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Bonus Booklet: Fire Magic and Water Magic

TL note: There is no Japanese raws for this booklet, so skill names maybe wrong.

The second day afternoon after arriving in the other world, inside the white room.

Arisu, Tamaki, Mia and I formed a circle, and sat on the ground, discussing what kind of skill that we should obtain.

The biggest problem is the balance of magic.

「Ah. I already have Wind Magic and Earth Magic……」

In the skill systems, there are a total of 7 magic.

What I have is Support Magic and Summon Magic, Arisu have Healing Magic, the others include Fire Magic, Water Magic, Wind Magic and Earth Magic. In the party formed by the 4 of us, there is Fire Magic and Water Magic is still missing.

「From a game’s point of view, even without Fire and Water Magic, we shouldn’t get stuck.」

Mia who is a gamer hikikomori said so.

「But the premise is that all 4 of us are still alive.」

「No matter what, as long as a person is missing in a 4 person party, the situation will become tough.」

I shook my head. If we are considering that someone will be missing, and that we can immediately cover it up, then we must fill the members to the limit of the party, which is 6 people.

I was very clear about this point from the very beginning. But even so, the reason why I only chose Tamaki and Mia, and form a 4 person party, is because I want to level up as fast as possible, and grow to the point where we can defeat the elite orc we met yesterday with ease.

In this world, as long as you strengthen your skills, you can be infinitely strong. We should strengthen ourselves as priority, and be able to protect ourselves in any situation.

Even though I said so, I am also curious on why Mia gave up on Fire and Water Magic.

「Why did you choose Earth and Wind Magic?」

Mia looked at me with sleepy eyes, and smiled slightly.

「The best thing about Fire Magic, is about its firepower and its suppressing power. But in this party, there are already 2 vanguards, and there is still Summoning Magic, so I judged that the firepower is enough. And as for the suppressing power, we can replace it through Summoning Magic by calling out a lot of familiars.」

Her thoughts are very reasonable. Actually I hope that Tamaki can raise her Sword Skill as a priority, and focus on a Skill completely, becoming an even stronger vanguard than Arisu. Then, Arisu can retreat to become the center. While using Healing Magic, and supporting Tamaki, becoming a vice attacker.

And my familiars can support the parts that Arisu could not provide.

As for the firepower during battle, currently the only thing missing is our ranged attacks…… And Earth and Wind Magic can provide them to a certain extent.

「If there are doubts, we should discuss until we are all in agreement. Let’s continue.」

Mia opened her notebook, and continue to write the magic’s names.

「Wait, Mia. Why can you write out the names of the magic so smoothly?」

「I was troubled in the white room for a long while. Although I told you that I want to choose Earth and Wind Magic, but if there are better magic, I will change my decision.」

「You are talking about the time when you leveled to Level 1? How long did you stay in the white room?」

「Hmmm…… should be over half a day.」

「I didn’t expect that you are so indecisive.」

「Because this is something that concerns about my life and death.」

「She is completely right about this.」

Mia wrote down the names and effects of the Rank 1 Fire Magic in the notebook:

◆Fire Bullet
Shoots fireball. Attack magic.

◆Light Fire
Lights a fire. Give me a lighter.

Flash light, something that can block the enemy’s’ vision.

Assistance, provide human warmth. Give me more clothes to wear.

Not including the unnecessary retorts, Mia arranged the information relatively well. I have also check the Rank 1 and 2 of the magics, and hence I am touched by her straight to the point expressions.

「From this, the only meaningful magics are《Fire Bullet》and《Flash》which belongs to attack magic.」

「That’s right. Even if there are magic that can replace the lighter, it is useless.」

「Mmm.」Mia nodded.

「If you also wrote Rank 2……」

◆Fire Arrow
Every Rank can release 1 fire arrow. Attack magic.

◆Ghost Fire
A fire that floats in the air. Give me a torch light.

◆Flame Sword
A fire sword will grow out from your hand. Can be used for physical fight?

◆Resist Fire
Can resist fire.

