Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 239

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Chapter 239

“Baili Hongzhuang, I’ve been a mercenary for two years now, but you haven’t even registered yet?” Bai Junyu asked, astonished.

Baili Hongzhaung laughed a little. Back in the General’s Household, she was never allowed to take even half a step out of the residence, so how could she have possibly been able to register as a mercenary?

“Baili Hongzhuang, how about I go with you to register?” Dongfang Yu asked.

“There’s no need, I’m fine with going alone.”

Seeing Baili Hongzhuang’s firm tone, Dongfang Yu just nodded, “While you register as a mercenary, we’ll pick the first task. This is your first mission, so us three will be leading. What do you think?”

“No problem!”

“We’ll tell you once we’ve chosen a mission. In the meantime, you can go look around for some things you might want to buy and use when the time comes.”

“I understand.”

After leaving Azure Water School through the back of the mountains, Baili Hongzhuang went to the Mercenary Trading Union. Dongfang Yu had already told her where she could find it.

The Mercenary Trading Union was the organization with the most members on Shengxuan Continent even though being a mercenary was a very dangerous occupation that often bordered the line of death.

Demonic beast fur, blood, and cores possessed all kinds of good things for humankind. With demand, there was naturally an occupation.

Some cultivators hunt demonic beasts to make a living, exchanging the corpses of demonic beasts for gold.

Mercenary Trading Unions issued all sorts of tasks and missions. If someone wanted a certain demonic beast, they could issue a mission to the union.

Mercenaries accept the mission and upon completion, get the reward, which was often far higher than what they could get from selling off the corpse alone.

Big shops, weapon stores, and pill masters all wanted demonic beasts for different reasons. Under such circumstances, the Mercenary Trade Union was able to quickly grow and strengthen.

Now, the Union was the biggest organization on Shengxuan Continent. Compared to other sects, its power was absolutely enormous.

No matter who it was, any cultivator could become a mercenary. Furthermore, they could leave any time they wanted to. There were no restrictions whatsoever.

Therefore, all kinds of cultivators and identities registered as mercenaries. Rich families also wanted their juniors to learn through experience.

Other mercenaries often accepted missions as a way to make a living, but Azure Water Schools students did missions not for the monetary reward, but for the point one.

This was an agreement Azure Water School and the Mercenary Trading Union had made with each other. The students earn points for a chance to cultivate in the cultivation padoga, and the monetary reward they earn is given to fund the school and make it stronger.

Students enrolling in Azure Water School didn’t need to pay anything, so by doing this, it would ease the financial burdens on the school. This way, both sides got benefits.

The students also had no objections about this.

The Mercenary Trading Union stood out in Azure Water City. As soon as Baili Hongzhuang saw the glaze roofed building, she knew it was the trading union.

The Mercenary Trading Union’s summit was in the shape of a triangle. Rays of dazzlingly bright sunlight reflected brilliantly off of the glazed roof tiles. This pyramid also showed the Mercenary Trading Union’s ranks.

By completing a certain amount of missions, mercenaries can raise their ranks. The higher the rank, the fewer mercenaries there were.

The ranks were ordered as yellow, green, blue, purple, and red. 5 distinct ranks. Yellow was at the bottom, and red at the top.

When Baili Hongzhaung entered the trade union, a burst of noise attacked her, filling her ears.

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