Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 192

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Chapter 192

She wasn’t Baili Zhentao’s daughter and wanted to find her own biological parents.

So what if somebody doubted her identity?

She hadn’t been that same always bullied Baili Hongzhuang for a while now!

Shao Zifan and Zhao Yunxi quickly recovered from their shock. Baili Hongzhuang was their friend, so naturally, they were happy seeing how amazing she had become.

In the VIP box, Xuanyuan Huan’s heart was filled with astonishment. Although he already won one in the hunting competition, there were many children in the royal family. Returning home with another one would be best!

“This time, we have altogether 3 bone cleansing pills, so to make sure everyone gets a chance, we’ll be dividing it into 3 individual auctions!”

Su Jin’s voice echoed in the auction hall, making everyone even more excited about the 3 pills.

If there had been only one, it’d have been very difficult for them to get it. But since there were 3, they would have a much better chance.

In the first class seats, Li Chengqian was also excited when he heard about the bone cleansing pills. Earlier today, he was in a bad mood so he decided to drop by and take a look at the auction.

He didn’t expect for the auction to give him such a pleasant surprise. Since everyone already knew about what happened with Li Yuyue’s face, the only thing he could do now was to improve her strength.

No matter what, the bone cleansing pill must be his!

“We’ll now start the auction for the first bone cleansing pill!”

“Everyone knows how priceless this pill is in the Imperial City and findingit is very, very difficult. So, the bone cleansing pill doesn’t have a starting price or a minimum increasements. Everyone may bid as they wish!

Baili Hongzhuang’s eyes narrowed. Su Jin really was great!

The starting price in the auction would usually give everyone a rough estimate of its value, so the final selling price normally would not be much higher than the starting price.

By not placing a starting price and giving everyone nothing to start with, it’d surely be able to reach a high price.

“Master, it looks like Tianxiang Auction will sell the bone cleansing pills at a really high price today.” Little Black said, laughing.

Little White slowly nodded, “This timing wasn’t wrong. Everyone in the auction hall really wants the pills.”

Baili Hongzhuang only smiled faintly and didn’t speak. Tianxiang Auction House’s skills were better than what she imagined.

“10,000 gold coins!”

A man in the third class seats suddenly made the first bid.

Hearing the price, everyone felt a burst of contempt. Nevermind an auction, a bone cleansing pill wouldn’t even be that cheap in a store.

This guy’s starting price was truly shameless.

Sensing everyone’s disdain, the man also felt somewhat embarrassed. As an ordinary person, 10,000 gold coins was already a lot. However, he had completely forgotten about all the lofty personages in the auction.

Not even a moment after the man bidded, a voice came from a viewing box.

“100,000 gold coins!”

Xuanyuan Huan suddenly opened his mouth, directly raising the price to 100,000 gold coins. Everyone’s faces changed.

Since the auction started, the Crown Prince hadn’t spoken once, so everybody had completely forgotten about him.

How powerful was a Crown Prince’s identity? Nobody wanted or dared to offend him and so for a moment, the auction hall went completely silent.

Su Jin was a bit baffled when nobody else made a bid, and could only call out: “100,000 gold coins, going once!”

“100,000 gold coins, going twice!”

“100,000 gold coins, going thrice! Congratulations to His Highness, the Crown Prince’s winning bid for the bone cleansing pill!”

The red dress woman walked on the stage, taking silver platter with the pill, and walked toward’s Xuanyuan Huan’s viewing box……

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