The Tiger Groom’s Wedding Day

Alternative Name: 호랑이 장가가는 날, Rain Showers in Sunlight
Author: 아노르이실 (Anorisil)
Category: Korean Web Novel, Boys Love, Fantasy, Eastern Setting, Comedy, Sweet
Status: Ongoing
Translator: itikky
Editor: KagamiTL (?)
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“Please marry me.”

Having ascended from mortal beast to mountain god, Horang’s lowly origins meant he was disregarded by the other gods. None would associate or even talk with him. Watching over his mountain in solitude, with the squirrel Ttorangyi as his sole companion, a letter arrived with a marriage proposal addressed to him.

Horang initially considered this a cruel joke, but when a fox demon appeared and claimed to be the sender, he seemed to be genuine. Even chasing away the fox proved futile, as the fox lingered around him and persisted in his demands. Horang’s heart was slowly swayed by this, but there was somebody he was waiting for. Someone whose name or face he could not remember but whom he had held close to his heart even before becoming a mountain god. Knowing this person might someday return, Horang could not accept the fox’s proposal.

Now, adding to this chaos and making matters worse, Horang’s mountain finds itself under threat from mysterious evil spirits and shamans that have begun to frequent it…


(Meanwhile, I will be working on Cat K…)

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  1. kriwufei says:

    Looks interesting! I’ll be sure to check it out when you start translating this one.

  2. Michele Roland says:

    Can’t wait for your translation!!

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