BIFMSMTK Volume 1 Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: The Orc and The Girl

After a few minutes.

I hid behind a shady tree, around 10 steps away from the orc and the human figure to observe them.

When I arrived here, the magic 《Mighty Arm》 has already lost its effect.

But 《Physical Up》 is still usable.

The duration of the magic, is roughly about 20 – 30 minutes.

Later when I am visiting the white room, I should ask about this.

The person who is pinned under the orc, is a girl.

The girl is wearing the uniform of the Middle School section, with a long black hair that reaches the waist.

The orc is breathing heavily in its preparation of its violence of the girl.

Now what?

Why did this guy try to open the girl’s legs?

Why did this guy throw its weapon aside?

Why did this guy face its butt towards me without any preparation, while thinking of raping that girl?

It is completely unsuspecting of its surroundings.

This is a good chance—— I thought to myself. The girl is crying loudly, and as long as I crept closer quietly, then the orc should not be able to discover me. Then I will just use her as bait.

One of these days, I will have to kill these monsters without the use of traps. Now with this situation in front of me, isn’t it the best chance for me to take the first step?

I calmed down and took a deep breath, and then casted magic on the bamboo spear.

「《Keen Weapon》.」

The bamboo spear began to glow slightly, and the tip became harder, its piercing power should have also risen.

「《Mighty Arm》, 《Physical Up》.」

My arms and legs began to glow. Though the effect of 《Physical Up》 has not disappeared, but to be on the safe side, I still cast it again.

In this way, both my arms and legs are in the strengthened state. If any emergency happens, I just have to leave this girl and escape by myself.

After using so many magic, it caused me to feel abit dizzy. I hope the next level up will increase the MP.

Nevertheless, all my magic must be cast before the battle.

I judged that I can still handle it, and hence I called the crow that I summoned with summon magic.

「《Mighty Arm》, 《Physical Up》, 《Keen Weapon》.」

I used magic to strengthen the crow’s ability. Support magic can be used on the others. It should be said that support magic is to be used on other, supporting them.

I used 《Keen Weapon》on the crow’s beak. With this, it should be able to act as the role of diversion against the orc.

I hope it can achieve its role. Please, please protect me. I am really afraid by myself.

The things that can be done are done.

Okay, preparation ready.

I held the bamboo spear, and slowly, silently walked closer to behind the orc who is pinning the girl beneath it.

The orc took off it loincloth, revealing its ugly butt.

I once heard from a great man that, humans are the most unguarded when they are excreting.

Thinking about it carefully, ejaculating is also a form of discharging. The posture now, is indeed completely unguarded.

Where should I stab? After thinking, I decide to aim at the neck.

If I missed, the stab may hurt the girl, but even if so, I will think about it when the time comes. After all, this girl is nobody to me.

I ordered the crow that once the battle start, to steal away the sword that the orc threw aside, and ran away.

Thus, even if the surprise attack fail, the opponent can only fight with me bare handed.

I walked step by step closer to the orc’s back.

Almost there. I swallowed my saliva……

My eyes met with the eyes of the girl who is pinned under.

Not good.

I began to have cold sweat. If she did any kind of suspicious actions now, then the orc may discover my existence.

I felt very angry, I am about to save you now. But of course those are just words, because up to just now, I had only thoughts of using the girl as bait.

I will be betrayed by her.

I am thinking of this by reflex.

It is the same as that time. That is why I was targeted by that fellow.

There is someone who is bullied in my class, and because I wanted to help him, and hence I made that guy unhappy.

In the end the target for bullying changed from that student to me, and even that student who was being bullied initially, also joined in the act of bullying me.

I can never forget, that student who was originally being bullied, giving a cruel smile on his face when he was looking at me lying on the floor.

I will also never forget, when he used the wet cloth for cleaning toilets to wipe my face, those eyes were full of joy.

My actions have been betrayed by him who did it in the worst form.

I wanted to seek justice, and the ending was this. I wanted to help him, and the ending was this. I believed everyone in the world has a kind heart, but the ending was this.

So I will never trust anyone again.

I created a plan to kill that fellow alone, and I also prepared everything alone.

Luckily I did not have any friends, and no one to pay attention to me, hence I could take this action easily.

