BIFMSMTK Volume 1 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Support Magic and Summon Magic

I am standing in front of the trap in the forest.

What happened just now, is just like a dream.

But in front of me there is indeed a trap, and the hole has the scent of burnt meat.

Ah, I guess that I wouldn’t want to eat meat for a while.

Thought the orc’s figure has already disappeared, but the end of the bamboo spear is still stained with blue colored blood. That indeed is real.

Orc. It is a monster with a face like a pig. That sort of thing really existed, and I still…… killed it.

That also doesn’t matter. Yup, I just going to take it that it’s fine. I am much calmer than I had expected.

After all I had intended to kill humans.

Even if the one that I killed was a ugly monster from a fantasy RPG, it is still not much of a big problem.

The problems lies not with this, but on whether if there is only 1 of this orc.

The answer is most likely no. When asking in the white room, it has actually been hinted at.

At the question 「Why do I need Skills」 which I asked, the computer had answered:

「Because the future you will have a need for it.」

The situation that I will be in midst of in the future, will cause me to need the thing called Skills—— that is what that someone in that room said.

In that case…… I clutched my fist tightly.

That’s right, first is to get those skills —— the special power that was bestowed upon me, the power that will definitely be able to protect me.

I tried to use the skills.

Starting the support magic first.

According to the answer by the other party, at every skill rank, you can use 4 types of magic.

When using magic, you must consume MP.

Roughly after using magic for about 10 times, the MP will be fully depleted. And the method to recover MP, is to stay at the same spot and not move. It said that roughly for 10minutes, then you can recover enough MP for 1 usage of magic.

Let’s try—— I murmured to myself while looking at my right hand.

「《Mighty Arm》」

When using magic, you have to concentrate your attention.

When asking, the other party kindly suggested to me, that I can set a keyword, and read it out. So that’s it, after I followed the suggestion, then I have a feeling that my whole body has lost some strength, and then my right hand began to give off a delicate light.

I used my glowing right hand to pick up the shovel.

It is lighter than earlier, the shovel has becoming significantly lighter.

No, that is not right, it should be that my arm power became stronger. This is the effect of magic.

For testing purposes, I clenched my fist and punched the trunk nearby.

Ouch. The tree did not move, while there is a bit of a bruise on my hand.

And then blood oozed out from the wound, red blood. The color of the blood is different from the orc. The pain brought me to tears.

「Well, forget it.」

I said softly with regret, while shaking my head at the same time. Anyway, I have confirmed that things like magic does indeed exist.

Actually when I saw the orc and the room, I have already began to believe a little that this is a supernatural phenomenon. No, it should not be just 「a little」.
It is that I completely believe. This world…… And I……

I shrugged my shoulders.

Forget it, let’s try summon magic next.

「《Summon Raven》.」(TL note: This MC needs to know his birds.. He called for a raven but a crow(karasu) comes out…)

The space in front of me began to distort into a black mass, and 1 crow appeared from the distorted space, and stopped at the branch beside me, giving a Ka—— cry.

「《 Search for Enemy》.」

I said so, at the same time while pointing to the direction to search.

The crow gave another Ka —— cry, and flew up, disappearing from my sight quickly.

After a few minutes, it came back.

The cry of the crow, sounds like saying to me:

「There is a monster on the road, prowling around.」

「Are you the one who spoke just now?」

The crow cry out again, but this time it seems like a normal call from a crow.

I have to confirm if I am hallucinating.

I carefully walked to where the road is, while trying to avoid stepping on the fallen leaves.

The short 5 minute journey, seems very long.

I came to the area nearby the road, this is a tar road that runs through the forest.

The width of the road can only allow about 2 light trucks to pass, and the roadside is covered with fallen leaves.

There is a creature walking on 2 legs on the road.

It has a pig face and a human body, and it is completely naked. The skill tone is reddish brown, with a protruding tummy, and it smells.

It’s an orc.

The orc is holding a rusty sword in it’s hands. That’s right, a sword. Will the orc from before perhaps also hold a sword?

I do not know. After all when I saw it, the orc is almost about to disappear. I will go and check in the trap later—— I thought so in this way.

Okay, back to the orc in front of me. Though I did not look carefully before, but this fellow’s figure is much bigger than me. It’s body is full of strong muscles, and its arms and legs are very thick, seemingly like a certain athlete who does hammer throw.

But an athlete who does hammer throw, is a human who wants to obtain a gold medal in Olympics, while the orc in front of me, seems to have a similar build as the one I saw before.

In other words, the human Olympic athlete is equivalent to a standard orc.

That is pretty scary. If I had a hand to hand combat with that fellow, it wouldn’t be surprising for me to get killed.

