Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 181

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Chapter 181

Su Xingchun frowned. Dai Zhiman was truly too arrogant, actually refusing to give them, Tianxiang Trading Company, any face!

Liujing Kun was embarrassed. He used one hand to block Dai Zhiman as he spoke, “Shopkeeper Su, please be at ease. The conflict ends here!”

Hearing that, Su Xingchun glanced at them coldly before nodding, “Good.”

After Su Xingchun left, Liujing Kun whispered in Dai Zhiman’s ear, “Zhiman, don’t worry, I’ll definitely help you get revenge! But first, wait for the auction to end, okay?”

After hearing his words, the originally fighting Dai Zhiman suddenly quietened and nodded her head, “Fine! But when the moment comes, you must kill her!”

“No problem!”

From Baili Hongzhuang and Su Xingchun’s conversation, Liujing Kun knew that Baili Hongzhuang was married and clearly had no relation with him whatsoever.

So, killing was just killing!

“Master, those two want to kill you after the auction ends.” Little Black said angrily.

Baili Hongzhuang’s lips twisted into a sneer, “Just let them try!”

“That pair of cheating dogs! I’m angry just thinking about them.” Little White despised them, “Master, you don’t need to kill them. I’ll do it myself!”

“When the time comes I will send them to hell. It was their fault that they could not see clearly!”
Little Black and Little White’s eyes twinkled with excitement. The two’s actions were truly unforgivable, ah!

Until now, Master had always kept herself quiet and low-profile. This time they really bullied Master, so now they would make her pay the price in blood!

“Zhiman, don’t be too angry. We’re Azure Water School’s students. We can sit in first class, other people can only take second class.” Liujing Kun smiled.

Tianxiang Auction’s seats were also carefully chosen and seperated between first class, second class, and third class by status.

First class seats were the most comfertable, and had a better view of the auction stage.

Second place was slightly worse, and 3rd was very crowded.

Although anyone was allowed to participate in the competition, your seat was a symbol of your identity!

“True.” Dai Zhiman’s face revealed a smile as she spoke. She glanced at Baili Hongzhuang, “Those people who can only get second, I really wonder how they could be so arrogant!

Baili Hongzhuang’s face was doubtful. She didn’t know the difference between the classes.

Shao Zifan whispered into Baili Hongzhuang’s ear, “We of the younger generation can only sit in second class, and the commoners sit in third. Only the rich and powerful had the right to sit in first class.”
Baili Hongzhuang slowly nodded her head. She didn’t really care all that much.

“So what if they have a first class seat. It’s nothing to be so proud of.” Zhao Yunxi couldn’t help but complain.

Now she suddenly felt that Li Yuyue wasn’t all that bad. Compared to Li Yuyue, that woman was even more arrogant!

Dai Zhiman’s eyes shined as she raised her chin, “You have to have skill ah!”

Baili Hongzhuang didn’t expect for Zhao Yunxi to actually suddenly help her speak. Just as she opened her mouth, a Tianxiang servant walked in front of them. “Chen Wangfei, the shopkeeper would like to say that as an honored guest, a VIP viewing box has already been prepared for you and your two friends.”

Hearing those words, Dai Zhiman’s proud face immediately froze. What… What did he say?

A VIP viewing box had already been prepared for Baili Hongzhuang? What qualifications did she have?

Liujing Kun was also stunned. Even in all of Feng Bo Country, hardly anyone had the qualifications to get a VIP viewing box, so how could Baili Hongzhuang?

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  1. Eksentrysyti says:

    Hahaha, that slap to the face. Feels good.

    These two must have rocks for brains if they think the titles of Chen Wangfei and Godly Doctor have no prestige. She’s already “saved” the Crown Prince from death. These two are just snobby students that haven’t seen the world yet.

  2. AquaticSilver says:

    Wooh! Hah! Take that! In your faces!

  3. fan63 says:

    I’m curious as to their motivation for the attack and the envy. As you say they are truly not in the same league as our Chen Wangfei

  4. rosana ✨ says:

    Lol, this is hilarious. Just walk yourself out, that was humiliating. Thank you~

  5. SUNOFA says:

    I really don’t understand these people, “what qualification did she have to get a VIP room?”, “why is she the biggest genius in the city now?”, “how is she qualified to get a direct invitation to the Azure Water School?”, “who is she to not bow to us with respect?”…
    HELLO~!! She’s the Chen Wangfei, the wife to the third prince of this empire, she’s a PRINCESS, she got a direct invitation to the same school you barely qualify to get into, people are talking about her everywhere and no one is looking down on her, she got a VIP room in the auction, that’s above your position!!! Why the hell are you questioning her qualification to get all this, just the fact that she got it means that she has said qualification! You should instead be asking yourselves if you have the qualification to not show her any respect!!!
    Seriously, I hope these two get expelled from that school and get blacklisted by this auction house as well as getting kicked out of their families because they clearly don’t belong in the higher social circles…

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