Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 92

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The former Crown Prince’s wife is marrying Prince Chen to become Princess Chen, while also completely disregarded her paternal family making the General’s Household to lose face.

Just the thought of this made them all feel that this wedding will be very interesting.

For Baili Hongzhuang to marry from Qinzhuang Garden, many people thought that Baili Zhentao just got what he deserved.

Even if Baili Hongzhuang couldn’t cultivate, she was after all, his daughter. It wasn’t right for BailI Zhentao to treat Baili Hongzhuang so shamefully.

2 daughters, yet they were treated so differently. Why wouldn’t Baili Hongzhuang be so cold to the General’s Household?

The firecrackers crackled and everyone’s faces revealed anticipation. The bride had arrived!

Dibei Chen and Baili Hongzhuang moved together to the front hall, their bright red garments attracted everybody’s eyes.

Seeing Dibei Chen sitting on his wheelchair, everybody’s hearts sighed with emotion. A man of such peerless grace and elegance just had to be a cripple.

If it wasn’t for that, the two would truly be a great match!

Just then, a sharp voice sounded, “His Majesty, the Emperor has arrived! His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince has arrived!”

Everybody turned to bow. The fact that the Emperor himself is personally attending was enough to prove just how important the wedding was!

“Everybody may rise!” Xuanyuan Yutian smiled and spoke, “Today is Prince Chen and Princess Chen’s joyous day, everyone may relax!”

“Thanks the Emperor!”

Li Chengqian’s mood was currently very good. This wedding today made Baili Zhentao lose enough face.

The Emperor had already arrived now, but Baili Zhentao still hasn’t come. Once this crime was pinned on you, it wasn’t a small deal!

But when he rose his head, Li Chengqian’s face couldn’t help but change. Baili Zhentao and the rest of the General’s Household were standing just behind the Emperor and Crown Prince.

“I didn’t expect that General Baili would actually come with the Emperor.” Li Chengqian tested the waters.

Xuanyuan Yutian chuckled, “Just so happened to run into each other outside the palace and decided to come in together!”

Hearing this, Li Chengqian’s face darkened. Baili Zhentao had really good luck!

Baili Zhentao also looked at Li Chengqian darkly. After being rivals for so long, he was very clear what kind of things Li Chengqian plotted in his heart.

Now that the Emperor was here, he wouldn’t dare to say a thing!

“Since everybody is here, let the wedding begin!”

Xuanyuan Yutian took the initiative and sat down on the highest seat. This was a positistion meant specially for him.

For the Emperor to personally come for the wedding, it was an unsurpassed honor for Chen Palace.

Now, everyone focused on the figure walking in.

Earlier, she had just entered when the courier announced the arrival of the Emperor. Everybody was focused on the Emperor, and almost nobody took any notice of the bride’s appearance.

With one look, a stunned light emerged in everybody’s eyes!

Before, everybody had some understanding about Baili Hongzhuang’s looks, but now, they could only feel like the rumors were too modest.

Was Baili Hongzhuang just attractive?

No, she was an absolutely stunningly beautiful woman! Her looks were peerless in the world!

Dibei Chen was known as the Imperial City’s most handsome man by the public. Any woman, no matter how beautiful, would only lose their light when standing next to him.

But now as Baili Hongzhuang stood next to him, everybody could only sigh emotionally. They were simply a match made in heaven!

“Wa! This Princess Chen is truly beautiful. We didn’t see her for a few days, and she seemed to have grown even more gorgeous!”

“Who was it that said the most beautiful woman in the Imperial City was Li Yuyue? In my opinion, Princess Chen is the real most beautiful woman in the Imperial City!”

“Right, right, if I could marry such a beautiful woman, I’d be willing to give away 10 years of my life!”

Everybody praised generously. Many of the people in the crowd were actually Baili Hongzhuang’s patients.

Furthermore, many of their younger generation was preparing for the hunting feast. The cultivation pills that Godly Doctor Square sold helped them a lot.

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