Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 52

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Baili Zhentao, Su Wanjing, and Baili Haoxuan were frozen, stupefied.

Focusing on the stunning face in front of them, they clearly felt it was somewhat familiar!

Although they were reluctant to admit it, in their hearts, they clearly knew that this woman really was Baili Hongzhuang!

Whether it was looks or voice, they were practically the same. The only difference was her temperament, which had undergone an earth shattering change.

Baili Yuyan’s face was extremely ugly to behold. She just couldn’t accept the fact right in front of her.

She had always thought that her plans were always perfect. But if this woman in front of her really was Baili Hongzhaung, then wouldn’t that mean Baili Hongzhuang saw everything that she did?

Then as a result, Baili Hongzhuang can seek revenge!

She had even told the public that Baili Yuyan snatched Xuanyuan Huan from her own little sister.

Other than Baili Hongzhuang, who else could’ve known what happened so clearly?

Xuanyuan Huan was also shocked. Earlier, he had definitely probed around, and made sure that Hongzhuang and Baili Hongzhaung were entirely unrelated.

But he never even dreamed that the two were actually the same person.

How could she have changed so much?

He had seen Baili Hongzhaung many times, and she was always been unbearably ugly and submissive. She couldn’t catch even the slightest bit of his interest.

But looking at her body blooming with a womanly brilliance, how could it possibly be the Baili Hongzhaung he loathed?

It was impossible for somebody to change their appearance so much in such a short time…… Before, was Baili Hongzhuang deliberately hiding her looks?

Thinking of this, Xuanyuan Huan’s expression became too ugly to be described.

Since Baili Hongzhuang arguably had no real reason to hide her looks, it could only mean one thing- She didn’t want to marry him!

Recalling when he had proposed to her, and how she had rejected him without hesitation, it must’ve been payback! He had abandoned her, so now she’s rejecting him!

He rejected her, so that must’ve been why she had thought that he was so unbearable!

Xuanyuan Yutian and Jiang Jinying looked at each other, doubt in their eyes.

This elegant woman in front of them was Xuanyuan Huan’s betrothed that was said to be trash?

“General Baili, what is this? Didn’t she grow blind?”

Xuanyuan Yutian’s voice was heavy. He had cancelled the engagement because he had heard that Baili Hongzhuang had gone blind, but this woman standing here and the woman from the rumors were completely different!

Cold sweat dripped from Baili Zhentao’s forehead as he said hastily, “Reporting to the Emperor, Baili Hongzhuang had indeed lost her sight earlier, but had been cured recently.”

Suddenly questioned, Baili Zhentao could only fumble up some words. In fact, even he had no idea what happened!

“Cured?” Xuanyuan Yutian frowned, “Then why didn’t you say so?”

“This…… This little official had only just found out.” Droplets of cold sweat oozed out from Baili Zhentao. If his answer wasn’t good, then he’d be faulted for deceiving the Emperor!

“General, Godly Doctor Square has been open before Janurary even started. How could you’ve only found out today?” Li Chengqian asked.

In his heart, Baili Zhentao silently cursed all 18 generations of Li Chengqian’s family and said, “Baili Hongzhaung hid it from us, so we didn’t know anything.”

Seeing Baili Zhentao’s panicked, quibbling appearance, although Xuanyuan Huan’s face was filled with displeasure, he stopped his questioning.

“We’ll talk about this later!”

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