From the past until now, all I need is myself; it will be so in the future too.

That’s right, I only need myself. Even if the girl in front of me betrays me, that doesn’t matter too.

I will kill this orc, and gain the experience. That’s all.

There is still a few steps to the orc, and now in a swoop……

In the moment just as I was determined to take the step——

「No! Stop, go away!」

The girl began to cry loudly.

Her behavior, is as though she was trying to attract the orc’s attention.

The girl used her hands to hammer at the orc’s muscular chest, while the orc looked down at the girl impatiently, and lightly slapped her.

The girl’s lip tore, spitting out a bit of blood.

Even so, she continued to resist. The orc seemed more unhappy. And that was enough.

I gave a yell, and attacked the orc.

I used all my strength and stabbed the spear into the orc’s thick neck.

Blue colored blood splashed everywhere. The orc gave a shriek, and turned around.

It has great strength, but how can I just let go. I grabbed the bamboo spear with my hands tightly, and stabbed harder.

The orc left the girl and fell down at the side. The bamboo spear stabbed inside his throat, also bounced out of my hands.

The orc violently pulled the bamboo spear out, and threw it aside, and look around, searching for its rusty sword.

But it cannot find it.

That is of course. Because that sword……

Is taken by the crow in its mouth, and delivered to my side. (TL note: this crow doesn’t know how to use its claws?)

Perhaps it is because of being strengthened by magic, even holding the sword bigger than itself, the crow can still fly normally.

Good. I held the orc’s sword, and prepared for battle.

I ordered the crow to attack the orc’s eyes.

After the crow who is loyal to me gave a cry, it flew towards the orc.

The orc tried to use its hands to chase the crow away.

But, the crow I summoned persisted in attacking the orc’s face.

I gave a shout, and rushed towards the orc.

I held the sword and slashed at its body, large amount of blue blood sprayed out, and the orc staggered backwards.

I took another step forward, and swung the sword.

But the orc used its hands to block my attack. A huge impact caused my arms to go numb.

The sword in my hand flew away, landing in the woods.

Just as I was thinking 「Shit!」, the orc came towards me.

I quickly distanced myself. Because of the effect of magic, my body is very light, and I was able to put some distance between us in a moment.

But, with this, I also lost my element of surprise.

The more important problem is that, my hands and legs are shaking.

Afraid? Of course I am afraid! I am super scared! I wished to turn tail and run away immediately!

My teeth gave the sound of kachi kachi, and my breath became very rushed. I seemed to pant more exaggeratedly than the orc’s nasal breath.

Clearly I did not have any injury, but I don’t know why I am actually more tired.

But the orc is also staggering.

It seems that the stab in its neck is very effective.

This should be a fatal wound for humans, but this fellow seems to be surprisingly robust. Ah, after all its whole body is made of muscles……

Having said that, the sword indeed did not work.

I suddenly discovered that the bamboo spear is still beside the orc. That bamboo spear has obviously injured the orc until like that, but in the orc’s recognition, it seems to not treat it as a weapon.

This fellow is a simple unicellular organism.

But its simple mind, is a favorable element to me.

Let me make good use of it. I ordered the crow to fly beside the orc’s face.

This is a check. As I expected, the orc is thrown into confusion by the attack from the crow.

I took the chance to rush to the bamboo spear, and quickly picked it up.

No, this is a lie. More accurately, I ran to the spear unsteadily, and because my hands are shaking incessantly, hence after picking up the bamboo spear I dropped it twice, until the 3rd time then I managed to grab the anti-slip cloth I had on it.

At this moment, the orc’s eyes are pecked out by the crow, and it gave a wail……

I held the bamboo spear, while giving a yell, and dashed towards it.

The orc used both hands to cover its face, and hence my bamboo spear stabbed straight into its defenseless body.

Blue colored blood spilled out.

Then its a scream.

I continued to use the bamboo spear to pierce the orc that is resisting weakly.

The orc fell, and twisted its body. I kept stabbing it, until its body became transparent, and slowly disappeared. A opening trumpet music rang in my ears.

「You leveled up!」

I heard that neutral voice again, and then my vision became all white.

When I came to my senses, I am already in the white room again.

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