DB – Epilogue

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Many, many years passed.
Many people were born and died.
Many countries flourished and fell to ruin.
Many civilizations prospered and fell to ruin.
Many races thrived and went on the decline.
An era that called this history a myth began.
An era that humans, demi-humans, and demons intermixed on the four continents began.



There was a labyrinth called the Dark Labyrinth.
It was constructed in a mythical era, many explorers challenged it, yet they were all repelled.
Within its depths was a giant door, beyond which many dragons slept.
Mere legends at this point, no one had ever seen the appearance of a dragon.
In that place was a bed with a canopy.

Lying on that bed was a beautiful saint with silvery hair and blue eyes.
Beside her was a black-haired, golden-eyed queen of dragons.
Holding Carla’s hands, Ria didn’t move from her prayer-like posture.
There was a girl with blonde hair and green eyes standing a little bit away.
“Ria, it looks like the time has come…”
Even at a time like this, Carla’s voice was beautifully clear.
“… Has it?”
Ria’s voice lacked emotion. Due to the long years, it had steadily ebbed away.
Both Carla’s body and spirit had lived far longer than the limit of a human. She was now approaching the limit beyond that.

God Dragons could live for an almost infinite length of time.
The first century was the most painful.
She’d watched as her friends, acquaintances, and even her descendants departed this world before her.
The Demon King no longer existed and the former Demonlands was an area deemed the most prosperous place on the planet, a place where all races thrived together.
All of the kingdoms of old had vanished as well. Even so, people continued their activities.
Really, a very long time had passed.

And now, the last person who knew Ria from when she was a human was about to enter the cycle of reincarnation.
“Ria, please look for me.”
Whether it took hundreds of years, or thousands.
Ria would definitely find Carla.

“Ria… I love you.”
Carla’s body was concealed by a faint silver color.
Together with her soul living her body, her spirit and body disappeared.
Carla died.

Irina spoke. Ria, whose head was downcast, turned around with a lucid expression.
“Irina, I’m a bit tired, too.”
She quietly traced her finger along the bed.
The bed that still held some of Carla’s warmth.
“… I… want to sleep…”
“What will you do?”
“I’ll travel.”
Irina spoke resolutely.
“That so? Travel… that’s… a good thing.”
Ria laid down on the bed. It still smelled like Carla.
“Well then, I’m off.”
Closing the huge door, Irina headed for the surface.
Seeing her off, Ria closed her eyes and took a long, long rest.




Now, where should I go?
Irina thought.
It was a journey with no destination. Even so, there should still be a purpose to it.
“I’ll find Maal-chan.”
It’s a great idea, if I do say so myself.
Her soul had been lost. Just how much time had passed since then?
Now that she was the last one left, she would find the person who she first got along with.
She didn’t know which continent to go to, but she should still be able to find her.

Scattering the nearby monsters that couldn’t read the mood, Irina ran.
Now, she had nothing.
Therefore, she had the potential to gain everything.
Running through the labyrinth’s floors, Irina burst up onto the surface.
Both the world and her future was right there for the taking.



Translator Comment:
Sincerely, I thank you all for reading this series. It was the second one I’d ever picked up and I learned a lot through its gradual translation. Despite my shortcomings, I hope you enjoyed it and that you may stick around with me through another series’ journey.


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23 Responses to DB – Epilogue

  1. Moon Cookie says:

    A bit more of a quick and somber end to the novel, but not a terrible one.

    Thank you.



  2. feli says:

    hmm thought serge and his gf was immortal too?

    • rockinroll39 says:

      May not have died of old age, could have chosen to end it. The demon king had asked valis to let him live forever as well, but he died in the end as well.

  3. FranckOA says:

    Welcome to the very select club of “the translators that had finished a complete novel translation” !
    There are free cookies, cupcakes and brownies on the leftmost table :oD !

  4. Silveus says:

    I know some people get excited and happy when a story comes to an end, but I’ve always only felt sadness.

    No matter how short, hor how long it took, i’ve always felt that a story i stuck with was less of mere story, and more of a friend. Someone who had stuck with me, through the thick and the thin. A precious comrade.

    And now, that friend has gone, leaving me behind. Sometimes we leave on a good note, sometimes a bad one. Regardless, they’re gone, and i’m still here.

    I’ll remember the good times, but that is all, just memories. We wont have new experiences, new moments of fun, of sadness, of annoyance. Only the past remains.

    I’ll move on to new stories, some better, some worse, some might even be similar. But they wont be the same. Maybe the new stories will dominate this one in my mind, and i will hardly think of it, but it will still exist in my memories.

    Its a sad day for me.

  5. Triton says:

    Until the end Ria’s daughters never made an appearance

  6. Clesesia says:

    Thanks for chapter.
    Somehow I feel bit disappointed about ending.
    In middle story already like forced story.
    And ending is like this, Serge and his wife is immortal right? Why it says all people died? And Ria became lack emotions and Carla is dead.
    Well at least until half story is interesting so I continue it until end. Hope another novel this site translate not turned like this.

    • Anonymous says:

      Perpetual youth not immortal, they probably chose to die later or their soul reached the limit and had no choice but to die.

  7. YotsubaMaya says:

    I love the ending, it has a feeling of sequel to it… Now bring in the fan novels about Irina!!!

  8. as1991 says:

    Thanks for your work.

    Isn’t there a sequel?
    I believe there where 2 story’s where the author mentioned that they are sequel’s to DB.

    • reader since 2016 says:

      Me too i was actually looking for it as well but cant find it.

      would be nice all i remember was the sequel to Evil God Average where the church summoned a hero.
      strange but when i remember dragons bloodline i remember evil god average as well the same can be said the other way around.

      thoughts on the ending feels like i have existential crisis hahahaha.. in all honesty a bit sad and happy although the other chapters at the ending feels a bit rushed still good. and so many questions about the others what happened to them? about ria’s other 2 wives there children? but the author seemed to sum it up to “Tragedy of Long Life” quickly but still good i mean great ending for me. leaves a mystique kind of sense.

      but i think i read it somewhere as well about the sequel(some forum). would be nice if there is a sequel irina’s looks promising.
      (Sorry for the long post)


      are you stupid the earth gone what sequel

  9. Maltt says:

    Second series? You know that’s bullshit. Did you forget the ‘Peach’? It’s short but it is still a series…. it’s my favorite work that you translated.

  10. mllhild says:

    Oh Ziru, you actually finished it. Im quite impressed at your persistence even though you said your were disliking the story because of the time jumps and forced feeling.
    I havent read all of it yet,but I will probably soon now that it is compled.
    Thanks a lot and hope to have you around for years to come.

  11. Nhan Sieu says:

    Thank for translating this 😀 Thank a lot

  12. Phoenix295 says:

    The ending confuzzled me.

  13. Lilaa says:

    Remembered, you wanted to re-do the first chapters a bit. When will you begin?

  14. Eleonoren says:

    The last few chapters are haywire. I’m struggling to make sense of them. Seems like a forced end (if you ask me).

  15. Sherrynity says:

    ……ah, shit. That ending… I thought it’s going to be worse, with all of those rushed scenarios. But the epilogue is just… it feels right.

    Thank you, for bringing this series into the light.

  16. Nhan Sieu says:

    Gosh, I hate eternal life. It would be better if the MC died with the one she loves and finds a successor of her

  17. ricecal says:

    Thank you very much for translating and sharing

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