of her and broke her neck, “Dead people have no chance to explain.”

Walking beside Ye Xuan Ran, she thought of all the times that Ye Xuan Ran had bullied her.  She had not even treated the original owner like a human!

Killing her like this was letting her off too easily.

Kacha!  Kacha! Kacha!  Kacha!

The sound of four bones breaking rang out.

Ye Xuan Ran woke up from the extreme pain.

Seeing Ye Yu Xi who looked just like a devil, Ye Xuan Ran twitched her four limbs and her expression turned fierce, “Ye Yu Xi, if I report this back to the family, they will not let you go.  They won’t!”

Ha, ha!  Reporting back to the family?

“You won’t have a chance to say anything!”  Saying this, Ye Yu Xi stepped onto Ye Xuan Ran’s mute point.

[TL Note: mute point is an acupuncture point that makes it so a person can’t talk]

After her mute point was destroyed, Ye Xuan Ran could not ever talk again!

Ye Yu Xi revealed a cold smile and her foot was placed on Ye Xuan Ran’s dantian.

“If you come out and play, then prepare to receive.”

Under Ye Xuan Ran’s desperate gaze, she just saw the little foot ruthlessly fall down.

Ye Xuan Ran’s desperate gaze began to fall apart.  Even if her limbs were crippled, as long as she trained her spiritual energy, she could recover.

Once her dantian was shattered, Ye Xuan Ran could feel the spiritual energy in her body dissipating.  She spat out a mouthful of blood and fainted once again.

Ye Yu Xi looked at her weak little palm, “Ye Yu Xi, since I’ve taken your body, I will bear all responsibilities.  All the grudges that you had, I will take revenge for you!”

She walked towards the thatched hut on the outskirts of Ningyuan City that was in her memories.

From the moment she passed over, she felt that there was something extra in her dantian.  She would have to properly examine it later.

She said nothing the entire trip.

Ye Yu Xi came to the residence that she remembered.  The gate to the little courtyard opened with a squeaking sound.

Hugging a pillow, the sleeping Qing’er sitting on the door sill suddenly heard the sound of the courtyard gate.  She sleepily opened her eyes, “Young miss, you’re back, ah! How did your clothes become like this!”

“It’s nothing, it was just caught on some branches in the woods.”  Seeing this little girl in front of her, perhaps it was because she was affected by the original owner, Ye Yu Xi felt a bit of warmth pass through her heart.  That cold expression of her face instantly collapsed.

When she had been kicked out of the manor in the past, there was only this little girl that stayed by Ye Yu Xi’s side.  This pair of master and servant had spent all this time together. It had been hard on this ten year old child.

Qing’er bounced around Ye Yu Xi, checking her body, but she found that Ye Yu Xi was not hurt at all.  Then she suddenly remembered that the young miss had not eaten yet, “Young miss, you must be hungry. I left something good for you, I’ll go heat it up now.”

Ye Yu Xi quickly stopped Qing’er, “There’s no need, I’m not hungry.  It’s already very late, let’s quickly go to sleep.”

The thatch hut was not very large and there was only a single bed.  The master and servant had to sleep together.

Lying on the bed, Ye Yu Xi could not sleep at all.  This room……Other than the floor, there was not a single place that didn’t have a draft.

After waiting for Qing’er lying beside her to fall asleep.

Ye Yu Xi heart skipped a beat and she felt a special feeling envelope her body.  Then her entire person disappeared into thin air and entered into a wonderful place.

“Master!  Welcome to the Chaotic Space!”

She heard a gentle voice.

Ye Yu Xi looked around herself and found that she was on a giant platform with bookshelves surrounding her.

There was no spring scenery or beautiful creeks in the surroundings.  There was only a stretch of white around the platform. She could not see far into the distance.

Seeing the little bird talking to her, Ye Yu Xi narrowed her eyes, “Who are you!  Where is this?”

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