Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 380

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Dongfang Yu was no longer able to restrain himself. Baili Hongzhuang was a unique kind of woman who was cherished greatly by those close to her..

Although Di Beichen was an outstanding person, Baili Hongzhuang was unaffected by it. He really was pitiful for Baili Hongzhuang.

When Dongfang Yu’s voice dropped , everybody present was astonished .

Who would have thought that mild-mannered Dongfang Yu would attack somebody? Not only that, but the person he was attacking was Di Beichen!

Di Beichen’s jet black pupils peered at Dongfang Yu from the corner of his eyes, and a hint of frostiness emanated from his bewitching face.

“Since when do others need to interrupt in matters between me and my wife?”

Dibei Chen’s words held a hint of danger . Dongfang Yu coveting Baili Hongzhuang had already left him quite displeased.

And now that same Dongfang Yu had the gall to rebuke him?

Taking Baili Hongzhuang into consideration, Dibei Chen did not want to destroy the friendship between them. However, this did not mean he would take Dongfang Yu’s attack lying down!

Dongfang Yu’s anger increased at Dibei Chen’s words.

He didn’t expect Dibei Chen would not only not reflect on his own negligence, , but also speak to him like this..

Dibei Chen’s words had also hit Dongfang Yu’s weak point.

Yeah! Who was he to be in a position to say such things?

Xia Zhiqing watched the scene before her. She didn’t expect Dongfang Yu and Dibei Chen to be so riled up in a conflict, not giving each other an inch.

Her eyes were wide open; was this a dispute between a lover and husband?

Liu Qinyue’s expression was complex, and her beautiful eyes revealed astonishment.

She had felt, before, that Dongfang Yu was too passionate, and his treatment of other women was different.

When they were in the Falling Cloud Mountains, Dongfang Yu had thought that Baili Hongzhuang had fallen and had fallen into a state of fury. It was the very first time that she had seen Dongfang Yu looking that angry.

After that incident, she felt that Dongfang Yu had treated Baili Hongzhuang differently.

When they returned to the school, Liu Qinyue found that Dongfang Yu acted strangely around Baili Hongzhuang.

Having known Dongfang Yu for some time now, she had a pretty decent understanding of his character.

Dongfang Yu was generally polite to everybody. It was exactly this kind of temperament that made it hard to get close to him.

This was because there was nobody he treated specially.

Ever since Baili Hongzhuang had appeared in his life, she’d held a special place in Dongfang Yu’s heart.

Dongfang Yu had received a huge mental blow after finding out that Baili Hongzhuang was married.

Even if Dongfang Yu didn’t say anything, a woman’s intuition was rather sharp.

Today, amidst all of Dongfang Yu’s chaos, he was no longer able to hide his feelings for Baili Hongzhuang.

Little Black sighed, it could really be complex.

The white lion raised its head slightly to look at the two above him, unable to comprehend the choice made by its master. What was Little Black trying to do by kicking up such a fuss?

Seeing the situation escalate like this, Gong Shaoqing couldn’t help but say, “Dongfang Yu isn’t trying to be malicious, Dibei Chen. He’s just worried about Baili Hongzhuang; don’t take it to heart.”

“Are you saying that I don’t care about my wife?”

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