「This has 《Resist Fire》, which is a lesser magic for 《Resist All》in Rank 4 of Support Magic.《Resist All》 can allow party members to have the resistance against 1 of the attributes. In the magic of all the 4 attributes, there is the lesser magic in the Rank 2 of the skill.」

「Right. But my Support Magic is still far away from Rank 4.」

「As long as we kill orcs in large amounts, then it will be fast. Roughly within today, you will reach Rank 4.」

Hmm, if we use the current speed to kill orcs, perhaps that will be true.

「The most important magic in Rank 2 is 《Fire Arrow》. This magic is very strong. Not only can it target, the range is also very far. It has a lot of good points. The other 3 attribute almost do not have such a convenient attack magic like it. At least not within the lower Rank.」

Mia explained it passionately. Oi, isn’t your stand against Fire Magic?

「But only this magic is like this. Like I said just now, I don’t put importance on attack. Since so, I judged that there is no need for Fire Magic now.」

「I see. Within Fire Magic, there isn’t much convievent magic……」

「If you raise it to Rank 5, then there is the restraining magic 《Flame Bound》and light healing magic《Fire Heal》. But in the current stage, even if we look so far into the future……」

「It is also useless. Yes, Rank 5 need 15 skill points, even if we all concentrate on focus on it, you will also need to raise until Level 8.」

「To survive until Level 8, it is better to have convenient magic like Earth Magic and Wind Magic.」

Her words are really convincing.

「Next is Water Magic.」

Mia listed the content regarding Water Magic in her notebook.

Summons water. Dredged.

◆Poison Needle.
Poison Needle. Attack Magic.

◆Ice Film
A film of cold air. Can be used as air conditioner?

Swim. Let me swim by my own.

「As you see, although 《Poison Needle》 is an attack magic that can release poison needle……」

「But that is a poison that cause the enemy to be paralysed, and it need about 10 seconds for its effect to show. When I realised this, there is a sort of despair feeling.」

「Hmm. Before the poison spreads to the orc’s whole body, we will die first.」

We do not have that sort of time. If it is against the elite orc, perhaps it will have some meaning…… But will this be effective against the elite orc?

「《Rainwater》 is a good news to farmers who lack water.」

「In other words, it is completely useless to us.」

Tamaki sighed. Arisu also nodded to express her agreement.

「And if we need water, Kazu-senpai can use summoning magic to conjure some……」

「That’s right. If it is battling at the lakeside or seaside, then 《Swim》will be convievent.」

「But there is no lake in this mountain.」

There is at most the swimming point. This magic is really too hard to use.

「Anyway I also wrote down the Rank 2 magic.」

Mia continued to write fluently on her notebook.

◆Acid Burst
Shoot strong acid. Attack magic.

◆Ice Sword
Grows an ice sword from your hand.

◆Breath in Water
Able to breath in water.

◆Resist Ice
Opposite of fire magic.

「《Acid Burst》which belongs to attack magic, is a useful magic, only that its range is not too far, and that it can only reach 5 to 6 meters away.」

Splashing acid is a very scary thing. But if you really want to say it, shooting fire arrows is also scary. But in terms of attack magic, there is this sort of feelings.

「As an attack magic, 《Acid Burst》useful region seems to be wider than 《Sonic Edge》 of Rank 2 Wind Magic. From this angle, it is actually not bad.」

Mia’s opinion is very unique, it has the irritating feeling. But, Rank 2 Earth Magic does not have attack magic, so there is always better to have rather than none……

「The problem is other magics. If there is no need for a physical close combat, then there is no need for 《Ice Sword》. As for 《Breath in Water》…… If there is a lake, then it will be useful.」

「So the main point is here. In this terrain which is situated in the deep mountains, there is no way to completely showcase the full might of Water Magic.」

Mia nodded to express her agreement.

「Right, do you still need me to say about the other magics?」

「Next time.」

I shook my head at the happy Mia, finally ending the discussion this time……

I pressed the confirm button on the computer, and left the white room, returning to our battlefield, continuing our battles.

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