Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 64

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*yin yang pouch (those small bags that have another dimensional space inside) has been changed to Heaven and Earth Pouch
Accepting the heaven and earth pouch from Hei Mu, Baili Hongzhaung quickly took a look to see quilts and other such supplies readily available. A burst of warmth appeared in her heart.

“What else did he say?”

Baili Hongzhaung’s voice was gentle. In this kind of situation, in this kind of time, there were still people that only thought of themselves.

“Prince also said that Godly Doctor Square wasn’t a place suitable for somebody to live in. If Lady Baili isn’t willing to live at Chen Imperial Palace, then Prince said there’s another courtyard that you can live in.”

Listening, a trace of surprise fluttered by Baili Hongzhuang’s eyes. She never heard that Dibei Chen had more than one residence in the Imperial City before.

Noticing Baili Hongzhaung’s surprise, Hei Mu took the initiative to explain, “Prince personally bought the other courtyard and rarely goes there, so almost nobody knows.”

Baili Hongzhaung thought and suddenly realized, Dibei Chen was doing this for the sake of her reputation!

Since she and the General Household’s broke off all ties, the news wouldn’t be pleasant to hear, not to mention that she was just recently engaged.

If there was another mistake, then she was afraid that the Emperor would find her unbearable and send some people to deal with her!

Godly Doctor Square was too conspicuous. If she lived in Godly Doctor Square, it wouldn’t be long before everybody would find out, which was why Dibei Chen let her stay somewhere else.

“If Lady Baili doesn’t mind, shall I escort you to the courtyard now?”

Hei Mu’s eyes revealed a hint of joy. His little lord had never regarded women rudely, but always treated Baili Hongzhaung a little specially.

If the two could really become a couple, then he would be happy for his lord from the bottom of his heart.

“Then I’ll be troubling you.” Baili Hongzhuang voice was gentle, her eyes clear and bright.

Dibei Chen’s other residence wasn’t too far from the palace, not noisy but quiet, and was actually a very good place.

Bright Jingli Garden.

With just a step into Jingli Garden, Baili Hongzhuang could easily smell the peach blossoms and a large expanse of pink peach trees appeared in her sight.

Her mouth stretched into a beautiful, clear smile. As she walked through the peach trees, a breeze blew, scattering petals as they fell. From afar, she looked just like a peach blossom fairy.

As she walked, a pale golden figure emerged in her vision.

The moonlight was fascinating. Hazy droplets of light shined upon Dibei Chen’s body, making him look even more beautiful and elegant.

“You arrived.”

Those two simple words revealed confidence and certainty as if he had expected for Baili Hongzhuang would choose to come here.

Baili Hongzhuang nodded slightly, “Moonlight, peach blossom trees, a stone table, and wine, you really know how to enjoy life.”

“That’s wrong. “ Dibei Chen shook his head, “Moonlight, peach blossom trees, a beauty, wine, it’s all meant to be enjoyed.”

Baili Hongzhuang didn’t care about Dibei Chen’s teasing and directly sat opposite to him.

“Such beautiful scenery on such a beautiful day, it’d be a waste not to enjoy a small drink. What do you think?”

Dibei Chen picked up the flask of wine and handed it to Baili Hongzhuang. She accepted it, staring deeply at Dibei Chen. She wondered if this was because he knew of her loneliness.

If that was the case, then Dibei Chen really was determined.

In this night of farewell to the past, she only wanted to indulge, just this once..

They chatted as they drank their wine. Nobody talked about the past, only teasing each other and randomly.

It continued until Baili Hongzhuang laid passed out on the table. Dibei Chen looked at her, her cheeks a beautiful drunken red. He smiled a smile as bright as the sun.

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