But, if I don’t kill that fellow then I cannot level up, and hence will never be able to return to that white room.

Now thinking back, the person at the other end of the computer is actually very friendly, no matter what questions I asked, he replied very patiently. Of course, the other party also have a lot of things that he cannot tell me. Even so, from the process of constantly asking, I still got a lot of information.

After using magic, the questions I wanted to ask have become way too many.

Hence I have to go back to that room again.

For the sake of returning to that room, I have to level up.

And to level up, I have to defeat that orc. So the important thing now, is to kill that orc in front of me.

「I want to kill you.」

I murmured softly, clenching my fist tightly, and then focused my attention on my legs.

「《Physical Up》.」

My feet began to give off a delicate light.

This is the magic to strengthen the body, specially used to strengthen the foot.

Just at the instant when the orc turned to face me, I made up my mind, and dash onto the road.

We are about 20 meters apart. The monster with the pig nose looked at me, and give out a Fumo—— cry.

It raised its rusty sword high up, and rushed towards me.

The other party intends to kill me. Even if I was grazed, it will definitely be very painful. Hence I must not allow it to happen.

I immediately turned and dashed into the forest that I jumped out from.

The orc indeed cried Fumo——, while chasing after me.

I did not look back, only concentrating on running, at the same time smirking in satisfaction.

Fumo—— sound became very distant.


Oh right, I used magic to strengthen my legs.

That’s why I can escape from the orc. It was because of this, that is why I got the Support Magic Skill. Because the top priority is to think of ways to survive, hence I completely ignored the Skills relating to weapons, and chose support magic.

Having said that, did I put too much of a distance between us? I looked back, and saw a reddish brown skin thing rushing through the woods, roughly about 15 meters away.

「I am here, you stupid pig!」

I shouted, and slowed down at the same time.

The orc seems to have discovered me again, and I saw it suddenly rushing towards me.

I quickly ran away.

The chasing game quickly ended. I light jumped, and crossed the trap covered with grass.

As for the orc, it unhesitatingly fell into trap.

That is a very deep hole.

I had set a total of 3 traps, and one of them is already unable to be used due to the battle before, but there are still 2 more. Because I had thought of all the routes that fellow could have taken.

But now, that fellow is already irrelevant, and simply does not deserved any attention.

But, these traps have other uses. For the killing of the orcs, and to let me go into that room again, hence these traps are essential.

No, conversely, it is because of these traps, that is why I chose those 2 skills.

I used summon magic to call out the crow, and send it for reconnaissance from the air.

And then use support magic to strengthened my legs, and taking control of the game of catch.

Lastly is to let the orc fall into the trap.

Until now, it has indeed gone pretty smoothly.

I looked at the orc in the hole, and confirm that this pig-human has indeed been injured by the bamboo spears.

The orc is constantly bleeding blue blood, staring at me angrily. It is frantically swinging that rusty sword in the hole.

But that sword cannot cut me.

Just like just now, first I poured the gasoline into hole, then throw in the kindle.

This orc’s body is engulfed by the flames, struggling vigorously.

Next is the final blow. I took the bamboo spear.

The effect of the magic 《Mighty Arm》 is still effective, and hence I used my strengthened arm to stab the spear into the hole. The feeling of the sharp edge of the spear piercing through the meat, caused me to frown.

Even so, I still continued to stab.

Finally, the groans of the orc stopped.

I looked into the trap, and saw the orc’s body gradually becoming transparent just like before.

I killed the orc, the 2nd orc.

The orc’s body completely disappeared.

Just that.

Nothing else happened, and I was not delivered to the white room.

「Well, this is also expected.」

I muttered to myself breathlessly.

That’s right, if this is a video game, then from the experience needed to raise from level 0 to level 1, is definitely different from the experience need from level 1 to level 2.

At least 2 times more —— I thought so in my heart.

Or even worse, maybe it needs 3 times, or even 4 times.

Anyway, there is still 1 trap left; if there is the need, then I can use back the traps that were used.
After the orc disappeared, there is a red gemstone that is about the size of a small fingernail left in the trap.

What is that? Is it the treasure that drops after defeating the enemy just like in a game? Why do I feel that it is becoming more and more like a RPG in the computer.

I climbed down into the trap, and put up that red gem.

Ruby? Well, I don’t exactly know how to differentiate between gemstones.

I decided to keep the gem in my pocket first. Next is to return to the trap that killed the first orc and check it, or perhaps I missed it, there is indeed a similar gem inside there. I also picked up that gem.

Then, I sent the crow out to search again.

The crow I summoned is still around. Next time when I go into the white room, I have to ask how long the summoned crow can last.

Finally, the crow returned.

「There is 1 monster chasing a human.」

That is what the crow said.

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