Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 249

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Chapter 249

The towering trees seemed to be high enough to touch the clouds. The warm sun shone through the gaps of the leaves only leaving a little bit of light. It can be seen that Luo Yun Mountain has a lot of history.

Suddenly a subtle sound caught Baili Hongzhuang and the other’s attention.

“Be careful!”

That handsome and cold face showed traces of alertness and cautiousness. Gong Shaoqing observed his surroundings carefully. There must be some type of demonic beast around.


There was a subtle sound, but they only saw a shadow flash by. The sword in Gong Shaoqing’s hand moved as fast as lightning. A Lightning Racoon had been killed by his sword.

Lightning Racoon was at Mysterious Eon late stage. It was small in size, quick in action, and had the speed of lightning. Their specialties were sneak attacks, usually leaving their opponents unable to prevent them.

Gong Shaoqin grabbed his sword and the demonic beast’s crystal. Then he turned around and walked forward as if nothing had happened.

Baili Hongzhuang’s brows lowered slightly. Gong Shaoqing really was worthy of the title of Asure Water school’s number one student. The keen observation skills and incredible strength made people unable to find any flaws in him.

“When walking inside of Luo Yun Mountain, you can be attacked anytime by demonic beasts. That is why you must pay attention and concentrate on your surroundings. A careless person can easily lose their life here.” reminded Dongfang Yu

Along the way, Baili Hongzhuang’s group ran into many demonic beasts. Gong Shaoqing, Dongfang Yu, and Liu Qinyue all took turns handling them.

In between fights, Dongfang Yu would also carefully inform Baili Hongzhuang on each demonic beast’s weakness and things to keep in mind when battling them.

Baili Hongzhuang realized the demonic beasts here and the demonic beasts thousands of years in the past had a huge difference.

After these thousands of years, these demonic beasts had evolved quite a lot. They had become smarter and were much harder to deal with than before.

After all this time, the Mysterious Continent has already divided all kinds of demonic beasts into a clear system. Now, humans were very familiar with these demonic beasts.

However, from what Baili Hongzhuang learned from Dongfang Yu, many demonic beasts gradually disappeared throughout the long history of the years.

The demonic beasts that could easily adapt to their surroundings then became stronger, whereas the weaker demonic beasts got weaker and eventually became extinct. It could be said that the demonic beasts now were much stronger than thousands of years before.

The night slowly came around, and dense black clouds soon covered Luo Yun Mountain. This made the already dark mountain to seem even darker and silent.

The darkness made people unable to see their fingers when the stretched out their hands. Around them, there were roars of demonic beasts and sounds of birds and insects.

The whole Luo Yun mountain seems to be covered in fear.


Baili Hongzhuang and the others were walking inside the mountain. The sounds of them stepping on leaves and branches could be clearly heard in this quiet night.

“Let’s go rest in front over there” Gong Shaoqing’s star-bright eyes seemed like a gem shining in the night. It was truly bright and beautiful.

They had been looking for a dry place to rest. It’s just that before they were walking through a wetland and only managed to walk out of it now.

Dongfang Yu smiled and nodded his head, “The terrain up ahead is very high. It is very suitable for resting.”

Soon the four reached the high ground. They waited for Gong Shaoqing to carefully and cautiously inspect the area. Only after it is confirmed that there are no demonic beasts anywhere, did they stable themselves on a sturdy tree to sit down.

Baili Hongzhuang and the others formed a circle and then sat down. They then start to take out dried food from their bags to eat.

“After this whole day, do you feel tired?” Dongfang Yu’s eyes were soft. His handsome and caring face revealed a shallow smile, “When cultivators first participate in training as mercenaries, they will always be somewhat unused to it.

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