Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 167

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Chapter 167

“I don’t think she refused the invitation because of Azure Water School, but because of us making the pack of hell wolves attack her.”

“Its true that we didn’t handle it very well.” Fuhong Bo’s face was calm, “But that girl isn’t a petty person, and probably won’t be bothered about it.”

From what they saw of Baili Hongzhaung’s behavior towards Zhao Yunxi, if she was truly a petty minded person, she wouldn’t have let Zhao Yunxi off.

Lu Huaiyan nodded slightly. This was also one of the points he admired about Baili Hongzhuang. ……

News about Baili Hongzhuang receiving first place for the royal family’s hunting competition swept through the Imperial City like wind.

The people who heard this news was completely stunned, this was a true dark horse who wins the competition ah!

Before some people had thought first place would be Xuanyuan Huan, and other people thought that it’d belong to Baili Yuyan. But nobody had ever thought Baili Hongzhaung would get first!

Although it was already known that the trash had gotten prettier, this time Baili Hongzhaung had used her own strength to show everybody, she wasn’t trash!

In the royal family’s hunting competition, Baili Hongzhuang completely washed off her imfamous title!

But before everybody could recover from their shock, another piece of news came, shocking everyone until they couldn’t even open their mouths!

Azure Water School personally issued an invitation letter, but Baili Hongzhuang unexpectedly rejected it!

Even though she declined, the two recruiting teachers actually didn’t get the least bit angry. Instead, they went and continued trying to persuade Baili Hongzhuang.

What was called domineering?

This was called domineering!

All the cultivators were racking their brains for a chance to enter Azure Water School, yet Baili Hongzhuang was able to think over whether she wanted to go or not!

With this, the gaps completely appeared.

At this moment, Baili Hongzhaung had a headache. All over the city, everybody was talking about her.

The Imperial City’s No.1 beauty, Feng Bo country’s No.1 physician, and Azure Water School’s personally invited genius!

The three titles condensed into a halo around one person. Her power was stunning!

Hearing everyone talk, Li Huaiyan and Fuhong Bo gained a better understanding of Baili Hongzhuang.

The more they heard, the more they knew Baili Hongzhuang truly wasn’t simple.

A 15-year-old girl who was always called trash her whole life, suddenly brilliantly blossomed, but was still able to stay calm and collected. Just this temperament alone was enough to make one feel fearful.

Although they didn’t know why Baili Hongzhuang was always silently enduring it for so long, being capable of enduring 15 years of unwarrented abuse then suddenly gaining such power and accomplishments, one could only imagine how tough her heart was!

Lu Huaiyan and Fuhong Bo looked at each other. They had yet again underestimated Baili Hongzhuang!

“This Baili Hongzhuang’s future isn’t simple!”

Fuhong Bo’s face revealed deep emotion. Now he could finally understand how Baili Hongzhuang was able to stay so calm and collected even while being trapped by a pack of hell wolves.
Because, after living 15 years cursed and spat on, disdained despite being able to cultivate, her heart was unshakable!

“The strong ought to have their requirements, and she posses them all.” Lu Huaiyan nodded slightly, “We found an amazing girl ah.”

The two looked at each other, smiling. They were even more intent on recruiting Baili Hongzhuang.

From the steward’s words, Baili Hongzhuang learned a little bit about Azure Water School. Before she was always holed up in the General’s Household. She didn’t even know the basics of cultivation, never mind Azure Water School.

Azure Water School had already stood for more than a millennium. Its reputation was very good, and the majority of the cultivators capable of entering all saw a large growth in their strength. That was also why so many cultivators were all racking their heads over how they could join Azure Water School.

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