Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 175

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Chapter 175

A trace of shock flickered by the old man’s eyes when he saw Baili Hongzhuang. He rubbed his chin and sneered, “Such a pretty little girl.”

“But even for a pretty little girl like you, disturbing this old man’s sleep isn’t appropriate!”

Baili Hongzhuang raised her eyebrow, her eyes crafty. From what she made out, the old man was very unhappy.

“Senior, you were sleeping when you should’ve been working. Isn’t that even more inappropriate?”

The old man’s face changed, “Cough, cough. This old man only closed his eyes, why said I was sleeping?”

“Didn’t you just say I disturbed your sleep?””

The old man looked around before directly ignoring Baili Hongzhuang’s words, “Little girl, what are you selling? I can examine it, but I’m afraid it’s too late for it to make it into this auction!”

Hearing his words, Baili Hongzhuang took out a white porcelain bottle from her space pouch.

The old man looked at the white porcelain bottle, a trace of interest flashing in his eyes. Usually, porcelain bottles held pills ah!’

Taking the bottle, the old man opened it, a strong medicinal smell permeating through the air.

“This is…… a bone cleansing pill?” The old man’s face had a trace of astonishment.

The bone cleansing pill was a second-grade pill and as the the stated it had the ability to cleanse the bone marrow.

Everyone’s bodies always had some impurities. The bone cleansing pill would flush out all of them and as a result, make it easier to sense spirit power and speed up cultivation.

Although the bone cleansing pill’s rank wasn’t very high, only a single pill master in all of Feng Bo country was able to refine it!

So usually, the pill was a very rare sight!

Who knew how many cultivators were mad with envy when they heard that the second place prize was a bone cleansing pill.

But how could this little girl have just taken out 3 of those?

He almost didn’t even need to think. Just by bringing it to the auction, it’d definitely become the finale, the star of the show!

Baili Hongzhuang nodded, “Senior has good eyes!”

Hearing Baili Hongzhuang’s reply, the old man’s opinion of Baili Hongzhuang changed a little. Pill masters were a special existence in Shengxuan Continent.

The fact that she was able to bring out pills was proof that there was a pill master behind her. Since she was even able to bring out bone cleansing pills, it meant that the pill master was a strong one!

With this point, Baili Hongzhuang’s position in the old man’s heart suddenly rose dramatically.

Such a person must be treated well!

“Little girl, what should I call you?” The old man asked.

Baili Hongzhuang smiled, “My humble self is named Baili Hongzhuang.”

Hearing the name Baili Hongzhuang, the old man’s face paused. So this beautiful little girl was actually the famous Baili Hongzhuang ah!

‘“So it was actually Chen Wangfei.” He smiled, “This old man is Su Hongyuan. You may call me Old Su.”

“Old Su.” Baili Hongzhuang cupped her hands in greeting, “Will my pills make today’s auction?”

Su Hongyuan nodded, “Of course it will. The 3 bone cleansing pills are enough to become this auction’s finale.”

“Chen Wangfei can rest assured. It’ll definitely be able to fetch a high price! This old man is the manager. The auction house won’t take a single cent from this!”

Her limpid bright eyes filled with astonishment, Baili Hongzhuang immediately waved, “That isn’t right. What’s ought to be given should be given.”

Su Hongyuan shook his head, smiling: “Just putting the 3 bone cleansing pills in the auction is already enough to attract a large flock of people. At this point, it’s already worth more than the fee.”

“No matter what, I won’t accept any commission.”

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