Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 170

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Chapter 170

“The royal family being able to put a normal spirit beast as the prize would already be very costly, but they could actually bear to give a powerful one?“

Her clear eyes were filled with surprise. Originally, she didn’t have much hope with the spirit beast egg.

After all, even if Feng Bo country somehow managed to get a powerful spirit beast, there was no way that they’d give it to her.

But now, it looked very different from what she’d expected.

“I don’t think that the royal family knew how special this spirit beast egg was. This egg has a power that blocks the spirit beast’s power fluctuations. Only we can sense them.” Little White spoke up.

Baili Hongzhuang’s lips curved, “So basically, I got a big bargain!”

Although she still didn’t know what kind of beast was inside, at the very least, Baili Hongzhuang knew it definitely wasn’t weak!

Different spirit beasts had different strengths. Their potentials were different.

If the spirit beast’s rank was low, then even if the owner knew how to nurture it properly, its achievements would still be limited. That was because they didn’t have very much potential.

But if the spirit beast’s rank was high, it’d have lots of room to grow, giving far more help to its master!

Baili Hongzhuang no longer hesitated. Directly taking a knife to cut her finger, she allowed a small drop of blood to drip on the spirit beasts’ shell.

With the drop of blood, the patterns on the shell shined with golden light, shining in Baili Hongzhuang’s eyes.

It was lucky that it was daytime. If it was night, the brilliant flashes of light would’ve long attracted other cultivators.

The fine drop of blood quickly flowed over the patterns and continued to glide. Wherever it went, the seals dissipated.

When the drop of blood finally stopped moving, all the seals had vanished!

Blood oozed through the shell, blending into the space between the spirit beast’s eyebrows.



Cracking sounds came from the eggshell. Baili Hongzhuang and the two fluff balls curiously peered inside the shell. They were all very curious about the spirit beast inside.

The first thing that appeared was a furry, white paw. The tiny paw was extremely cute.

Then, the eggshell was shattered and similarly furry head appeared in front of Baili Hongzhuang.

“Master!” A childish voice shouted at Baili Hongzhuang, filled with dependence and curiosity.

Baili Hongzhuang’s lips twitched as she looked at the thing that could only be described as a house pet in front of her, “This is what you guys called a strong and powerful spirit beast?”

In front of her, there was only a white, furry body curiously looking around. As far as the eye could see, it was no different from a pet dog!

Just a single glance was capable of snatching a woman’s heart. But still, this was completely different from Baili Hongzhuang’s imagination!

She had thought that a high ranked spirit beast would have a mighty and domineering appearance, but in front of her was only a small, white dog. If everyone heard this, she was afraid that they’d die from laughing!

Little Black and Little White’s faces were also stunned as they looked at the white creature. This figure……. It was also different from their imaginations, ah!

Little White finally moved closer in front of the white creature, carefully sizing up the spirit beast’s appearance. It didn’t know any demonic beasts that looked like this ah!

Little Black pointed at its forehead, “Master, look! ‘King’ is written on its forehead!’ (t/n- the Chinese character for King is Wang, so 王 is written on its forehead, not the actual English letters/Chinese pinyin)

Hearing that, Baili Hongzhuang grabbed the spirit beast and looked at its forehead. Sure enough, a character was printed on there— 王!

Seeing the ‘king’ character and then looking at the little white dog, Baili Hongzhaung couldn’t help but find it very funny.

“What king? Puppy king?” Baili Hongzhuang was speechless.


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